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  1. Arrggg i just bought something. Hate it when that happens! Glwts. Awesome bass on these
  2. Can you use a iem as a normal earphone ? Will it work with a dragonfly dac? Dumb question perhaps
  3. Oh awesome. Good news. Those focals does look like a good deal
  4. So what is b stock? Bad damage or what. Good prices but dont want to buy something that looks used. Great deals though
  5. Those tributes are on my wish list. Glwts
  6. What you going to pair this with Maximus? I almost got one but it did not have a sub output or pre amp. Would have sounded nice with my pmc's
  7. I am sursprised that this is here. Luxman and prima luna does sell quickly. Stunning piece. Drool worthy.
  8. I think the market is tough. There is terrific bargains on here which i thought would sell quickly but did not. The Kef R 7 and spendor D7 and the roksan m2 . Maybe the market will pick up soon. Glwts. I had the dac version and it was a great unit
  9. That Atc and Spendors D7 is a good start This wtb will become interesting
  10. Very nice system and good price on your panels
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