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  1. The only person deceiving people here is you with your vast knowledge that isn't all correct. I took a good picture of the compliance plate, you told me what it will say and when it didn't say what you knew it would say you claimed it was altered. I am done with these sights with blow hards that think they know everything. Don't bother replying I won't be back to read it, there is nothing beneficial that comes from your replies.
  2. I built my own amp using Japanese parts that did make me transport to Japan as I put it together you are right, beam me down Scotty.
  3. The only point of my post was to show there are models out there that had multi tap power supplies not an argument about whether or not there could be a hand full ASSEMBLED in the USA for sales to our US soldiers. There is nothing altered on the ID tag.
  4. Neither of my other two have the feet built into the wood case either and it came new this way with only a wood case no metal. In another picture I will show the power supply and that there are no marks showing there was never a wood case and the absence of the Japanese tag or factory numbers on the chassis.
  5. No the person I bought it from never altered it, he never even mentioned anything about it just told me the story of how he got it at his army base.
  6. By Marantz?? Why would they do that?
  7. Unless Marantz altered it
  8. The tag was never touched, I got it from the original owner who bought it in Washington on Base he was in the Navy.
  9. There are differences between 2238 and 2238b and 2220 and 2220b it's been a while I don't remember what it was, phono or tuner maybe, I will have to look back.
  10. Lol, either way we are learning new things either way, I am not a know it all, I am just saying it doesn't fit.
  11. It is different than my other two that do say made in Japan in a few areas, I will post a few better pictures tomorrow my self I had someone take those and they are blurry.
  12. Yes yours says made in Japan, mine does not. Mine may have Japanese parts but it was assembled in the USA is my point, I will get you a better picture tomorrow of the plate even in the blurry picture they took for me it clearly does not say made in Japan like yours, just USA.