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    Finished building my new pre amp today

    Thank you Ozcall for the info. It's been very useful. As long as the price-quality ratio of the MC300, what would be your opinion? I mean, changing the 300B with Black Treasures and NOS RCA 6SN7 would cost about another USD 500, is for you the MC 300 with this upgraded valves worht to try? Kind regards,
  2. Pedro G.

    Finished building my new pre amp today

    Hi Ozcall Thanks for your quick and informative answer !! Sadly I don't have the expertise to upgrade the caps (even knowing it shouldn't be very difficult) and there's no technician in my relative small home town to do it (I could not find one a few months ago for a cap upgrade I wanted to make on one amp). The only thing I can upgrade are the tubes. There's a chinese dealer, very professional and to whom I bought before, that offers me the MC300 Pre at USD 2000 plus shipping. I think the big question here is if there's a better Preamp for that money. What do you think? For instance, the Don Sachs Preamp 2 has rave reviews on internet and it's about the same price and I can barely find few opinions about the MC300. On the other hand, what tubes have you upgraded in the MC300 that made it far better? I mean what brand and model? Anyone chinese (Shuguang, Psvane or TJ Full Music)? Finally, I read on internet that the caps in the MC300 were premium ones. Do you think is really worth it to upgrade them? Thank you very much for the info! It helps a lot. Pedro
  3. Pedro G.

    Finished building my new pre amp today

    Hello Ozcal. Nice work and congrats for your nice preamp! I write you because I'm thinking about buying a Meixing Ming Da MC-300 Preamp and you mentioned above that you had one. I would really appreciate if you could give me some information about its sound and built quality and to wich other preamps have you compared it. Thank you! Kind Regards, Pedro from Argentina
  4. Hi Gibbo Thanks for the reply. I've got the picture. Yes, the Line Magnetic LM-508IA is 48W pure class A single ended. It's not just the power, but the reviews talk about a incredibly dinamics and soundstage. I think it has the power and sweetness together. We'll see. I can´t wait to hear it! On the other hand, have you tried any Ladder DAC? Like Schiit or Audio-GD. I have the Audio-GD R2R-2 and it's very very nice. It has an analog sound (if you can call it that way), dinamics, a "LOT" of detail, etc. It sounds beautifully. Before this DAC I had the SMSL M8 wich has 9018 Sabre chip and, even considering the price difference and that I liked the M8 (its a very nice budget DAC), the sound of it was much more digital (again if you can call it that way) and thin (less full bodied). I would suggest you to try one Ladder DAC, if you can borrow one. Finally. The LM-508 has a preamp input and I'm thinking on buying (latter on) a preamp. I'm leaning towards the Audio-GD C2 preamp that matches perfectly with my DAC and it's a completely bargain, like all of the Audio-GD stuff. I'll think about it. Of course I think we can say all of this because the C500 are incredibly transparent and show everything your gear is doing! These are the keepers! We'll stay in touch. Regards,
  5. Hi Gibbo, Thank you for the post. It's very interesting, especially what you say about the Moon 240i! When you say the Moon 240i sounds similar to your new tube amp (but with less tube flavor), do you mean that only the Moon 240i vs your DAC+preamp+VTA M-125? If so, it's impressive! Can you tell us what preamp and DAC are you using with the VTA M-125? Is it a SS preamp? Is it a Delta-Sigma DAC? On the other hand, I've got tempted by the devil again!! :-) I bought the Line Magnetic LM-508IA (valve integrated amplifier) as I read rave opinions on different forums about it and the LM amps and I bought it directly from a chinese official dealer at less than half the price published in Europe and USA (with upgraded WE replica valves included). I will receive it in two or three of weeks and I will let you know my impressions. People say its a music monster... we'll see! I'm very ansious! :-) Regards,
  6. Hi Gibbo, I have something on my mind that I forgot to ask you. Do you think a KT120 amp would sound as smooth as a 300B one? I know you've tried a 300B amp, but have you heard a KT120 one? I ask because there are some amps that combine 300B + another power tubes and reach about 30/40 WPC. May be with that kind of amps we can have the best of both worlds. Dynamic with bass control and smooth mids! Here is one I'm following with excellent reviews and about USD 2.200 shippment included: http://www.mei-xing.com/english/English/cp/1_3008-AB.html I know this thread is about the Concept 500 and I think it still is because I'm trying to find the best valve amp (I prefered them over SS) for the 500 with out braking my wallet or my concience! :-) Regards,
  7. Hi Gibbo! Thank you for the answer. All of my inputs are digital so all of them go through my DAC. I guess I would just need a preamp with volume control only. If the better choice is a good valve amp with a preamp, I think I could fit the preamp below or above my DAC, but I guess it should be a very promising option against an integrated amp. Let me know how it goes with you KT120 tests! Kind regards
  8. Hi Gibbo Thank you for the info and I will wait for your updates with the KT120 equipment ansiously. That ST120 amp looks very promising. On one hand, the only con I see is that you need a preamp and I think I dont have enough space to fit both. On the other hand, I also need to fight my concience to keep on spending money on this hobby! Its a neverending story and I feel I will never be satisfied! Also in my country the custom taxes are high so this travel to audio nirvana gets more and more expensive! I have no money problems, its only my concience! Finally, but important, I've read in several places on internet that the Concept 500 need a very very good amp to deliver their best because they are capable of so much. Today Im looking for a valve integrated amp that could provide the dynamic and punch of my EL34 Push-Pull (or more) with maybe some 300B similar sweetness on the middle band, of course with out loosing sounstage and detail, all of that under USD 2000. Are my demands to high? Do you Know any amp like that? Regards!
  9. I forgot to ask Gibbo! Which KT120 amp have you researched? Let me know about your progress in this matter. Thank you!
  10. Hello gibbo! Thanks for your reply. My amp is a Yaqin MC-13S (2x35W) with upgraded valves and I also have 4 Svetlana Winged "C" on the power section. So, we are having similar sound experiences with the great Concept 500s! I also would like to try an amp with Tung Sol KT120 as well. I was looking for one possible upgrade for my amp and this one came along: http://www.musicalparadise.ca/store/index.php?route=product/product&path=59&product_id=55 It has very good reviews and a decent price. I haven't decide yet because I'm very very pleased with my actual system and I spent some money on the new valves and want to give them the chance to settled down and shine. Yestarday I tried the previous valves and the change was noticeable (for worse). What I mean is that a lot of the last good upgrades in sound quality I felt in the last month was due to the new pre-amp valves (Psvane 12AU7 Mark II and Tung Sol Cryo Gold Pin 12AX7). Nevertheless, I still think Dirac made a BIG contribution on transparency and delicacy, removing mostly ringing and impriving some frecuencies that were over absorbed by the room. I still can feel the pretty big difference when I turn of the Dirac Audio Processor (the one that applies the filters created). There's a much better sound with it (cleaner, sweeter, better bass control, etc). The only thing I would recomend using Software Room Correction is to change the room's physical acoustic problems as much as you can (with courtains, carpets, furniture, etc) and to do the Mic measurements as goos as you can (meaning caring about the Mic location and quietness during the measurments). Please let me know how it goes with the Tung Sol KT120 as soon as you try them! I'm intrigued! Regards,
  11. Here the pics of my living/listening room! At the back of the listening position (white small sofa triangulated with the speakers) the room continues for about 4 m more. You can see a piece of foam next to the amp and the DAC! Everywhere! :-)
  12. Hi Marten, My room size is about 4x8 m and because the sustem is in my living room and I'm a married man, I cannot put physical room treatment, only the foam inside the furniture because we don't see it! :-) I will send you a picture of my living room as soon as I can. My wife and I changed the entire living room in the past 3 months and the pictures you see posted above are old. It doesn´t look like that any more and, of course, the furniture changed and with it, the sound. Now between the speakers and me there is a carpet (almost the entire way), a sofa on the left side (with a picture above to help highs reflections) and a thin courtain (roller) on the right (also to help with the highs). The furniture (with the foam inside) is at the back of the speakers and it covers almost the entire back wall. I felt, after changing the living room, some frecuency bodering the entire sound. I guess around the bass-mid region. Then I read about Software Room Correctors and their good results and I took the chance because it wasn't expensive to try it (only the USB Mic). Well, the software not only removed the frecuency ringing, but also brought alive a lot of detail to the music. The other thing I like about it is that you can customize (equalize) the music according to your taste. One thing I noticed is that the bass got much more controled, but may be a "little bit" weaker and that's because a lot of ringing was eliminated, or lowered at least, and that's why a lot of detail maskered by it came alive. I corrected this lack of (inaccurate?) bass increasing the bass region frecuencies with the software. That gave me the bass I wanted with out compromising the detail on the mids and highs. I hope it helps. Regards,
  13. Hi Gibbo, I think I read on your post that you've tried the Concept 500 with a SET valve amplifier. Am I right? If so, please I would like you to tell me your experience, as detailed as you can. If not, has anyone tried the C500 with a SET amplifier? Kind regards,
  14. Hi Gibbo Thank you for your reply. I would suggest you to try Digital Room Equalization if you play music with your computer. It makes a noticeable improvement in sound quality IMHO. You can try Dirac for free for 30 days (I think others softwares have similar offers) and make your own conclusion. Just make sure you get the USB mic before starting the trial period. I think you will only risk USD 75 or so and you can be nicely surprised. Its a small amount considering your system price. Take into account that room acoustics and system interaction affect the final sound and the software can correct them almost entirely. On the other hand, I would also suggest, if you have valve amp, to use premium tubes. The ones I changed made also a nice upgrade in sound quality and I also think you dont have to buy expensive NOS tubes, there are very good new ones like Psvane or Tungsol. Regards
  15. Thank you Benny G!! I hope you can visit us again soon! If you manage to go to San Juan, we can listen to some good music! :-) Kind regards !