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  1. Can’t believe you’re parting with this Muzza,sounded very nice at yours!!!
  2. Yeah radio paradise is great,no ads and four different types of music all free
  3. What’s the upgrade?twas a good year ‘63’!!!
  4. I have a pair of these amps and I love them,run cool ,use bugger all power and sound great.Very well built imo
  5. What would you upgrade to after this,pretty sure this is top of darko’s list?
  6. What a good looking setup George,,! and only a bit over a weeks grind (for you)...?
  7. G’day Rocky I would like to have a look at this if possible mate thanks stuart 0439730144
  8. Showing my ignorance after all the techno jargon but is this a Ethernet one box dac/streamer?
  9. G’day erest they look good but not original components if I read this right,have heard that these speakers are special (as Bruce would say) if they are in the great condition you say,would you take $1500 for them stuart
  10. Hi not been in this game long,but quickly realising there are pocket lining sheisters in abundance out there(put local and fed govt.to sword)so hoping to find some straight shooting amigos to drink wine be merry and dance the audio highwire with!!!Long live Aussie rock
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