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  1. Yes it’s brilliant and long gone... as of last night.. I think Johnno2017 pounced on it..!
  2. This is how i am setup now. Network Streamer -> USB -> Upscalar -> BNC cables -> DAC -> RCA -> Antimode -> XLR out --> Integrated Amp (Antimode RCA Out to Sub). In this setup i have to increase the volume around 8dbs than what i normally hear..! My room has hard wood (some rug) and glass on 2 sides (almost 75%). So without any treatment, there is slight echo without the antimode.
  3. Yes, the volume is certainly better with USB in comparison to analog. Tried with my CD player itself. Unfortunately all of my music is in digital files, which needs a DAC, so can’t bypass. Just increasing the volume for now. But the upper end is slightly smooth as well as with increased bass. Will live with it for now until I could find a DEQX secondhand..[emoji4]
  4. Thanks @DEANO23. I haven’t read it anywhere but learnt it when the volume decreased. I have put the volume up as I already have a dac and don’t want to use Antimode’s dac. My dac only has RCA and XLR outputs so I don’t think I can use the USB or Toslink?
  5. @Matyk, if you haven’t acquired any other room correction systems, you should try this with your setup if you still have the focal speakers. I took one of his units and it has made the bass more prominent in my setup (similar focal speakers) where I had similar bass issues..
  6. That makes sense, thanks. Did read about not using two inputs at the same time.😊. Don’t want to blow it up just yet.. Yes I did read about DEQX, over 5k, so have to save for it and will look out in the second hand if anything pops out. My laptop could not see the Antimode, so will have to try with my computer - for the update. Also my room challenge is Bass is only around the corners and back walls, so I might get another Sub..
  7. Thanks for the suggestions Darren, tried the amp pre-out to Antimode and RCA out to the Sub, this sounds better as the speaker volumes are much better.. I did try as Satanica suggested, but only selected 2.0 channel and not the 2.1 setting, yes a few options to try. Antimode has only one set of L/R RCA out. How do you connect two subs in them?
  8. Thanks Darren, checked the manual and it says Preout can be connected to power amp for biamping (not my need) or to active subs. Will try with this setup without the speakers.
  9. Also @jdh500, @Darren69 - I have a vitus amp and do I take the pre-out from the amp to antimode and then rca to the subs? This way speakers will be out of the equation?
  10. Thanks @jdh500. What does the last line mean?
  11. Thanks @Satanica, I haven’t connected my subwoofer to the Antimode yet. Only to the Amp. Is that enough? Does it automatically do the sub as well?
  12. Hi All, I recently acquired an Anti-mode from here to improve the Bass situation with my speakers and although the volume has reduced and i have to turn it up a bit, the overall bass has improved and music is sounding much soother (less echoing) and better now. Digital Source -> DAC -> Anti Mode (RCA In and XLR out) -> Integrated Amp -> Speakers I had left my subwoofer out of the calibration and now want to include it. However currently, my Sub (Rel S/3) is connected to the speaker posts in the integrated amp through the Neutrik cable that came with it. Any ideas on how to connect the subwoofer to the Antimode? Thanks in advance for your assistance..
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