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  1. Or run them in for a while and see if they improve to your liking. I assume the pair that you took home were brand new in a box, not the already, shop run in, "demonstrate" pair. The reality is it would be preferable to audition in your own room compared to the store. Possibly these speakers need a different room position compared to your previous speakers? But to answer you question, yes I have been disappointed with purchases I have made, when I got them home. All part of the learning process I guess.
  2. Always nice when posters come back and update their threads. Nice little system that you have put together. Enjoy!
  3. I bought an Okki Nokki. I use Melody Mate with it. I am happy with it.
  4. I have one of these and it's great!. So good in fact that I haven't even bothered to consider upgrading to the MRX520. Bargain price for what you get imho. ARC correction left me gobsmacked. Great price GLWS!
  5. Topaz for sale now, Perth. It must be a sign
  6. Welcome Bill. Plenty of exceptional gear appears in the SNA classifieds. But I warn you, sometimes you gotta be quick! I am staying away from them at the moment, because the other thing that happens is they can drain your wallet quick! Perhaps you could start a "My System" thread to document the changes so that we can all follow along with you. Or not Anyway enjoy your time here. Dave
  7. @Hayabusa Hi Ian, thanks for the great write up! I am scouting for a new amp and the Luxman has made my radar. Just wondering if you have any extra insights that you would like to add, both positive or negative, 9 months later? For instance, have you tried an MC cart with the phono section yet? Thanks Dave
  8. Welcome to Stereonet, Frank Prowse Hi Fi. Nice first post. I was in the shop on an unrelated matter and saw these. They looked stunning in the flesh. Mind you the pictures aren't too bad either! I was tempted to have a listen but didn't, as I recently bought the previous version FS409 and if they are anything to go by these would be definitely worth a listen if in the market. PS When are you going to have a sale on your Luxman integrated amps?
  9. Welcome Tick You have probably been a member longer than me. Thats some serious lurking! Enjoy building your first HT, maybe you could document it in your own thread for newbies like me. Dave
  10. Try HiFishark.com. May give you rough idea what people are asking for them.
  11. Time to blow the cobwebs off. .
  12. The reason was 1. I moved some furniture that necessitated some "adjustment" and 2. aesthetics. I just wanted to try a bigger gap. Did I loose anything? I don't think so, but at the same time I don't have any before and after REW graphs to prove it. The reality is I can move them anytime I want, with no damage to the walls or the Vicoustic panel. Maybe I will tweak again when I get a grip on REW. I would encourage you to set them up how you think you will like. If in 5 months you want to have a go tweaking them you can. Please do and update the thread. The only reason I started this thread was as an alternative to to the Vicoustic method of glueing directly to the wall. I wanted to primarily be able to move my Vicoustic panels and experiment, which I believe I have achieved. Happy for the tread to evolve and become the ultimate way to install these panels. 🤘 To be honest I don't see any acoustical advantage between the 2 options, MDF and Corflute. Certainly not one that is audible. Perhaps you could test it for us? 🤗
  13. I had to google what corflute was. Agree, looks like a great option. Hopefully somebody can try it and update with their results.
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