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  1. Drakez

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    After work Pearl Jam unwinding session. Riot Act followed by Binaural.
  2. Drakez

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    The Church, Starfish.
  3. The Crystal Method: Vegas album. Massive Attack: Mezzanine album London Grammar: If You Wait album Alice In Chains: MTV unplugged album ( actually received a verbal complaint from my neighbour about the bass off this album ) It was a proud moment in my life.. NIN: The Fragile & Hesitation Marks All make my walls shake when played.
  4. Drakez

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    Always enjoy this album.
  5. Drakez

    Vinyl Shops in Melbourne

    Round & Round records is a must to check out. A lot of variety being held there. If you're looking for a particular artist. You should tell the owner/ shop manager as they'll take your details down, contact you when you particular artist, album has been traded in or new stock arrives.
  6. Drakez

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    Valentine's day music?
  7. Drakez

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    This album finally arrived from Discogs today[emoji106]. Been more than a decade since i've listened to them. Being in a vinyl format is just the icing on the cake.
  8. Drakez

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    A reissue, but sounds amazing none the less.
  9. Thanks for thatt info Mpr_65, I've recently demo'd extensively the Stellar Gain Cell Dac paired with PS Audio's M700 mono blocks this week. With my own LPs of various music tastes accompanied with my Aria phono stage. What I heard was unbelievable. The sound stage was something I've never experienced previously, but yet it still had that warm clarity Rega sound being applied. So I decided to taker the leap, I brought all 3 together. Currently are waiting for more stock to enter the country, my pick was also black over Silver.
  10. Drakez

    Currently Spinning

    Listening to some old favourites!
  11. Hows the performance of your Stellar Gain Cell Dac/pre amp? Nice move with taking the black finish over their standard silver colour. Smart looking setup.
  12. Hi djb Thanks for your replay, The power amp i'll be looking to sell on is the Emotiva XPA-2 Gen3 Power Amplifier. Only had this beast for 4 months, so it's not even broken in yet.
  13. Hi all, As the title mentions I am a new member to Sterenet. A colleague introduced me to Sterenet for the purpose of your classifieds area predominately. As little about myself, around 4 years ago, I was gifted a birthday present, which was a Rega record player. This present evidently created a passion in collecting Vinyl with myself, which also means collecting better, upgrading audiophile equipment. My fiancé calls it more an obsession than a passion hah. Long story short, initially I just used an integrated amp to drive my speakers, act as a phono stage etc. I recently purchased an Aria phono stage. I had also recently brought a power amp. Decoupling these dependencies form the integrated amp which had merely been turned into pre amp solution. which lead me down the path of trading in the integrated amp to help assist in purchasing a dedicated pre amp, in which I decided at the same time to also purchase some new mono blocks, of the same brand. Which brings me to sterenet, I’ll be looking to sell on my first power amp. Thanks