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  1. T'was a great night indeed! Very impressive system. Highlight of the night for me, was the analogue system playing through the Kii system, lovely. Lowlight of the night was the Beyonce song. Gawd! I thought it would never end. 😂 A special mention of the food is required, great and lots of it, made by Dave's wife. Thanks Dave's wife, your cooking skills are stunning. Big thanks to Dave and the crew for putting on the night and making everyone feel welcome. All lowlights mentioned in this post are tongue firmly in cheek
  2. They definitely make some lovely stuff 👍
  3. Difficult to give impressions on one component of a chain but I will agree with AJ and say that the analogue input to the Kii system was impressive, In fact it was one of the highlights of the night for me, truely sublime. While I can't be definitive in how the AOD performed singularly, because I had never heard the system before, it certainly did not disgrace itself.
  4. Goldnote PH-10 and PSU-10 purchased from @Cono28. A pleasure to deal with. A big thanks to @Wimbo and @Hydrology for assisting me understand how to set the gain correctly,
  5. Indeed. I think the M-900u may have fitted but would have been too tight from a cooling perspective and as a bonus I can save my pennies for something else. A Nucleus perhaps? This Luxman and indeed the process of auditioning amps has shown me how important the amplification is in the total scheme of things. The Luxman which cost me about the same as the speakers, allows the speakers to sing like I have never heard before. Much more control of the bass was my initial impression.
  6. Luxman M-700u, does the business with a minimum of fuss.
  7. Hi El, welcome to the forum. To answer your question in my case, no and you make a good point. For those, with the regrettable impediment.
  8. This is what I have used, applied with a Q-tip with great results.
  9. Nice, enjoy! I have been looking into Luxman integrated amps recently. What where you replacing?
  10. Looks like a beauty. Have you tried the phono stage yet? I would be interested to know your impressions if you have.
  11. (Bolded by myself in above quote) Keep in mind that not all posters on SNA have your command of the English language. Plenty of members speak/write English as a second language and may not have your understanding of the subtleties involved. I have purchased from Keith (poster in above ad) and he is a very helpful, genuine member. However speaking to him on the phone it was apparent to me, that he speaks more than just English and I would hazard a guess that English is not his mother tongue. Maybe it's just a typo, or misunderstanding of what ONO means on his behalf? It certainly does not detract from the speakers themselves or the genuine nature of the member. Not really understanding the point of this thread to be honest. Do we have to have minimum English standard to post "for sale" ads? Surely any misunderstandings or miscomprehension in, for sale ads, can be addressed with a simple PM.
  12. Lovely pictures as always. What speakers will it be paired with?
  13. 20k ? I would be tempted to see what a retailer could do Kii Three's for. Possibly have to up the budget a little, or maybe not.
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