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  1. Well, after picking up a Technics SL-1700 turntable with a busted dustcover I began to see if I could find a replacement. This was not a successful journey. After having a possible cutom one made go "incommunicado" I decided to see if I could make one myself. After some serious web searching I found in a store in Syndey, as well as Melbourne, had a cover for another brand (Reloop) but very close dimensions of the Technics'. So for $69 and some Dremel work at the hinge points to accept the old Technics hinges, I now have a new cover on this old turntable. Happy days.....
  2. A costly lesson learned but once repaired you will enjoy the Freya. It's a good reminder to all of us too. Best of luck and I hope you sort it out quickly
  3. Thanks for the text earlier, let me know ?
  4. Hi Deuced, Black is a level down from Green and from what I've read and seen on YT a better way to go as far as balance goes. An 8MZ is my preferred, perhaps I should stretch my budget. Hmmmmmm
  5. Okay, i'm happy to keep it now with a few votes to. I think I'll give the Grado Green stylus a go on it. This way it doesn't hurt the wallet too much and I should have a decent introduction to the Grado sound. Obviously I'd love to purchase a 8MZ stylus but that's another $100 on the Green.
  6. Hi all, just after a cartridge with stylus to spin on my TT. Give us a hoy if you have one you wish to unload and we can discuss price and postage if need be. Cheers SNers
  7. Thanks t_mike. I have tried to withdraw it from here without success. I do apologize....
  8. Hi there, I am after a Denon DL-110 cartridge with stylus. Thanks SNers
  9. I have obtained a Grado ZT+ cartridge without a stylus fron a Rotel TT purchase. I have moved onto an AT95E cartridge but am unsure of getting a stylus for the Grado. If I was to keep it, from what I have read, I would go with an 8MZ stylus. Is it worth it? Should I sell it and move on? I now use a Technics SL-23 TT and I 'd like some advice if the trouble I've read about Grado setups are worth the trouble. Thanks SNers
  10. It must be hard letting go....best of luck on the sale. Wish I was able to help you out....
  11. Thanks for the advice. Apologies on my delayed response. I had issues installing the app while registering and my password wouldn't work. Back in now. Regards
  12. Hi All, i'm new around these parts. Have been reading for a while. I have picked up some nice Sansui gear with some minor issues and hope to resolve them soon. I just wanted to say "Hi"
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