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  1. paulrp


    Just wanted to add one more thing: these have their transport crates!!! They are worth $500 - $1,000 alone. These could ship throughout Australia undamaged !!!
  2. paulrp


    Having lived with C2s, I loved the height of them, it gave them their own statement presence in the room. These are mk2 s as well, meaning they will sound better at lower volume listening. You really had to crank the mk1. Amplification: the bigger the transiant swing the better, they love a powerful 200 watt poweramp 300 is better monos are going to be better again. JC1 monos are suppose to be very good, Plinius, Classe as long as the quality of the amp chosen is equal to that of the C2 you would be right. These are a 4 ohm speaker so select an amp stable into 2 ohm and you would be fine. Worth the money for mk2s
  3. paulrp

    FS: Dali Katch portable speakers

    Has anybody who has heard these owned a Bose sound link3 ? How's the comparison?
  4. paulrp

    FS: Gallo TR-3D Sub-woofers x 2

    I am interested
  5. Have you any AQ xlrs for sale, pm me if so.
  6. Come on people, Shipping is not expensive. If you have the original box or a suitable one to use, you could ship this any where in Australia for between $50 and $250 with TNT or similar. The safest way to courier is if you package and put it in the middle of a wooden crate and rope or shrink wrap it down. Sure you pay for the 1200 x 1200 x 600 shipping size but it's on a crate and generally safer, then you order a tail gate truck and they use a pellet jack to pick up and drop off no lifting! Easy to collect and put together a system from anywhere in Australia.
  7. paulrp

    FS Dynaudio C2 Speakers

    They can sound great! The system behind them must have been configured correctly though. RF interference in my system held it back for a time. So Quality cables, dedicated 20 amp circuits for the amps and power conditioning for all other components made a difference. Yes the bigger high current SS amps will allow the C2s to perform. If the speakers are one end of the chain then consider spending good money on the source as well.
  8. paulrp

    FS: Magnepan 3.7R

    Which Pass amp is that?
  9. Wish I hadn't spent so much on gear this year I don't suppose you want some building work done?
  10. Yeah we get: AC stands for alternating current. However If you swap over one end of a power cord and then plug in a power saw it will go in reverse, regardless of alternating current??? so, is there any effect to sound reproduction and the processing of it? Can it damage anything? Could it be dangerous? Like mentioned: when components are turned off will they in fact be live? I didn't mean to open a can of worms. I am genuinely interested in this subject and didn't mean to turn a forsale into a forum subject. I actually run 3 American xlo reference 2 leads myself. I would like to say that the xlo power cords are exceptionally well insulated and are quality made! I feel bad now, please someone buy these top shelf, awesome power leads (:
  11. I use US plugs into a ps audio director 3.5 with its power switch nominated to 240v instead of 110v the director would be reversing the polarity within the ps unit and there should be no issue, but a simple adaptor doesnt do that ?
  12. paulrp

    SOLD: FS: PS Audio power cables

    If the plus is one of the good cables I will take them please
  13. By all means guys, correct me if I am wrong, but I have been told that the amp or component end of an American lead is world wild universal polarity wise, how ever the wall plug end with American leads is reverse in their direction of the wiring. So if a us to au plug adaptor doesnt reverse the wires for you, you will in fact not have continuity. You will be running 240v down the neutral and neutral down the 240 terminal. If you did this with a motor it would run in reverse. A hifi component still works but it must have some issues???