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  1. DarkNark

    Anthem AV Owners Thread

    Have you run ARC yet? If I remember correctly, when you run ARC you will have some tabs that you can rename and alter the settings as you require. I have a MRX510 so I only have two tabs and thus two profiles, but later generations allow four profiles. Once you finalise ARC and upload the settings the 2/4 profiles will be available to choose in the menu. @Snoopy8
  2. DarkNark

    DarkNark's System

    No, unfortunately not. However, I am about to. This has been planned for 3-4 months and its finally arrived today. I probably won't be able to get into my system till the weekend as I need to sort out some longer speaker cables. Crappy pic, I know, I will try and do better in the daylight.
  3. DarkNark

    ELAC Element EA101EQ-G Integrated Amplifier

    Just bought one today. Not expecting miracles, but it is only for a little "mini" system in a spare room. Will update the thread once I have it set up and had a fiddle around.
  4. Sorry mate, I don't want you to take this the wrong way but I don't think your budget for the amp is realistic. Not saying it can't be done but I think you may be looking at more like $300, and even then it will be difficult. Speakers? What about these? Just as a side note, you do realise the cost of vinyl? It's not the cheapest way to get into hifi. I don't want to curb your enthusiasm but I think you need to reassess your budget
  5. DarkNark

    Yes speakers

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_van_speaker_scam A "low end" speaker being sold as a "high end" speaker
  6. I apologise for being the member that stopped you posting as much. Certainly difference of opinions, can at times, be difficult to express while typing. I keep this in mind when I get roasted.
  7. DarkNark

    Music vs Audio?

    Agreed it's about balance. It's not up to me to decide what is the correct balance is for anyone. If someone kept on the upgrade/swap/tweak path,"forgot" about the music and missed the soul of the music, and it made them happy then thats all that matters. Do I think they are possibly missing out? Probably, but that is here nor there. This hobby has many facets that attracts people for different reasons. Music v Audio? I think the correct answer is a personal one and more than likely a mix of the two. I just don't see a right and wrong answer. Certainly if the OP is a gentle reminder to sometimes slow down and smell the roses (Or the music) I whole heartedly agree. Nice that you found your balance and rediscovered your passion for listening to music Snoop! 👍
  8. DarkNark

    DIY speaker cables - show us your stuff!

    With associated psycho-babble? 😛
  9. DarkNark

    Music vs Audio?

    If one person gets enjoyment out of the specs, the tweaks, the changing out the gear for their perceived ultimate synergy/resolution and misses the soul of the music because they are too busy critically listening, then I have no problem with that. Personally I enjoy the research, the changes, the tried tweaks, educating myself, reading about other peoples journeys on SNA as well as the music. I have a friend who calls me an audiophile, (I detest that label), and he considers himself a music lover. Does that mean I am not a music lover? Does that mean I miss the soul of the music? Possibly. The reality for me is that I critically listen for 1% of the time. I find it takes too much concentration and is not relaxing. A lot of the time I have my system playing while I do stuff in the house. I am not fully absorbed in the music and I would definitely be missing the soul of the music, but it still gives me enjoyment. Regardless if I am critically listening, enjoying a beer with friends, listening on my own in the dark or washing the dishes in the kitchen, when I turn my system on it makes me smile. I don't understand the need to put a label on people, or indeed perceived seperate camps in the same hobby. This hobby is many things, too many people.
  10. DarkNark

    DIY speaker cables - show us your stuff!

    This is the way I made mine.
  11. DarkNark

    DIY speaker cables - show us your stuff!

    No unfortunately not. I purchased mine from the UK, from Ebay.
  12. DarkNark

    DIY speaker cables - show us your stuff!

    Some of my efforts. I haven't got to the stage of auditioning cables, so I have no idea how my home made interconnects compare. That said, music comes out of the speakers so that's always a good thing. 😃 Van Damme Silver Series Low Cap 55 interconnects. Mogami 2534 / Neutrik NC3 XLR's Mogami 2549 / Neutrik 373's RG213 speaker cables
  13. DarkNark

    Roon software

    My apologies Mick. I have a Giesler Groß which can play DSD, not do the conversion. I have edited my post to reflect that.
  14. DarkNark

    Roon software

    Thanks, for some of the options there, Snoop. I am trialling Roon and to be perfectly honest I don't see it having that many advantages over Audirvana+ that I currently use. The info about the artists is a novelty but the reality for me is just that. It's a novelty. I am failing to see all the love for Roon, to justify the price. Quite possibly I am missing something. I will say that using my iPhone/Ipad for the remote works flawlessly compared to Audirvana, which tbh doesn't work very well for me. My DAC can play DSD, but I don't use that function. In my case, I don't hear a difference. I may have not been clear when I asked about users experiences with Roons DSP. I was referring to the convolution filters for room correction. Anyone tried it?
  15. DarkNark

    Roon software

    That's how I am doing it. Running the software on my MacMini and I can use my phone as a remote