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  1. List of equipment - Projector - JVC X5900 AV Receiver - Yamana RX-V2083 UHD Player - Panasonic DP-UB420 Media - Nvidia Shield TV - Fetch TV Fronts - Q Acoustics Concept 20 Centre Q Acoustic Concept Centre Rears - Q Acoustics 3010 Atmos - Selby Angled 6.5" XD6204 Subwoofer - SVS PC2000 All work was done by myself and heavily pregnant wife, except for the carpet and lighting. So we are rather proud of our efforts.
  2. After the screen, the room was getting close to completion and I got carried away and didnt get a heap of photos. On the bare plaster above the wainscotting, I wrapped some Bradford Ultratel in fabric and attached them to the wall. I havent done any acoustic testing or know if they make a huge difference, but I like the look and feel it gives the room. Plus it sounds good to me anyway, and thats all that matters really. The couches are from Amart and are manual recliners. Not to worried about putting in some effort to recline. Black out curtains were hung along with the projector. You can see in this photos the trimming and fabric that will cover the rear surrounds. So the only visiable speakers are the 4 in ceiling Atmos speakers.
  3. Next was to build the velvet panels. Using the same technique as the screen, I built to frames, wrapped in double black velvet and stapled. These were cut to size so they fit against the wall/ ceiling/ floor and the screen snuggly without and adhesion. Trim all finished. Cant see the seams or joints which is nice. I really like the clean look the front of the room gives.
  4. Next to happen was lights and running the power for the projector. Nothing exciting so no photos. Carpet went in just after this, actually love the feel and look of the carpet. Next on the to do list was to wire up the front stage and the in ceiling speakers. Fronts are Q Acoustic Concept 20s and Centre, with a SVS PC-2000 woofer. You can see the frame I have built which will hold the screen and then fraction fit the velvet panels around the screen. Next was to build the screen. Made of FJ pine there really isnt much to it. Build the frame then wrap in black spandex then white. Hung on the frame using a french cleet.
  5. Onto the finish coat. This colour is called Kara Sea from British Paints. I had to use a Taubmans paint as I wanted matte finish and couldnt get it with the British Paint offerings. The little circle things on the riser are lights that will be installed onto the coloums. One of the coloums was built to house some movies. It'll hold around 90 which is enough for me. If the collection grows Ill just keep the main ones in here.
  6. Next was to start work on the coloumns and wainscotting for the walls. The coloums were made of 16mm MDF, and the wainscotting was 12mm plus some pine trim and chair rail. After a nice sand and clean, was time for an undercoat. Using a 3 in 1 primer tinted undercoat got us a nice base before the dark finish went on.
  7. Plastered up the new framing and started working on the riser. The riser was built using 240 x 45mm the the edges and 190 x 45mm for the joists. A couple of steps on either side to get up went in as well. I then filled the riser with Rockwool and then framed up the flooring which was 22mm yellow tongue. The holes in the wall are what will house the rear speakers eventually.
  8. Well, I kinda forgot about this thread. Been reasonably busy since the start of July, but Ill post where we are up to in the theatre now. July - We moved into the new house. This is the room that will be transformed into the theatre. Mid July, I started removing the carpet, and the door nearest to the windows. I then framed in the rear door and the cut outs in the walls to flatten out the walls
  9. Extremely late to the party, and might be dreaming here. But, are these still available
  10. Hi Team, I currently have the opportunity to purchase 2 x MK LCR 750 and 1 x MK LCR 750 Centre for a good price. I am planning on running them behind an acoustically transparent screen with the main viewing distance at around 3.5m Is there any issues with running the Centre in a vertical orientation instead of its intended horizontal? I realise they have the angled tweeters and that is what has me curious. I guess i could still have it horizontal if I had to. I have been told that they will suit a room up to around 2,000 cubic feet, is this correct? My room is just shy of 1,800 cubic feet (3.6x5.8x2.4m). Any issues running them off a Marantz SR6012, I see that the amp is capable down to 4 ohm but will it be efficient enough? Sorry for all the questions, I am still very much learning. Thanks
  11. Had a chat to Erich at DIY Sound and based on the weight and size of the packaging of 3 x HTM-10s (32lbs, 24x18x12" box) it would cost close to $600 to have them shipped to Melbourne via a forwarding company. Plus from July 1, we will get hit with GST on all overseas orders so might be easier to look at something local instead.
  12. Haha. That's awesome. Trusting the baggage handlers that's for sure. I had a look at freight forwarding and for 3 HTM-12 it would be about $300-500 shipping (based on my very loose guess at the size and weight)
  13. Hi Crew, Pretty new around these woods so bare with me. Currently in the early stages of planning a home theatre in the house we are soon to move into to. The room measures 3.6m wide x 5.8m long. I am pretty much set on an Acoustically Transparent screen sitting approx 600mm off the front wall. Has anyone on the stereo forum had any experience with DIY Sound Group. I have read some promising things elsewhere but curious if any aussies have bought the stock over and how they feel about them? How the shipping process went etc. In particular the HTM-12. I would be looking at running 3 of them as my LRC. There are a few other options but just looking at some insight as they would work out significantly cheaper (dependent on shipping) than alot of other options. Any feedback or views greatly appreciated. Thanks
  14. Got that out of the way 18 months ago I was playing around with designs, measurements etc. Thinking of doing something like this. Using the Fanatix as a size guide, would need to sit them on a 300mm (approx) to have the horn at eye height. Guessing that is the ideal position for the speaker? If I was to make the plinth out of 12mm MDF would it be advisable to fill with sand or would it be okay without? The sub used in the measurements was the Volcanix. Screen wise, I'm still torn between going a 16:9 with horizontal masking, or 2.35:1 with vertical masking. Viewing will be mainly movies and Netflix (with the rare NBA, NFL, AFL). Height won't be a restriction, so I am thinking a 130" 16:9 and make some sort of masking system. Unsure of what I would use to trim the false wall with. Either MDF painted, speaker grille cloth or felt. Anyone have any recommendations on the best way to finish it. Thanks
  15. Certainly do, through in the adoption of a Great Dane and I am starting to question my sanity. The room will be a dedicated theatre. No music listening. Content will be mainly UHD Blu Ray, Netflix Streaming and some (rarely) sport. The viewing from the wife will be mainly Netflix I imagine and a lot of dialog heavy type viewing so will need to keep her happy. Thanks, figured as much. Just have to figure out how the wall will be built out and then decide from there. Appreciate your help/
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