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  1. Hi, I've just purchased 2nd hand a pair of b&W 805s, i need advice on upgrading from Linn Classic cd/receiver to an integrated amp capable of biamping the speakers, adding hard drive (bluesound perhaps?) and a streamer. Yes a Naim all in one would be good however the price prohibits this, I'm looking second hand mkt. I may add a sub and another pair speakers for surround - BW cdm7 or 9s a preference at this time. I see Rotels come up regularly on 2nd hand mkt and Accuphase, mosty older models so there's a risk there. Rotel power amps are at low prices however trying to declutter but maybe for rear channels? I have a pair of bw 602.5 and 602s3 as well but likely sell these to fund the cdms'. My recapped/retweeted imf super compacts and linn receiver will go,to the bedroom. Would appreciate relevant advice. Thanks JH
  2. the marantz in the background of your pic - for sale?
  3. I'm considering upgrading from B&W dm602.5's to either B&W CM9S2 or CDM9NT. Has anyone here compared these side by side? I use a Linn Classik to drive the current speakers however am prepared to upgrade with the bigger speakers if need be. I bi amp and it works for me! Appreciate your comments. JH
  4. how old is this model? the previous writers comments, is thatthe only difference between DSM/2 & DSM/2? cheers
  5. OK let me talk to someone I'll get back to you. Cheers John PS what amp you using?
  6. Hi, Can you please take pic of back panel speaker connectors? Assume they are still available? Cheers JH
  7. Update on my IMF Super Compact's; replaced caps & tweeter on 1 speaker tonight, what a massive difference new caps & tweeter made - mid & upper very clear didn't realise how bad they were! Immediately changed out it's mate and now listening to Fourplay smooth jazz band CD 'Yes Please'. The detail on Harvey Mason's cymbals, snare and Larry Carlton's guitar in particular much clearer. For a 35yr old pair of speakers I'm pretty happy. Source: Linn Classik cd/amp 75W a side. JH
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