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  1. Hi Markm1111, yes apologies for that. I’m not to up on the modern etiquette for social communications nowadays being an older gent. I suppose that you now have my contacts, you can feel free to ask for any more information you want if you are interested. Thanks again, A.
  2. Hi Monaro2, I am not a dealer, but an enthusiast. I am looking to downsize my turntable list to one only. However I do have a Luxman PD-310 and SME 3009 or TA-1, a Luxman PD-350 with a TA-1 arm, Micro Seiki BL-91L with a MS-505LS arm. Separately with the Luxmans’ is a VS300 (but only one). I am not sure if you are interested, but these are in excellent condition, with the MS-91BL modified in a special way. If you are interested, I can send photo images of what ever you want. Really there is too much too discuss about each. They have served me well, each and all, but I must
  3. Hi Guys, I’ve had my QL-Y5F since new and was my first table. It still plays like a charm but on its second needle. I was going to purchase the Y55F a couple of months ago, that is until my good half shattered her shoulder on a girls night out. Big medical costs and still a bung arm. I appreciate the information regarding getting the table refurbished. Mine is still in great condition apart from some mild discolouration on the buttons. It is also original , including the needle which is the same as the stock. Good to see there are other users too. AG - Brisbane
  4. I have a PD-310 and a PD-350 with AS-300 and VS-300 and TA-1 arm sitting spare. Lids on both. Haven’t considered a price. Hadn’t considered selling before either. I use a modded Micro Seiki BL-91L for my primary system and my wife is not interested in a TT on the second one. Cheers, AG
  5. Would you consider a bulk purchase of all remaining vinyls? Have a think and get back to me (you could PM me). Am sorry for your hard decision. AG.
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