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  1. DarkNark

    Electronic currently spinning

    Wow, that album cover hurts my eyes! I like your little box man. Most importantly how does it sound?
  2. DarkNark

    The Definitive Stylus Cleaner thread.

    Interesting to note that Ortofon do not recommend Zerodust for their stylus. "NB: Ortofon do not recommend the use of the Onzow Zerodust stylus cleaner as we have seen detrimental effects of using this detergent. " Link I am not sure why, maybe they have seen some lost styli? I think a need to invest in one of them new fangled usb microscopes to see how dirty my stylus is actually getting and adjust my cleaning routine to suit. Makes me a touch nervous when the manufacturer of my cart specifically points out not to use the product that I currently use.
  3. DarkNark

    DarkNarks' System

    Very much so. Thanks. Yes I will look into getting another head shell. I believe the Transrotor one is a rebadged Ortofon. I guess it depends on the mass of the cartridge I want try. I can compensate with the head shell once way or the other. On a serious note Darth Vader was not willing to come to WA with the Dark Star. So I conned his estranged brother, Garth Vader, to come and be the custodian of the Dark Star.
  4. DarkNark

    DarkNarks' System

    Err, so it's time to come clean! The next upgrade was more or less unplanned and more of "when opportunity knocks" sometimes you have to go for it. So jump in with both feet I did! My entry level Rega Planar 3 was replaced with this. Transrotor Dark Star. A big thanks to @Toyboyo for the assembly instructions and careful packing. Not a huge amount of information out on the net, and @hugo_wilco offered me some advice on cartridges via PM that he has used with a Dark Star. A big thanks for the assistance guys! I chose to install a 2M Black that I had purchased, at the time, to try on my Rega. I would like to try an MC cart with this turntable one day, when funds allow. So if anyone has advice on a MC cart please chime in. @Hydrology came and helped set it up for me. 👍 I was careful not to feed Mark any beer until the job was done. First record played on it was Men At Works "Business as Usual" I have played my new Cold Chisel box set on it all day and had a fat old time, and ultimately thats what it's all about. This turntable is certainly a step up from my entry level Rega and I am not sure if it's the cart or not but the bass on the records is noticeably improved. Can't wait to hear what it sound like in 100 hours or so. While CC was playing I was busy making some RCA cables for my next upgrade. this one was planned. Stay tuned!
  5. DarkNark

    Recommendations for a soldering station

    So I ended up making my RCA cables. I used Mogami 2549 and the Neutrik 373's. When the Nuetriks came they where in a bag marked "Rean", which I believe is Nuetriks' budget version. It was pointed out to me that these are the same RCA's on my Rega Planer 3. So should be ok. I had a bit of trouble with the RCA connectors. The Mogami 2549 has an OD of 6mm. The Nuetric/Rean 373's reportedly take a cable of 3.5 - 6.1 mm. Should be ok right? Nope, not me anyway. The soldering went well but trying to screw the body onto the plug was a struggle. Kept trying to cross thread. Don't get me wrong It could be done, but it was a lot harder than it needed to be. I think next time I will pick connectors with a little more leeway.
  6. DarkNark

    Beginner amp advice

  7. DarkNark

    What in Analogue Have You Bought Today?

    Would have loved to see them live. Listening to "Swingshift" (on CD) you can hear a real energy in their performance. I bet they where a great live band.
  8. DarkNark

    What in Analogue Have You Bought Today?

    Cold Chisel Box Set. Brings me back to my youth. Never saw them live, was too young, so the box set is as close as I'll get. Sounds great.
  9. Hi Ken I know you changed your mind, but I thought of you when I saw this.
  10. DarkNark

    DarkNarks' System

    Previous picture shows an Oppo 203 under the R32. I previously/still have an Oppo105D, but since I upgraded to a 4K telly and DAC duties are taken care of by the Giesler a 203 seemed like a good fit. Still running the Elac 409's in and I haven't worried too much about their final position yet, but I am still enjoying them very much. Bass presence is noticeably bigger than my previous XTZ 99.36 floor standers.
  11. DarkNark

    DarkNarks' System

    So not mentioned previously in this thread, I have made a recent foray into records. I have a Rega Planar 3 with Ortofon blue that @Hydrology kindly set up for me. I will mention (for any beginners like me, reading this thread) that I was totally underwhelmed when I played my first record in 30 years. I was quite disappointed to be honest. A bit of googling and reading a few threads here, led me to getting my records cleaned. If you are a beginner looking to start playing records I can not overstate that having clean vinyl is a "must have". It totally transformed my initial reaction and now I take pleasure in putting a record on. Back on topic, I had previously used the phono section in the Emotiva XSP-1 and I tried out a MoFi Studio phono. TBH I really didn't hear much of a difference between the two phono stages. I toyed with trying a different phono stage but I was a little wary of over capitalising on my modest Planar 3 deck. Then I saw a Primare R32 for sale in the classified and took a punt. I had previously considered buying one as they seem to have a great reputation in the online reviews. A deal was struck and @Cideburns dispatched said phono. I had to make a new shelf to house it, so a quick trip to Bunnings sorted that out. How does it sound? Would I notice a difference? Smooth is the word I would use to describe it. The difference is significant, it sounds bl@@dy great! It actually makes me want to try other Primare gear. I do believe that the online reviews are well justified. A quick side note, @Cideburns was great to deal with. The Primare presents as new, not a mark on it. I am a very happy camper!
  12. DarkNark

    DarkNarks' System

    So lots of changes coming. Some have been planned for a while and just waiting on funds and some were a rush of blood! Damn Stereonet classifieds! 😂 First addition was Clays' "Kraftwerk" power supply. Nice compact little package, certainly made a positive change to the SQ, but I would rather use it for a little while before posting my final impressions.
  13. DarkNark


    Nice write up. Thanks for sharing your experience
  14. DarkNark


    Looks like the way to go. From their website " We have designed the program to work specifically with the ART Phono Plus soundcard & A to D Converter which you can purchase from us or from Amazon." But I agree would be nice to know what the OP used. @mitchlim
  15. Hi Not sure if anyone would be interested but I have some cardboard boxes/sleeves that some records that I purchased came in. Possibly there is someone north of the river in Perth that could make use of them? I am in Joondalup. If not into the recycling bin they will go.