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  1. NKMA

    Room Query

    Hmm.. Wouldn't it be easy to understand the reflections if the room is closed? Hence my thought process. I understand the placement of speakers will make a difference, but without knowing which positions, it might be hard as the cables are not too long to keep moving the speakers. Getting professional help might be the next option, which i am planning to do. I visited the SydneyHiFi shop and they mentioned me a service that based on the room measurements and other components, will provide computer generated suggestions. Thinking of going with it.
  2. NKMA

    Room Query

    Thanks @Hipper. I am looking at closing the room. Someone is coming in on Friday to give me a quote. At least, I can reduce the problems I am trying to address by closing the room down. Once this is done, I will check if there is improvement. However I am keen on getting some professional help as my understanding is limited and keen to get the basics such as bass traps installed prior to looking at absorption panels.
  3. NKMA

    Room Query

    I was recommended this sub being good for music.. what sub do you think might work? As I said In one of the above posts, the base is better in pantry which is behind the kitchen.. that too 1.5x1.7m hard to understand how the sound works
  4. NKMA

    Room Query

    1.3 meters space behind the speakers and listening seat extremely back to the wall and its much better. Moved the sub to the left corner and it has sounded the best till date in terms of bass. Mid and top have been very nice..! Thanks for all your suggestions. I might get the room closed as a first step and then look at other treatments.
  5. NKMA

    Room Query

    When I first played and didn’t hear enough base, went and bought a new Sub.. it only improved slightly.. I was advised to get a small trolley and use it to keep moving the sub to find an optimal position. Planning to do that tomorrow. But for tonight focussing on moving the speakers around.
  6. NKMA

    Room Query

    Vitus RI-100 is the amplifier..
  7. NKMA

    Room Query

    Thanks Grant. These speakers are new to this room as mentioned in my previous post. If it will improve my condition, I can look at closing the open space, was contemplating it before.. As you have noted, the Bass is strong outside the listening room say for instance, I was standing in my pantry and could hear just the bass.. Sitting at the 5.4 position makes the sound bright (being very close to the speakers) with slightly better bass but not as good as standing at the back wall.. so moved my seat right back at the moment (as you have pointed out). Just ran some bass heavy songs and the back most position sounds the best.. I could live with this.. if the recommendation is that acoustic treatment may not make the difference im looking for..
  8. NKMA

    Room Query

    Used to use Opera book shelf speakers with Yamaha SW515 sub in a smaller room where my listening position was a 1.5m from the speakers and the sound and bass was very good. So in the interest of upgrading, recently bought the Focal Scala V1 (here in SNA). Its specifications says 28Hz to 48KHz. As I mentioned in my above post when I stand at the wall behind the listening position, I get good Bass.. strange..! My room height is 2.5m.
  9. NKMA

    Room Query

    I moved my speakers a little forward (a meter from the wall now) and the bass is the best at the back wall in standing position and coming forward it reduces and even sitting down. So I have moved my listening position to the back of the wall for now.. Slightly better bass.
  10. NKMA

    Room Query

    Thanks Trevor. As it stands the distance behind and the sides are the same. As mentioned above, will move them around and try it. Recently added a new Rel S3 sub, slight improvement, but still not sounding good.. So no other option but to move around..
  11. NKMA

    Room Query

    Thanks Keith, will move my speakers around and see how it goes..
  12. Hi All, I recently setup my system (2 channel) in a 5 X 4 room (image above.) The room has glass windows (3/4th of the wall) on the right side and behind the listening position. I however have some curtains on both of them (not very thick). The room has bamboo flooring with 1/2 inch thick carpet between the speakers and my listening positions. 'D' is my listening position and A, B & C are the corners. My problem is, the bass is not very good on the spot where I sit . However, when I stand in the corners, the bass is good. Especially, Corner 'C' is the best. I have read a number of posts recommending bass traps and some treatment, would that solve the problem? Aren't bass traps to reduce boomy bass, which is not my problem? I am also planning to visit SydneyHIFI to get their advise and get some acoustic work done. Is there anything that I need to be aware of or I can do that can make a difference? Thanks for your suggestions..!
  13. @mike13, tried Roon and it works, but with my existing environment heavily geared towards Jriver app, ended up buying the JRemote.. works beautifully..@snoopy8. Thanks for the help..
  14. NKMA


    Fantastic price for a great DAC (IMO)..!
  15. Will give Roon a go before purchasing the $15 Jremote..!