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  1. Amazing deal. GLWS OP! I am preemptively jealous of whichever lucky Melbournian gets to take these home.
  2. I have really been enjoying her since you posted that, thx I tried her pop album first.. then, I didn't try it again lol Everything else is amazing!
  3. Yeah, maybe you should. A little stretching and exercising for a week or two, reps of 10, wouldn't hurt now. It is exactly because they are expensive, that you can fix it by bending it. IMO. Too good to pass it up without at least trying to make them fit. I find different lengths make a different curve
  4. Well I think you've settled it Worth a crack. Thank you very much. I still have all the same accessories from when I ordered a $5 skin for a Sony DAP last year. I have no idea who the Hi-res stickers are aimed at, they seem cheap as.
  5. I once took a watch for repair to rather fancy watch repair place, using a bright yellow child's sock as protection, and the woman rolled her eyes at me, out of exasperation not condescendingly, and said "why does everyone always use a sock!? I get so many socks!" A shrunken by accident beanie makes me think 'sock' lol Actually a camera pouch was exactly what I wanted to use, that's the best idea. But when I realised I had the Molle system on my cross strap, I went for a molle pouch.
  6. It's a comms pouch for the shoulder strap of my bag, military style not cool Astell Kern style sorry My affordable take on those Van Nuys pouches, it's the Maxpedition Pup pouch
  7. Yeah the iPod did everything well, except for sound quality. I use mine with Andromeda (S) as well, and even Spotify sounds better on the A&K. Gosh mine hasn't touched a single surface yet. Hasn't been played with by the kids or the missus.. sits happily in it's case, inside the pouch, all the time. The thought of yours falling from your pocket is actually giving me sympathy pains I suppose the longer I keep mine perfect, the more it's gonna hurt when I do eventually let it slip 😭
  8. I would await your impressions with interest! I had exactly the same idea, with the same problem on the se100, but didnt really feel like risking another $50 on a maybe.
  9. Thanks guys for all your encouragement 😎 Yep I think the veneer is still shaped correctly, and not dirty underneath. I should have just stuck it down and not mentioned it. it doesn't seem to split or warp. Once the kids are both at school, I'll probably have time to potter in the shed again and repair things faithfully, but I really have to keep it simple just now They have lovely long curves around the sides, and I would need a skilled tradesman anyway, to save me from having to do it twice!
  10. Dr Dre and Snoop Doggy Dogg - Ain't nothin but a G thang
  11. Well they certainly do have a lot going for them. I suppose the upside of vinyl veneer is it would be cheaper and easier to repair/replace. I loved them for years as my 2 channel setup, and they sound really good at low volume which is one of my gripes with most gear.
  12. Yes, thank you! I paid a bit more for them, that's for sure. Would love to find a new home for them Definitely vinyl
  13. Further information: Has faithfully served us for some years, used almost exclusively as a 2 channel amp, and is a pleasant, powerful unit, with excellent controls and functions, and is well-covered online. Has plenty of ability in an AV home theatre system. Plenty of upside to speak of, and a few shortcomings I'm sure, as it is only a mid level reciever, but the one thing it does very well is go LOUD. I bought this primarily for it's power output. Bi-wiring through this brought plenty of power to my speakers. Runs full power to both A+B speakers simultaneou
  14. Further information: Wharfedale Diamond 9.5 towers function is 10/10, still sound as good as new, very enjoyable speakers, plenty of reviews around I am sure, priced to move sale includes 8 spikes for feet and the grilles. appearance is a little shabby, unfortutely. 7/10.. veneers are peeling of course.. My fabulous offspring have pushed the 'noses' (dust caps) in a little, and drawn on the side of one tower. A touch of white paint on another side from our entertainment unit, a few pins broken from the grilles I have tried to
  15. Buy local! Low music miles on this purchase
  16. If you could cradle a sleeping newborn, watch the sunset on Lake Como, reminisce of the time you ignored your late father's invitations, AND listen to Miles on your new Stellias... Well, one might be truly emptied of one's emotional baggage, after such a deluge of weeping. Congratulations on the Stellias! Seems everyone has one, gotta be my turn soon!
  17. There is a smattering of my collection onboard that shows up too. Is this going to be a formatting issue? Do I need to add something to the tags of my whole collection to do this? Gosh I can't wait to try this out when I get my SE 100 back (*hghm* from warranty repair *cough cough*) Gonna be a ripsnorter rollercoaster of an adventure, I'm sure
  18. Jeez don't tell me all these years I've been pronouncing it incorrectly? Fo-Cal, anybody?
  19. Honestly I needed to strengthen my neck. I wear them for 2-3hrs at a time tho. It gets better over time, your head and the headphones will both adjust a bit You can bend them, they're aluminium not plastic, so not a big deal, it's one of their best qualities afaic. Stretch them gently overnight by putting them over something of the correct size for your head, or slightly bigger, or just bend them like a mofo like I did, they're pretty tough. I've been wondering if the Utopia has the same clamp, with the carbon fibre I guess there is no allowance
  20. $100 seems reasonable to me. eBay takes $12 of it, and postage is included too. also bear in mind it will be $120 once you add the 2.5mm (XLR) option. I definitely couldn't do it for much less, and would tear my hair out over that 2.5mm jack for hours probably. The pictures look good to me, and if lamp cable is good enough for Focal then you don't have stress about what wire metal you think you might need.. If you want to be 'wow'd' everytime you plug in, you'll likely need to spend $200-ish, and sky is the limit. See Aurealis for that, or there are other reputable ppl
  21. What are the Clear like from your worst source? From your phone or computer etc on Spotify? Still mostly good?
  22. I think that is no pun, that is Focal's bold contention!
  23. Further information: This is a catch and release for me. My house and my marriage are just too small for multiple integrateds. There is plenty of information about this example of vintage hi-fi. I'll put the specs here and give my impressions, but I imagine that if you have read this far then you know what it is and you know what you are looking for. This example comes with its' original box and manual. I am the third owner. It has been fairly consistently used for its life, and with that in mind it was serviced two years ago and is working perfectly Th
  24. I believe the pads are what makes Elex Elex. If they can't reproduce them faithfully then the sound will be different. I wonder if Dekoni pads and some plasti-dip on the chrome would see you right? Dekoni is the best replacement generally, don't know specifically for Elex though.. Otherwise maybe Elegia pads from Focal would be the go, if the drop efforts fall short. I feel that the true Elex ship has sailed. A NOS pair would be ideal. There is a post somewhere online where someone pad rolls between all the focal lineup. quite interesting reading. If you had the mo
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