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  1. martin64

    Kef Reference 204/C (Rosewood) & AMR DP-777 DAC

    Damm i just bought an amp
  2. martin64

    SOLD: FS: Musical Fidelity M6i

    Sold guys . Will update later on my pc as sold
  3. martin64

    SOLD: FS: Musical Fidelity M6i

    I dont know. Should be similar
  4. martin64

    SOLD: FS: Musical Fidelity M6i

    I messaged you..second in line if first buyer pulls out
  5. Item: Musical Fidelity M6i integrated amplifier Location:Melbourne Vic Price: $1500 Item Condition:8/10 just a few very minor scuffs marks. Item works 100 percent Reason for selling:Upgraded to pre power setup Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info:Can ship at buyers expense. I had this item for about 4 years and is the original owner. This is a very powerful amp and will drive most speakers out there. Its rated at 200 watt per channel into 8 ohm I have the original box so shipping is not a problem. I prefer you come and listen for yourself what a Mf amp can do. Pictures:
  6. martin64


    This is a bargain.
  7. martin64

    EOI: Audia Flight FL Two integrated amplifier

    How old is the amp?
  8. Oh nice. That speakers next to it is amazing too. On my bucketlist
  9. Ty Robert. Is it black? I have a Rc1590 in black that i want to pair with.
  10. Could you add some pics of actual unit please
  11. martin64

    SOLD: FS :Dynaudio Special forty

    This is nice. Pitty you are not in Melbourne