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  1. Hi. I can share postage with Red Mackay in Melbourne if you haven't sent his parcel yet. I would like to purchase the Scritti Politti - Cupid & Psyche 85 album please. Many thanks.
  2. Melbourne Mike

    SOLD: FS:lp's $5 each plus post

    I will take the Split enz 'conflicting emotions' , Heart 'dreamboat annie', Elton John 'breaking hearts' albums if still available please. Will send you a PM.
  3. Melbourne Mike

    SOLD: FS: 28 LPs for $28

    Hi Erin. I will take them. Will PM you.
  4. Melbourne Mike

    FS: Various Vinyl records

    Madonna 'Like a virgin' and' True Blue', Beatles 'Revolver' if still available please. Will send you a PM.
  5. Hi Erin, I will grab these please: Elton John - Too low for zero The Cars - Candy O The Beatles White Album Nik Kershaw - Human Racing Eagles - One of these nights Abba - Arrival Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells Robert Palmer - Heavy Nova U2 - Live under a blood red sky Cheap Trick -- Dream Police Fairport Convention- Live Convention Will PM you. Cheers!
  6. I'm good thanks mate. Given that it's an iconic album and that you grade on the conservative side, I will grab it. Just to add a bit of diversity to the order, I will take Abba 'Arrival' as well thanks mate. Shoot me a message with the cost + postage and I will fix you up. Cheers Ed!
  7. Hi Ed. I hope all's going well mate. With regard to the Black Sabbath self-titled album, is the lp itself 'ex' or 'vg'? If the lp is in excellent condition, I will purchase it. Thanks very much.
  8. Melbourne Mike

    SOLD: FS: AC/DC records $80 the lot

    Hi Erin, I will take these. Will PM you. Cheers.
  9. Melbourne Mike

    Vinyl Japanese Pressings NM

    I will take the Cyndi Lauper album please. Will PM you. Thanks.
  10. Melbourne Mike

    Pink Floyd - DSOTM 5 x Various Pressings

    Hi. I will take the following album please: SMAS11163 Capitol Records USA Winchester Pressing Sleeve a bit sad vinyl no scratches, some ticks and pops $15 I will send you a message. Thanks.
  11. Melbourne Mike

    FS: Vinyl - Lower Prices Part 2

    I will take the Greenpeace Rainbow Warriors album thanks. I will PM you.
  12. Melbourne Mike

    FS: Vinyl Records Part 2

    Also Huey Lewis & the news 'Sports' album from yesterday's list if you still have it? Thanks.
  13. Melbourne Mike

    FS: Vinyl Records Part 2

    Hi Ed. I would like the Woodstock soundtrack. Posted to Melbourne if that's okay? Cheers.
  14. Melbourne Mike

    SOLD: FS: 56 LPs Vinyl Various Pop/ Rock

    Wings Across America, Yes 90125, and Travelling Wilburys Vol 1 albums sold.
  15. Melbourne Mike

    FS: Soundtrack Vinyl LPs $10 each

    I will grab the Footloose soundtrack thanks.