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  1. Item: Dulce pontes canção do mar CD Price Range: Neg Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: if you have a CD for sale or in any format, please PM me. Thanks
  2. Still looking for Etherregen or any other audiophile switches..
  3. Further information: ** All foam traps sold and price adjusted accordingly ** Bass traps DIY freestanding - bought from an SNAer last year. 1.21m H x 14cm thick x 64cm width. 4 of the bigger foams were bought new from Selby. RRP $498. Sold 8 of the smaller ones bought from lifestyle store a year ago. 60cm height x 30cm width. Sold I don’t have boxes, so pickup only. Any questions, please ask. Photos:
  4. Item: EtherRegen Price Range: Fair Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Looking to check out if the switch helps improve.. Any other Audiophile switch is also welcome. Please drop me a PM. Thanks.
  5. Not sure how was it, but it is called out at 240v at the back of the amp, however it had US plugs..
  6. Yes, i have been PMing BuzzzFuzzz.. Sorry - cleared my messages now. Will PM you.
  7. Thanks, taking it over to LWA tomorrow. I have a dedicated 30A (remember the electrician mentioning it to me) line for music, however, the wall socket looks like the 10A. Before I had the dedicated line whenever the washing machine or dryer is on, I wont be able to listen to music, as it will pause for a second and then play again...which after the dedicated line went away.
  8. The power cable if fixed at the back..so can’t be removed/changed.. Had a US plug, which I replaced with the help of an electrician to AU furutech.
  9. I've been getting a lot of queries regarding the LED. Other than the light, I haven't heard any issues i.e. there is no difference, when all three are on vs only two. I am planning to get it checked this week. So on hold for now. If anyone knows a Sydney based Technician who can check this Krell out, please PM me. Thanks.
  10. Further information: Bought it as a second hand from Sydney HIfi a year ago. Very good cable for the money. The white one looks a bit coloured due to use, but does not affect the performance. 1m length. I don’t have the original box, but can be packed safely for post. Photos:
  11. Further information: Esoteric / Acrolink XLR 7N DA2100, bought from Singapore early last year. Since then I have upgraded to DA2500s. No longer in use. Offers a lot of details in comparison to other XLRs I have used. Will suit well to systems that are neutral to warm - IMHO. I don’t have the box, but can be safely packed for post. Photos:
  12. It says Class A, but not sure how much of it is Class A.. Will do..
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