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  1. I highly recommend that you do. I can't believe the difference that it has made. Cheers Warwick.
  2. G'day all. About 6 months ago, Mike Lenehan [the speaker and speaker cable magician] introduced me to the world of HiFi power cables via EGM Audio. He lent me some red series cables to try on my system. I went home and with skepticism plugged them in from my Nordost QB4 to my Prima Luma HP valve amp. I noticed a difference straight away. More definition and clarity, and this power cables was brand new out of the packet, not run in at all. I have since thrown all my cheap little power cables [ that always come with pricey components] away and replaced them all with EGM red series power cables. A huge improvement for such a small financial outlay. To me, It,s a no brainer. That was until last week, when I called in on Mike again. He showed me the brand new brown cable made by EGM audio. He asked me to take the sample cable home, give it a go and tell him what I thought. Well, after playing Earl Klugh, Janis Ian and Dire Straits, I phoned Mike up and to quote Darren 69, I said," Mike Lenehan, you're a bastard". Just when I thought that my system was about as good as it could get. Yes, the red series cables are fantastic, but the new brown ones [that I believe will be introduced at the HiFi show in Melbourne in October] are at another level again. Much more detail and clarity. If you're going to the Melbourne HiFi show, check these beauties out as well as Mike Lenehan's ML2 speakers and foilflex cables. You won't be sorry. BTW, my system consists of Rega P8 tt with the Aphita 2 mc cart, Rega aria phono stage, Prima Luma Dialogue Premium HP amp, with the Lenehan caps and resister upgrade, Rell T9 sub, Lenehan ML2 ref speakers and stands, Nordost power filter/powerboard, foilflex speaker cables and interconnects, EGM power cables and Quadraspire Evo4 HiFi rack. Do I love my system? Bloody oath I do. Cheers Warwick. PS. Sorry for the long winded rant!!!!
  3. I have a pair of ML2 refs with exactly the the same stands. Beautiful speakers with incredible sound quality. Each speaker and stand combo weighs over 80kgs, such is the quality of the build. These are worth every cent of the asking price [IMHO]. GLWTS. By the way, you're going floor standers, ML5 refs by any chance? Cheers Warwick.
  4. Beautiful speakers at an unbelievably good price. The sound quality of these beauties is to die for and definitely end of game IMHO. GLWTS mate, not that you'll need it.
  5. Now you're talking sense Darren. I know you want JBLs, but to sell your ML5s for such a give away price??? Save up for your JBLs and keep your ML5s. Everyone needs a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th system. I'm sure you'll find a use for them. I know, you could use the ML5s as toppers when you get your new JBLs. Now there's a thought.
  6. I recently connected my Foil Flex speaker cables and interconnects up to my old speakers [Sonus Faber Toy Towers, which I might sell on SN one day], just to see if I could hear any sound improvement in comparison to when I used to use them with Nordost Blue Heaven cables and interconnects. Not expecting to hear much difference, I was just blown away. I couldn't believe the detail and the clarity. I had never heard my Toy Towers sound so good. I'm now seriously thinking about keeping the Towers for a possible second system and getting some more FF from Mike. The value for money that these cables make to the sound quality of a system is astounding. It really is a no brainer. Do they natch other speakers brands, instead of just Lenehan speakers? IMHO, bloody oath, they do.
  7. I completely agree. If only I had the coin, they would have been gone in a flash. IMHO, these are definitely end of game speakers.
  8. I just can't believe these haven't sold. $3000 for ML2 refs, stands and toppers. As Darren said, When it comes to speaker and cable construction, Mike Lenehan is a genius, plus he's such a great guy. What he doesn't know about building speakers, isn't worth knowing. Whoever grabs this bargain will be one lucky and very, very happy audiophile.
  9. What is happening? All these fantastic Lenehan speakers on the market for unbelievably cheap prices. Is there something that I haven't been told? I have a pair of ML2 refs and they are outstanding speakers. Somebody please buy these red beauties before I start convincing myself that I need a second pair. GLWTS mate.
  10. WHAT??? You're saying goodbye to your ML5s! WOW! Unbelievable speakers at a fantastic price. I'd buy these myself, but I don't think I could afford the divorce that it would cause. Mmmm, At least I'd have ML5s. May be food for thought. GLWTS mate, not that you'll need it.
  11. And not just any speakers. Could somebody please tell me I'm dreaming?
  12. May be it's just a late April Fools joke? $4000, really??????
  13. I too have Mike's Foil Flex speaker cables and interconnects, in conjunction with ML2 ref speakers and a Prima Luma Dialogue HP valve amp. What a combination! With the cables I used to have [Nordost and Chord], my system sounded fantastic. Well, that was until I was able to audition some Foil Flex cables thanks, to Mike. The rest is history. I'm sooooo happy with my system. Now all I need are the speaker toppers, the isolation platforms, the upgrade for my amp [done by Mike] and money for some tube rolling. By the sound of things, I don't think my wife will ever be able to retire. And it's all Mike Lenehan's fault, for being such a HiFi genius and making stuff that is so good at such bargain prices. Cheers Warwick.
  14. G'day Gemrock. A mate of mine is interested in your Lenehan cables. Would you be willing to take $350 for both pairs and post to Lismore, northern NSW [at buyers expense? Please let me know. Cheers Warwick.
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