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  1. Aaargh! So many great deals this week, after I spent all my money last week. It's a great time to be an SNA'er Glws. Also I hope you don't sell it for two weeks until I can buy it!
  2. That's how I feel whenever I EQ my Elegia. The EQ detracts from the detail and the punchy bass. The wording (and the self-promoting) of the statistical 'preference' percentage at the bottom of the pdf really arouses my skepticism
  3. I believe the Hifiman problem to be symptomatic of the chi-fi industry as a whole. Not enough discipline for real R&D.. not enough accountability for QC.. too many middle men/oversight lacking.. The sound and comfort is what matters at the end of the day, and as with chi-fi in general there is pretty good value there. A bit garish, and as I said before, the lifespan of an undercooked product just isn't something I can safely rely on.. but yeah I would prefer the Arya over a good portion of the market's offerings, but like you I find Focal to really be nailing it. Like ALO does with IEMs.. they have greatly improved the industry by participating.
  4. I really get a sense of quality and satisfaction from euro design and manufacture lately.. Chinese stuff is piled 10 high at the tip. I feel like I am a better steward of mother earth when I buy something that might actually last for 30 years.
  5. As was I! Thoroughly enjoying them, use them every chance I get. I think a lot of the recent used sales online are probably people with buyer's remorse, realising they don't need a sixth pair of cans, or should never have spent $600 on headphones when they are on JobKeeper payment, or should never have spent $600 when they could have just kicked in another $600 and bought the pair they have been actually lusting after for years. I don't take those flip sales as a down-vote for Focal Elear. Quite the opposite. The brand is popular! I expect they have sold hundreds of pairs from this single outlet during this sale alone. Probably sucking sales from their competitors sheet and thinning those bottom lines. Personally, if it came to pass that the global Focal sales were part of a capital-raising/stock-clearing venture to fund r&d for a fresh line-up of cans, I will welcome that with open arms.
  6. Extremely pleasant, thank you for asking! At the new discount price, it's a deal to be had, for sure.
  7. So how is your Mojo going? Still satisfied? Have you see all it's colours yet? It is a really attractive device, I know it doesn't really matter but I think it has a complementary aesthetic match with the Focal range How does it fare exactly with the PM-3? Does it fatten up the sound a bit? Do you listen to your pm-3 at moderate-to-high volume? What sort of music do you listen to?
  8. I should say a very slightly damp towel. Less is more with leather care. I would if I had leather pads like on the Stellia. Feel it before you wipe it off, if it feels a little stiffer or drier after wiping it down, a little conditioner is the go. I have a synthetic micro suede with both Elegia and Elear, so I just rub it and let it dry slowly. I would say go for it especially with the pads, wipe your filth off them whenever you're feeling especially dirty. The un-replacable headband is the big concern, tread lightly there Maybe an Etsy type artisan could make a colour match zmf pilot pad for the Stellia
  9. Ever since my toddlers took a liking to my Chesterfield sofa, leather damage has been a constant issue for me. At the moment, I am using the last of a leather care kit from Rodd & Gunn. I don't really use the 'cleaner'. I usually use a wet towel for stains. I do use the conditioner on almost all my leather, not just from the R&G kit but from previous kits too, never rub it in just dab it on really gently so as to avoid disturbing the colour of the leather. Maybe once or twice a year, or as needed when it gets a bit dry, if it sees a bit of sunlight, gets wet, or if an errant child leaves it outside for days, that kind of thing. After hitting the suede with detergent is an excellent example of when conditioner will help. The soap dried it out, conditioner replenishes that supple feel a bit. I would 100% spot test three times on a pair of Stellia with a cotton bud, tiny little bit on a seam somewhere, at the corner or where I don't have to look at it much. I got my Elegia for $400 so I'm a bit gung-ho with those, so do as I say not as I do, soz. Black leather seems to hold its colour better too, I find browns and blues lose a good deal of the tan when they receive their initial treatment, so only do it if you have to. It's not like a belt or a boot, the leather doesn't need to flex much, so it won't crack until it's obviously dry.
  10. Yeah in hindsight, a bit of sweat is hardly a berry jù. Warm water would be the smart first step. Luckily, leather and suede conditioner is plentiful in my house, so my headphones get the tlc they deserve there +1 my vote for the lambskin ZMF pilot pad, reckon it would look pretty sick actually
  11. Hey while I am talking of Focal pads, I just wanted to show everyone my Elegia headpad.. I had that same problem as everyone, where a miniscule amount of head oil quickly makes a dark grey stain across the headband Worried about it for months.. Then I remembered the time I spilled blueberry reduction on brand new suede shoes, and the internet advice was to rub a drop of dishsoap and a drop of cold water, and it worked a treat on my shoes. So i did the same on my Elegia, drop or three of dishsoap, water, let it dry over night. Have a look at that! Tool a little while for the suede to de-clump, I brushed it gently and that helped
  12. I agree.. usually when I see the official photos of the mulberry colour Clear Pro pads I think it could go either way in real life, might be good might be awful, maybe they fade or something... but when I saw sly_bastard's photo irl I immediately (briefly) wished I had them. So unique, that colour contrast, reminds me of a black luxury car with marone leather interior. 10/10 could live with that colour scheme
  13. You mean you need to find a pentaconn terminated cable? Or are you considering a new source or portable amp?
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