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  1. Thanks for the recommendation guys. Have gone for the NAD 355. Hopefully there will be some noticeable improvement... Cheers.
  2. I asked but its already sold. How about something like this.. https://www.jbhifi.com.au/rotel/rotel-ra-630-integrated-amplifier-black/833978/ Would be any match with the Focals? Cheers
  3. Thanks George I am not that technical in this field. But I sort of get your point. Hopefully someone can chime in who has similar speakers and can recommend something in the budget.
  4. Hello to all the experts here.. As titled I need a recommendation for a 2 channel amp for the Focal 807 speakers that I recently picked up from a fellow SNA member. At the moment they are a part of 5.1 channel system hooked up to a Denon x4000 AVR. I think sound is a bit harsh and underwhelming for 2 channel music listening. I have tried pretty much all options in the AVR e.g recalibrating Audyssey or turning it off or going in Direct mode etc but I think these speakers can do a lot better. I am really confused with these separate amps business. I have tried google but still have some questions... 1. My AVR has pre outs for speakers. Do I need a power amp or an integrated amp? Pros and cons of each? 2. What happens to the subwoofer when 2 channel listening? 3. Any recommendations for an amp which would suit these speakers? I am happy to wait for something used to come up for sale. Budget would ideally be around $500-$700 for a used one but Can be stretched a bit more. Regards Sunny
  5. Item: System Audio Aura 10 Bookshelf Speakers White Location: Melbourne 3030 Price: 500 Item Condition: Excellent Condition (9/10) Reason for selling: Upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: Bought these about more than a year ago from Rio Sound in Preston. Great sounding speakers and they look very nice too imo. They look pretty much new. Reason for sale is as I upgraded to larger bookshelf speakers. I have the matching centre speakers as well which is Aura 10AV. I prefer to keep that but if you want the whole set we can may be work it out. Specs can be found here https://system-audio.com/product/sa-aura-10/ Cheers Pictures:
  6. Item: Bang & Olufsen Beoplay a6 Wireless Music System Location: Point Cook, Melbourne Price: 550 Item Condition:As New (Minor scratch on top back) Reason for selling:Not being used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Only Extra Info: RRP $1199 This is a fantastic sounding speaker but I still prefer to listen to music via my HT speakers. So this is basically not getting use. I have the original receipt and it still has warranty until June 2019. It was bought from the Melbourne CBD store. I am not the original buyer of this speaker as I bought it off someone. Speaker works perfectly and looks brand new apart from minor scratch on the back side which is not visible from front. See photos. Setup was easy from the iOS app, and works flawlessly using airplay or via bluetooth using android etc Demos are welcome before pickup. I don't have the original box. https://www.beoplay.com/en/products/beoplaya6 Please call or text on 0433 577 107 for any queries. Thanks for reading. Sunny Pictures:
  7. Item: SVS PB12-NSD Location: Point Cook, Melbourne 3030 Price: 500 Item Condition: Very good, no cosmetic damage or marks etc. 8/10 Reason for selling: Want to Downscale to a smaller Sub as moved houses and no suitable space for this one. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: Hi Guys, Selling this Sub as it does not go well aesthetically in our new living room. I'll be looking for a smaller size sub instead. This was bought about 4 years ago from DeepHz Audio in Melbourne. I can't find the receipt so unsure about any warranty. The Sub was never used at its full capacity. It was Dialled down to less than half. Its in excellent condition and looks pretty much new. Auditions are welcome. Specs (Copied from internet)- Dimensitons- 20.9" x 17.3" x 22" at 66 lbs. Driver Size- 12" Amp Power- 400 watts RMS (800W Peak Dynamic) Frequency response- 18-150Hz Any questions please ask. Pictures:
  8. Hello Members, Its Sunny here from Melbourne. Came across this website looking for classifieds as I'll be selling my SVS Pb12-NSD Subwoofer soon. Basically shifted to another house and don't have suitable space for this big subwoofer so I'll be looking to get a smaller unit instead. Will be asking for opinions on that soon. I m running a Denon x4000 amp with System Audio Aura 10 fronts and centre. Cheers
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