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  1. paulrp

    FS: Classe Fifteen Power Amp

    I thought it might work in bridged mode for a big centre speaker to match with a big class a stereo amp I have driving my left and right speakers
  2. paulrp

    FS: REL G1 sub bass system

    Is this a mk1 or mk2?
  3. paulrp

    Parasound JC1 Monoblock Amps

    Nice!! And great price
  4. paulrp

    SOLD: FS: PS Audio Directstream DAC

    Hi Fffastfaz, Sorry, I didn't think that at all. It can be so hard trying to extract information out of forums. I rang Magenta just to make sure of my facts and spoke to Tim at Magenta again, they are the Australian importers for PS Audio and confirmed that Yes, PS Audio have put the Bridge 3 on hold because they have managed to get a full MQA unpack via Tidal and updates into the bridge 2. They are focusing on other music player projects. The PS Audio make awesome Dacs and who ever buys this Directstream is going to love it. GLWTS
  5. paulrp

    SOLD: FS: PS Audio Directstream DAC

    I have been told by the boss at Magenta audio that the bridge 3, although spoken about by Paul at PS audio, will not be released for years if at all. The Bridge 2 sounds fine and is better than using a nuk Please DYOR. GLWTS
  6. Have dropped the prices on each of these components
  7. Love the look of these, bet the bass is great!
  8. paulrp


    A circular orbital sander starting with 120 grit and then 180 grit would bring them up a treat.
  9. paulrp


    These would make great garage or man cave speakers, different cross overs and a bit different looking from the Concertos that I have, but mine have awesome bass and sound real nice. GLWTS
  10. Amazing cabinets work.
  11. Hi guys,It's a while since I set up a non theatre by pass pre amp for theatre use if others would like to comment on the following: Unity Gain If you set up a path from your theatre processor through to the pre amp into line 2 or 3 ( which then goes to the amp) and dial the pre amp volume to 78 - 80 db and leave it always on that level for theatre and adjust the volume via your theatre processor, that works effectively. The question is if you have set this up to say line 2 or 3 for eg. When you switch back to line 1 for a two channel listening session and then switch back to your selected line through on the pre for theatre use; is did the volume setting of 78 -80 automatically select again? If not manually dial back to 78 - 80. They say: the danger is when you have a massive amp and you where listing at very high levels, next time you switch on your gear and go to theatre, is if the volume at the pre is set too loud you could blow speakers. If the pre is always on 78 for theatre through I have never had an issue. Kids playing with dials maybe! Manually dial down volumes at the preamp before switching on. The chances are with the pre set on 78 you won't tend to get much past 78 on the processor either, for movies. Your ears will guide you. Sometimes line 3 is a default theatre by pass Hope this helps.
  12. That would be an awesome bargain !
  13. Friday night special take $50 off Any of these awesome Meridian items
  14. Friday night price reduction, awesome 8 channel amp !!! High current !!!