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  1. Sticking with these due to space constraints...
  2. Further information: I bought these from SNA exactly year ago and they haven't moved and used sparingly. The best speakers I have ever owned and if not for the TADs enticing me, I was planning to keep them for a while. They are in a very good condition and I have shown an imperfection on the paper the speaker has been wrapped with in one place, which is superficial. These are less than 30 months old. I have blurred the Serial numbers intentionally. If the TADs sell before these, then I will take these off sale. Priced for a quick sale.
  3. Thanks for that. Given the size of my room, limited space and for music duties, all the material on the web says to go for sealed subs - hence my preference for SB. What are you using it for?
  4. Item: SVS SB1000 Subwoofer Price Range: Fair price Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Any colour is fine and if you are looking at offloading, let me know. To pair with my LS50W in a 3x3.5m room for desktop music.
  5. Yes, anything other than the LUMIN app doesn’t sound the same for me. The quality certainly feels better through the app. Putting up with the app for this reason..
  6. Item: Active speakers for a desktop setup Price Range: Up to $1500 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Up to 22 CM width is the main criteria, as anything bigger wont fit. Please PM me with the price if you have any around that price range.
  7. Adapters are on the way, but when I asked ISO acoustics, they recommended Gaia I or the Titan Theis.. Hence the sale.
  8. Further information: Bought this new from the below website. One Meter. Used it for just over 6 months and changed to Fibre Optic, no not required. Dont have original package, but will pack well if posting required. https://www.ghentaudio.com/pc/et11.html Photos:
  9. Further information: Bought these in the forum in February and moved to XLR since then. No original packaging, but will be packed well if postage is required. RRP was over $360 Combining Van den Hul's highly advanced amorphous Fusion conductor material with the well proven Linear Structured Carbon technology in a rugged but flexible triple screened twin core design. The Waterfall Hybrid's united van den Hul technologies bring a new level in performance, quality and durability. First of all, its multistrand Fusion Technology conductors are made of a very speci
  10. Further information: I bought these new and used for around 50 hours only. They are made of carbon fiber and a great value for money. RRP is $499.
  11. Further information: Foilflex XLR cables, as new with only 40-50 hours use and with the restructure of the rack, i needed only 50 cm run. Very good cables for the money and I bought them new for $990 for 1.5 m. Photos:
  12. Further information: Well known ISO Acoustics GAIA - Titan Rhea for speakers up to 190 KG. Bought them and was going to fix, then realised it was the wrong size, so packed them back. Opened the second one to take photos. RRP is $3598. https://isoacoustics.com.au/product/gaia-titan-rhea-80/ Photos:
  13. On hold pending payment. sorry Lance, a few others had sent messages already..
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