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  1. Johnkiwi

    FS: Mark Levinson No.531H Power Amplifiers

    the marantz in the background of your pic - for sale?
  2. Johnkiwi

    FS: Naim Uniti Atom

    how old is the unit?
  3. Johnkiwi

    SOLD: FS: BNE - Naim Uniti Atom

    When did you purchase? cheers
  4. I'm considering upgrading from B&W dm602.5's to either B&W CM9S2 or CDM9NT. Has anyone here compared these side by side? I use a Linn Classik to drive the current speakers however am prepared to upgrade with the bigger speakers if need be. I bi amp and it works for me! Appreciate your comments. JH
  5. how old is this model? the previous writers comments, is thatthe only difference between DSM/2 & DSM/2? cheers
  6. what year were they made? bi-wire? cheers JH
  7. Johnkiwi


    OK let me talk to someone I'll get back to you. Cheers John PS what amp you using?
  8. Johnkiwi


    I live in Qld do you have boxes?
  9. Johnkiwi


    Hi, Can you please take pic of back panel speaker connectors? Assume they are still available? Cheers JH
  10. I'm interested, is that $45 plus post?
  11. Johnkiwi


    Update on my IMF Super Compact's; replaced caps & tweeter on 1 speaker tonight, what a massive difference new caps & tweeter made - mid & upper very clear didn't realise how bad they were! Immediately changed out it's mate and now listening to Fourplay smooth jazz band CD 'Yes Please'. The detail on Harvey Mason's cymbals, snare and Larry Carlton's guitar in particular much clearer. For a 35yr old pair of speakers I'm pretty happy. Source: Linn Classik cd/amp 75W a side. JH
  12. Are these sold? Grill covers? Price without sub-woofers? cheers
  13. Johnkiwi


    Hi all, As you can see I haven't been online for a while. My response to your emails here - thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it. I did purchase the Linn receiver/cd player for $200, a significant all round sound improvement. The remote control and usability excellent, a very well engineered piece of gear, a pleasure to use and listen to. For $200 I figure the risk is low. I sourced the IMF replacement tweeters (original brand) and caps from Falcon Acoustics in the UK several years ago, just haven't got round to putting them in, the rationale for replacing is the old ones don't work well, I miss a lot of detail at the top end. I'll replace the caps first then test the spkr before swapping out the tweeters. Taking into account the above comments and a little of my own research the ideal system would be an integrated digital streaming device or unit similar to the Linn Majik DSM or Naim units and a better pair of speakers than the IMF. The Yamaha streamers I've listened to sound ordinary, I get the impression reading reviews that many units have reliability issues? The objective to have a system that's not redundant in 5-10 years time in order to access stream digital, play cd's and movies. Today I purchased a pair of B & W DM602.5/S3 spkrs, they lack the smoothness of IMF, mid and high end not well defined, but the bottom end is. I also tried a pair of B & W DM602/S3 speakers, also a brash top end that would be hard to listen to for a long session. The build quality pretty ordinary. The 602.5's not a lot better than the IMF so I probably won't hang onto them. Cheers JH
  14. Johnkiwi


    Hi, I'm a new member with a set of IMF Super Compacts I've owned for round 30+ years! I'd appreciate some advice or tips from some perhaps more analytical audiophiles on a planned upgrade. I'm about to refurb the IMF's with new caps & tweeters (audax) i did the driver foams a few years ago. They have served well but Ive had mediocre receivers and in process of deciding on either replacing with 2nd hand gear: - a Linn Classik receiver - or a NAD AV receiver, any opinions on which will be best sound? Both units between 3-$400 The Linn has a cd player, my current cd player is an everyday pioneer and my dvd/blueray player is a LG with 500GB hard drive I play mix of acoustic guitar, rock, smooth jazz, opera , piano etc. In addition to refurb my IMFs and upgrading amplification I'm considering building a pair of IMF TLS50 or similar, I owned a pair of TLS50 copies for a week in Bris 35 years ago, in my ignorance I thought they were faulty because my Luxman receiver couldnt drive them so i sent them back to the seller - ongoing regrets - they were well made i just didnt understand that particular Luxman was a mediocre piece of gear. Anyhow, any recommendations' on which IMF models would suit the amps I'm looking at as a 2nd pair of spkrs in a surround sound setup? Thanks for your interest. John Nth Qld Australia