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  1. Just had a read through and it has some fantastic reviews. Let me look into it. Thanks Wen
  2. Thanks @THOMO for the suggestions. When you say avoid Transmission line speakers, does that mean, avoid PMCs as well?
  3. Thanks @Eggcup The Daft. Nowra would be a bit of a trek but certainly doable, may be in December. Thanks for the suggestions and the room size is the only fixed in my search, so anything of great quality is what I’m after.
  4. Thanks@blakey72. PMCs have been recommended the most followed by some local options.. so keeping it as an option in my search.
  5. Thanks@Irek. There are some PMCs for sale in the classifieds already. Will have to demo them. Having not heard the local speakers, where in Sydney can I demo them?
  6. Thanks @rogersquared . Havent heard of the Huglich before. Will google them.
  7. Thanks for the suggestions and will certainly look at the ATCs, Harbeths and Legend Kurres. In regards to your comment on floorstanders being overpowering, would this happen even at mid volumes, as i haven't had my volume knob past 45%.
  8. Hmmm.. my current bookshelves are 30-40 cm away from the wall. Slightly facing inwards and I listen from 1.5-2 m away. You think the existing ones itself will shound good if I move around the speakers?
  9. Thanks, but these are not floor standers and I have read in the past that Dyns need more space..which is a constraint for me at least for now..
  10. Will certainly keep that in mind..
  11. Thanks @Al.M. I will look into both.
  12. Hi All Looking for some advise on floor standers for a smallish room 4.2m x 3.4m. Maximum of 2.2m space between the speakers themselves is possible. I will have to keep them close to the wall so, there will not be a lot of room behind them. In addition, my listening position is 1.5 to 2m from the speakers. Keeping this into consideration, please can you suggest a few floor standers. I understand that speakers are a personal preference, but keen to get an idea of a few options given my limitations. Having read through the forums, i see floor-standers have a better sound stage in comparison to the book shelf speakers. While I am happy with the existing bookshelves... as others, looking for something better..! I'm looking at second hand only as i know this wont be my forever speakers, so happy with pre-loved speakers. Looking at a budget of up to $7k I use a Luxman 507ux Integrated amp and not looking at changing it. Currently I use Opera Prima book shelf speakers with SW515 Yamaha sub woofer. Thank you
  13. Agree, with the comparison. How do you do a seamless comparison on the same song without stopping and starting? Is there an easier way other than recording and playing back (I use my iphone to do this)?
  14. When i received the Kraftwerk 12v 4A, I was thinking of keeping my it as a spare alongside Sotm SPS. However as soon as I connected the Kraftwerk, I could see what you were talking about in your review as it has brought depth to the instruments and made it bright. I love listening where there is a prominence on instruments, so I just loved it. Another thing i noticed is the base got tight. A overall loudness to the music. The SPS-500 was a bit laid back and had prominence on voice, at least thats what i felt. I am yet to listen for longer periods, but this is my immediate feedback.. Hence let go of my power supply, one of them..! (still have my HD Plex left powering the Sotm modded switch).
  15. Sold pending payment