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  1. Item: EtherRegen Price Range: Fair Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Looking to check out if the switch helps improve.. Any other Audiophile switch is also welcome. Please drop me a PM. Thanks.
  2. Not sure how was it, but it is called out at 240v at the back of the amp, however it had US plugs..
  3. Yes, i have been PMing BuzzzFuzzz.. Sorry - cleared my messages now. Will PM you.
  4. Thanks, taking it over to LWA tomorrow. I have a dedicated 30A (remember the electrician mentioning it to me) line for music, however, the wall socket looks like the 10A. Before I had the dedicated line whenever the washing machine or dryer is on, I wont be able to listen to music, as it will pause for a second and then play again...which after the dedicated line went away.
  5. The power cable if fixed at the back..so can’t be removed/changed.. Had a US plug, which I replaced with the help of an electrician to AU furutech.
  6. I've been getting a lot of queries regarding the LED. Other than the light, I haven't heard any issues i.e. there is no difference, when all three are on vs only two. I am planning to get it checked this week. So on hold for now. If anyone knows a Sydney based Technician who can check this Krell out, please PM me. Thanks.
  7. Further information: Bought it as a second hand from Sydney HIfi a year ago. Very good cable for the money. The white one looks a bit coloured due to use, but does not affect the performance. 1m length. I don’t have the original box, but can be packed safely for post. Photos:
  8. Further information: Esoteric / Acrolink XLR 7N DA2100, bought from Singapore early last year. Since then I have upgraded to DA2500s. No longer in use. Offers a lot of details in comparison to other XLRs I have used. Will suit well to systems that are neutral to warm - IMHO. I don’t have the box, but can be safely packed for post. Photos:
  9. It says Class A, but not sure how much of it is Class A.. Will do..
  10. Further information: PAD Corvus Praesto Revision 2m speaker cable for sale.. The only component that stayed in my system for almost 3 years. Had to spend three times the RRP to better this. Couldn’t get myself to sell it, that’s how good it is. Fantastic cable overall. A bit stiff and may not suit if you have less than 30 cms behind your amps. Spade on both the end. Photos:
  11. Further information: Foilflex 2.5 m for sale, I don’t have the box, but will pack safely for postage. This is the latest one. I have been using these for the higher frequencies and it has been fantastic. Excellent price to performance. It’s spade on the Amplifier end and Banana plugs on the speaker end. Photos:
  12. Further information: Krell FPB 400 CX power amp for sale. I have been using it for just over a year and has been a very engaging and gives life to the music and best bass I’ve heard in my system is through these. On the front, it has 3 LEDs and one of them does not glow some times, as shown in the picture, otherwise, it is in great condition. The LED does not affect the sound in any way. if not for a significant upgrade, I would have kept it. I don’t have boxes for it, so local pickup only at this stage. Any questions, please let me know.
  13. Item: Synergistic Research Foundation speaker cables Price Range: As per condition Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Hi, looking to try some synergistic Research foundation speaker cables to try. 1-2 m length is what I am after. The local website for Synergistic Research doesn’t seem to work. If anyone has the cable and want to move it along, please ping me. Thanks
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