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  1. Very nice and an excellent prive for these. Glwts
  2. martin64

    Nad m3 integrated amp

    Rantan i have been looking for a luxman l505ux or l550 and that is not easy finding a good unit for a good price. That marantz came from my time when i started this hi fi hobby and i loved the cd63 special edition sound. Only budget players but for me it was hi end. Eventually ended up with rotel gear
  3. martin64

    Nad m3 integrated amp

    I agree the stuff i am looking for is too hard to find in good condition.
  4. martin64

    Wtb: Vivid audio V1.5

    I have seen those mate and have been in contact with the seller. Great pair but there is a nick in the tweeter. Not affecting the performance however. I just cant live with a speaker with a slight blemish with my ocd. Hope he sells it soon.
  5. martin64

    Nad m3 integrated amp

  6. martin64

    Wtb: Vivid audio V1.5

  7. martin64

    Wtb: Vivid audio V1.5

  8. You have serouis equipment that you want to sell. Glwts
  9. martin64

    FS: B&W CDM 7 Special Edition

    Dammmm man i just bought stuff..sleepless nights[emoji16]
  10. I have been looking for the amp but that is just a bit old for me. I agree should go easy
  11. Item: Musical fidelity M1 dac Location:Melbourne Price: $250 Item Condition:8/10 .Small mark on left. Further than 1 meter its not visible. I am the first owner and was bought in 2014. Perfect working condition and just sounds amazing for the price. Reason for selling:upgraded Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info:I prefer pick up but can ship, I don't have the original boxes but it can be posted if necessary. Pictures:
  12. martin64

    SOLD: FS: Tannoy precision 6.1

    On hold pending payment. Thanks for the interest
  13. Oh that densens are awesome. Good luck mate