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  1. Maybe you could try Garageband considering you are using a Mac. I have never recorded vinyl but I believe Garageband can be used.
  2. DarkNark


    Makes sense. I guess the rubber is the same and it's just the aluminium "shroud" that changes the "properties" of the rubber. I may have to fire up the lathe and see what I can come up with. Cheapskate that I am. 😂
  3. DarkNark


    ^^^^ Ok I also notice that the rubber section of feet are turned the opposite way. I wonder if that has anything to do with the improvements
  4. DarkNark


    Just looks like P3 feet with added bling to put the price up 4x. Does anyone know if the rubber is different? Photo of P3 standard feet for reference.
  5. Add this if it's not too late please Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here - US 2016 repress 180gm w/everything (888751842618) VG++/VG++. Grundman mastered of course. Has the outer black plastic, and postcard, with cut-edge cardboard inner. Unplayed disc. As New. $39
  6. Al, not sure I missed any of your points, but to be honest I think we are just going around in circles here mate. All the best! Enjoy your Elektra's and I will keep trying to source a PNYX to have a listen to locally.
  7. Thanks I don't need to. I purchased my Emotiva from my local dealer. Any issues I have with it, it will be returned to said place of purchase and it becomes their headache not mine. Well not that it really matters, but to cure your sense of curiosity, no, it was not available to me locally. I bought a refurbished Anthem MRX 510 which was a discontinued model. What was available to me locally was an Anthem MRX520, which I couldn't afford. Agreed! If I may, possibly that could be reworded as " there is a good way around the WA tax.....buy locally supported......" If you regard not being able to see the product, audition the product and have the product repaired locally, by locally I mean in the state that you live in, as a non issue then your point is well made. Personally I would rather be able to see it, touch the buttons, listen to it before I dropped $4K because someone on the internet said they like them. 👍 All of this is academic, the OP flys in and out of Melbourne regularly.
  8. My Anthem MRX 510, which was purchased from a vendor in the Eastern states was repaired in WA. About 15 mins from my house. Once the fault occurred, the shop gave me a list of approved repairers in WA and I took it there. All covered under warranty. My understanding at this stage is, that unfortunately this is not the same for the Elektra product. Only a day or 2 ago was a thread regarding shipping costs back to the vendor being paid by the customer. So it appears that it is a concern for some.
  9. Time for one of your diagrams I think Snoop!
  10. So by AV power amp you are referring to a multiple channel amp? like the 2 that you have listed? What is your AV source? You don't have one and are considering the MC700? Does you "pre" that you own have HT bypass?
  11. Pink Floyd - The Wall - dbl LP gatefold remaster (888751842816) VG++/VG++. Complete set w/title sticker on front, all contents there, as NEW. $46 KISS - MTV Unplugged - European 2LP repress (06025377537-5) NM/NM SEALED. As new and beautiful. $35 Postage 6027 Thanks
  12. @Snoopy8 I am getting a tad confused myself.
  13. Currently I use a Emotiva XSP1 as my preamp. I am looking to try a valve preamp, so i the Elektra range that would be the PNYX. Thanks for the offer, I have a brother in Melbourne so it may be an excuse to visit him one weekend. If you are looking for an AV and want to listen to 2 channel then you could do a lot worse than this. https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/254950-anthem-mrx-720-brand-new-in-box/
  14. DarkNark

    Vinyl Enlightenment and Celebration

    Nice post metal beat. I can say that I am a newbie when it comes to TT. Having bought my first TT 3 weeks ago. A Rega P3 with ortofon 2M blue. My initial reaction when I played my first record on it was WTF! Whats the attraction? Noisy pops and crackles, a gentle hum through my speakers when nothing is playing. I really was shocked how people rave on about vinyl and how great it is, compared to what I was hearing. However I persevered and although I have not improved my system to where I am completely happy with it I have improved it. Significantly!. I too saw the disappointment/ disillusionment threads and followed them (from afar), with great interest. It was great how the community got together in an effort to improve the results of these members. I even went out to buy some squash balls. Currently I am in the position, while not completely happy, of happy enough. I have realised that records and playing them take more effort than a CD. After 3 weeks of a little bit of frustration I can say, that now I can put on a record, sit back and enjoy it and in the back of my mind understand the attraction.
  15. Hi Luke I will preface this by saying I have never heard either of these amps and I like you am a beginner. I would say don't get too caught up in the distortion figures, I don't think they are the be all and end all of choosing an amp. The first thing I would want to know will either of these amps drive my speakers with no issues. What speakers do you have? What is the impedance specs of your speakers? One thing to keep in mind is that (as far as I am aware) there are no dealers in Perth that carry Elektra. I have emailed Arthur to confirm if this is correct, because I am interested in an Elektra preamp, but so far I have had no reply. I have spoken to a dealer in Perth about Elektra and was told that there is nobody in Perth to repair them and is one of the reasons they don't carry them. If your Elektra does develop a fault, more than likely you will be shipping it back to the eastern states to have it repaired. The Emotiva gear is, I think, reasonably good value for money as long as you keep in mind that it would generally be considered entry level gear. I currently have an Emotiva preamp and Emotiva mono blocks. They both work fine for what I paid for them and to my ears sound great. I bought from a dealer in Perth, if one develops a fault, the dealer will take care of it. Having said that I have never had an issue with them. In terms of sound quality I would "expect" the Elektra to be better. The issue is for people in Perth is, with no one locally stocking the item we can not have a listen. Are you prepared to drop 4k on something that you haven't heard? I may be sounding a little pro Emotiva here, but I am not. I am looking to upgrade my Emotiva preamp to possibly an Elektra, hence I have come across the stumbling block of no one stocks it in Perth which is a major bummer! I am not sure I understand this bit. Do you have an AV already? I assume so? BTW I bought something from Melbourne HiFi (your first link) and they were great to deal with. Maybe shoot @Hydrology a PM, I know he deals with Emotiva at his store, now and then. He will offer a more professional insight than I can.