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  1. I recently got a pair of these. Build quality is lovely on these. They feel solid but not too heavy. It's a nice minimalist design too. So... set up was relatively easy. The app is simple to use. The only issue I had was the app can sense if the phones aren't sitting on your ear correctly. They felt fine to me but after a bit of adjustment I was told they were sitting fine. They are VERY comfortable and despite the odd design, you don't notice the in-ear sections actually sitting in your ear really. The squashy silicone cups are soft and easy on the ears. Calibration took about 90 seconds for me... and I got my own profile. I was then played a song in 'generic' mode and given the opportunity to switch to 'personalised' mode. There was a HUGE difference but, I think the generic mode is designed to sound awful. I've never had a pair of phones sound that bad. The personalized mode goes to a different level though. So, I tried them against my AKG K550's that I think are the best sounding phones I've ever had. It's close. The nura's are a different experience altogether but do sound as good if not better than the AKG's. The big difference is in the way bass is transferred. Because the base doesn't go directly in your ear, but is transfered more through your skin, it's a unique experience. I'm not a big fan of HUGE bass but the bass on these is different. It's more like a kick than a vibration... if that makes sense. It's almost as if the drum is against your ear and you're feeling the kick instead of hearing it. Strangely though, this results in a warm sound that doesn't compromise treble at all. Compared to the AKG's it feels as if songs kick in sooner. There's an immersion mode that accentuates this but you wouldn't want to have it above halfway as it feels like the phones are bouncing on your ears. I've got it set to about a quarter. Now, I've only listened via my phone so far, over Bluetooth (the AKG's I had plugged in). I was also using Amazon music at the best streaming setting. I am going to try them with my Fiio DAC at some point too via a wired connection. I had to buy a wired connection lead extra (you just get a charging cable as standard.) It's also annoying that my One Plus 3's graphic equalizer doesn't work with Bluetooth connections. I need to find an equalizer that does and also integrates Amazon music. So, I'm pretty impressed so far... but not sure I'm £350 impressed. The app could do with some more options. You can choose what the haptic buttons on each side of the phones does but options are limited so hopefully more will be introduced. There's no charge light indicator so you don't know when they're fully charged. They actually turn on and off when you put them on your head and remove them. Another thing I'd liked to have seen was a dust cover on the proprietary connection port. But it's pretty deeply recessed and I'm not going to be using these in a flour factory... The case is nice too... a nice touch. If you're thinking of getting these, the following personalised link gives 20% off... so might tempt someone... nuraphone - Hear every note. Feel every beat | nura Free shipping is available with this code: welcomeship There's also 50% off accessories with this code: nuraBacker.50 You can't stack codes though.
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    Hey all. I've just joined. I'm on the other side of the world over here in England... so you've got a 'whinging pom' on your hands now... ? I'm a member of the UK avforums but it's good to know what's happening av related in other parts of the world. Cheers all...