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  1. Would you consider a bulk purchase of all remaining vinyls? Have a think and get back to me (you could PM me). Am sorry for your hard decision. AG.
  2. Hello all, This is likely my first foray into finding information, technical and otherwise about the rare Luxman PD-350, the TA1 tonearm and the CS300 VDS (vacuum disc stabiliser). I am a collector and historian, but it seems that this version has fallen between the cracks. Vinylengine and other sources include the PD-300 and the PD-310. but nothing on the PD-350, a rare turntable indeed! I have gleaned that it was superbly crafted and was in a relationship with Micro Seiki for much of its technology. But my investigations dry up from there. The PD-310 sold well but with the advent of the CD, the PD-350 sold few in Japan and in single digits outside. Which is why these are as rare as hens teeth, compliant with an AS300 230vac power supply, a VDS which is working properly and a platter mat in good enough condition to suck the vinyl to the platter, as designed to do originally.PD-300 The TA-1 tone arm was supposedly designed by Luxman. There was a TA-2 as well but my research has not reached that far. I have not seen a tone arm protractor for the PD-350 either. All in all, there is very little information forthcoming for this model Luxman, especially after being originally taken over and all the plans were destroyed. I am hoping that there is another enthusiast ‘cum historian than can fill a few more gap in the Luxman PS-350 turntable’s history. After all, it was one of the finest turntables produced in the 1980’s but also because of their rarity due to the few numbers produced for Japan and far less for the European/UK and less, for Australia In anticipation and much thanks, Adrian
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