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  1. Hi Ian, After exploring a couple of freight options and the risk of damaging the speakers in transit to Melbourne, I will have to politely decline your offer. Ahh, the tyranny of distance. I would certainly purchase them from you if I lived in Perth and I appreciate that you offered them to me at a good price. The SNA community is great to be a part of due to people such as yourself, I am sure that they would sell just like that in the classifieds section, as they are great speakers, especially for that price. Thanks once again Ian, I wish you well.
  2. Hi Ian, Thanks very much for your reply. Yes, I am interested. What condition are they in and given that I live in Melbourne, would you be prepared to freight them at my cost? Thanks Ian. Cheers, Mike
  3. Item: JBL TLX18 3-WAY LOUDSPEAKERS Price Range: Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Hi Everyone, A bit of a long shot I know but would any of the SNA community know of anyone or have a pair of JBL TLX18 speakers for sale by chance? I have a mid level system but have always appreciated the sound of them and they would be a good fit for my system. I would appreciate decent quality dpeakers although I know as the speakers are around 30 years old, I am not expecting mint examples. Thank you in advance for any leads you can provide. R
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