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  1. I love my C4s, Incredible for both 2 channel and theatre duties. Good luck with your sale!
  2. The 1010 pre amp also has theatre by pass ability and works brilliantly in a fully blown two channel - theatre surround system.
  3. Snowmass would be the last update firmware to be developed. Though people with Direct stream senior will be able to upgrade their DS by means of a hardware upgrade to bring the tech into line with the new ps streamer being developed and this route will be considerably cheaper than the new PS streamer it self.
  4. There will be no further firm ware upgrades developed after Snowmass unfortunately, according to the dealer who sold me my Ps DS
  5. I would swap my Plinius SA Ref and Boulder pre for these!!! I wish (:
  6. Would pair nicely with the 8805 Marantz that has just been listed
  7. I have one of these 8805's and for this money, there is nothing else on the markey that will do what this does. Run your digital for theatre with the best HDMI lead you can afford, I changed out an Audioquest Cinnamon for a Wireworld silver Starlight and the improvement to the separation in the surround channels was spectacular Great unit, current Tech, be quick and snap it up......
  8. Use mine as a 4k media player and it is pretty good
  9. Hi Aussie, if I use for eg. Shunyata Au 8 way distribution unit, it cost $4,000 with a decent power cord. Or to save the money I have to interlink 5 of my 56 series that I already have. Problem with that It leaves a giggawatt 1.1 american plug conditioner for 4 components for the front end of my system. I am trying to do away with American plugs. I have 8 components
  10. Yeah, don't know, was advised that the 56s were good to use, from a few stereo shop owners. Picked up my five 56s for $45 each. I may put in three total lines for the five 56s. Alternatively I do one ppint and buy a Shunyata AU8 8 way power distribution, but another $2,500 which I don't have.
  11. There isn't a decent quality wall plate made for Aussie points. The clipsal 1000 series and domestic points are fairly piss poor and restricting in the switching wire size in the mechs So The 56 series is the best beefed up Aussie version available. Also good tight grip. I have a dark blue theatre wall so I have bought Woolworths Dark grey 56 series on thin mounting plates.
  12. Although the the switching on each of the 56 plates have 10 amp switches, maybe I should stick with the 20amp CB. Do you think the 10 amp switches will be ok on the 6mm line with 20 amp CB?
  13. Hi A9x The lead cable is 6mm twin plus earth, I would also use the same 6mm for joining the 56 wall plates together, no reduction in cable size. I was under the belief that 6mm will handle the 32amp. Electrician would be installing and checking everything. Currently have a 20 amp CB . What do you suggest?
  14. Hi A9x Yes I might stick to the one 6mm line and increase the CB to a 32amp to reduce heat and lower resistance and ohms. I will daisy chain the 5 x 56 series with 6mm flat plus earth, same as lead cable. Sound ok guys?
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