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  1. If you are willing to post I would like to take Mike Oldfield. 6027. If however you are not willing to post GLWTS.
  2. Item: JVC video cassette recorder(HR-J655EA) Location Perth NOR Price Range: $10 donation to SNA Item Condition: Used Reason for selling No longer required Payment Method Pickup only Extra Info: I don't have any video tapes so I am unable to test fully. I have plugged it into a power point and the display powers up. Can't see why it wouldn't work. Been sitting in storage for 10+ years. Comes with remote and instruction manual. From kid free home so there is definitely no toast in it. White mark in first picture is just a reflection.
  3. Thanks for the tips, I think I will try the disposable one to start. Now back on topic, It makes me wonder how Record Revirginiser could work. I mean that stuff can be a gloopy mess, but I have had good results with it. Just too slow for me.
  4. Had a listen to Meridian DSP 5200's a couple of weeks ago. For me, they sounded better than the Kii Threes in the base region. Can't remember the price difference or if there was one, but quite impressive.
  5. Interesting, it seems that ultrasonic is probably the way to go for the ultimate clean. Just wish that Charles Kirmuss bloke would be quiet!. Couldn't stop getting side tracked and trying to hog the limelight. Nobody else had a chance to speak unfortunately. Until I get the funds for an ultrasonic cleaner I will just carry on with my Okki Nokki and Melody Mate. I will have to look into getting some spare felt "lips". I had never really considered them getting dirty but I do wipe them with a micro fibre cloth every few records. Also interesting that the warn about using tergotol, something that I have seen mentioned online for home made solutions. It did seem there was no general consensus on alcohol use though. Off Topic, Just wondering what brushes people use with their vacuum machines? My Okki Nokki goats hair brush sheds bristles and secretly it drives me nuts.
  6. If the manufacturer has offered you a refund, and you would like to pursue it, I don't think fair trading would back the manufacturer, especially if you have it in writing.
  7. In my case, fair trading, got it happening for me. After getting ignored and excuses, I let them take over. They let the manufacturer know in no uncertain terms what my rights were and what they expected of him. Still took a little while to sort out, but I can say that fair trading didn't get ignored.
  8. In my case, I was on the verge of pursuing this action, which is a real shame. It certainly has tempered my enthusiasm to try and support local ingenuity. Noticable exceptions I have had are Clay and Mick. Absolutely splendidly put! 100% agree. Wish I could give you 2 thumbs up.
  9. Having just endured a 9 month saga with another Australian "boutique" amp builder I certainly feel your pain. Shocking customer service and the lack of communication is inexcusable IMO. They may be amp building guru's but they seemingly don't have a good business bone in their body. Taking deposits for amps that they do not intend to build because of a backlog they have, is very poor form. When my amp arrived it wasn't even square! Ridiculous standard of workmanship. and certainly not up to par with the price I paid. Daz, I really do hope that it is worth the wait. Unfortunately the longer you wait the more chance your attitude towards the amp will become tainted before you have even heard it, which is a bit of a shame. Chin up mate! Hopefully it's just around the corner now,
  10. I bought a cheap one from eBay around $10-15. It came with a little 5g calibration weight. Seems to work fine. I have checked it against an expensive version and it was spot on.
  11. Hi Sally Welcome to Stereonet. Sorry to meet you under such circumstances. My heart felt condolences. Dave
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