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  1. Hi All, I have ran a 6mm line from a 20amp breaker over a 9m run length and into my theatre wall, I intend to terminate with a Clipsal 56 series and get rid of the clipsal 1000 series double. I was thinking of running a second and third, though my sparky suggested only one is needed as even with eight components I won't exceed max wattage. What do other's think? I could just operate everything out of one Clipsal commercial 56 series wall plug and use a Shunyata Au8 off a Delta noise cancelling NR lead. Approx. $4,500 and thats only basic conditioning, but simple and would upgrade to the higher Shunyata when they come into Aussie. Or Run 3 seperate 6mm lines off their own 20 amp breakers and then with 2 of these lines each with their own series 56, I could jump another 56 series for 2 points side by side to each of those lines and then leave the third line with only one 56, that would be for the Plinius two channel. So that would be 5 x 56 series on my wall side by side. Approx. Cost $800 I already have a Giggawatt Evo 1.1 for front end source into one 56, then plug in PS audio Detec for wall warts and OLED 77 leaving three power amps plugged into their own 56 series points. Which way would you go guys? I was wondering if people run these dedicated lines in copper pipe, or shielding or maybe just 20mm conduit would help. The lines would run past a heap of other 240 power running at 90* to my 6mm line - line's, does anyone think that There would be contamination? Or only if I ran two three lines parralel to one another. It is only 9m though.
  2. Wow, great end game dream speakers!!! Be quick, these won't last. Don't snooze........
  3. Amazing gear Eagleeyes, damn (: took me hours to read it!!! Somebody will be very happy with those beautiful looking B&Ws Just Stunning!!!!!
  4. Meant, are they screw in similar, changable? Like some brands?
  5. Can the terminations be changed easily on Oaks?
  6. Dropped to $1,300 0r swap for audioquest xlr cables
  7. It has the hd621 hdmi switch with it giving 4 x hdmi v1.4
  8. Ill do a Friday night special, interested?
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