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  1. Beautiful speakers. I have my ML2 Refs hooked up to a Prima Luma Dialoque HP valve amp with the Lenehan caps and resister upgrade. Spectacular sound. GLWTS.
  2. G'day Bammo, I too have a pair of Tassie Oak ML2 ref speakers. Mine are a darker wood colour and my stands are different. Mine, like yours are spectacular looking and sounding speakers. The person who buys your speakers will be very, very lucky. Cheers Warwick.
  3. My Lenehan ML2 ref speakers are teamed up with a Prima Luma Dialogue HP with the Lenehan caps and resister upgrade, Rel T9 sub, Rega P8 TT, Rega Aria phono stage, Lenehan Foilflex cables, etc, etc. An awesome system with an awesome sound. Warm and incredibly detailed. Cheers Warwick.
  4. I'll try to put a photo of my system up, but with my very, very limited knowledge of the computer world, I can't guarantee it. Cheers Warwick.
  5. G'day Andy, I just saw this thread so I thought I'd get in contact with you. We live in Lismore, northern NSW at the moment, [a little far away from the south coast] but we are about to move to Wangaratta VIC [about 3 hours north of Melbourne] mid January 2020. My system consists of, rega P8 tt, rega aria phono stage, Lenehan ML2 ref speakers and stands. , Lenehan Foilflex speaker cables and interconnects, EGM top of the range power cables, nordost QB4 power conditioner power board, 3 htzs isolation platform for the TT, 3htzs springs under my amp, an absolutly awesome Prima Luma Diologue HP valve amp with the Mike Lenehan caps and resistor upgrade, Rel T9 sub and Quadraspire racking. As you can see, I'm well entrenched in the Lenehan audio family. If you're interested in coming on a road trip to North Eastern VIC, send me a message. I'll send you my mobile number if you want. I'm always up for a hifi conversation. Cheers Warwick.
  6. What a bargain. I have a pair of these that are sitting in boxes because I don't want to sell them. Beautiful sounding speakers at such a fantastic price. GLWTS.
  7. Anything with the Lenehan name on it en-shoes the purchaser that it has been made with the highest quality components and care, rather than to a price point. GLWTS, not that you should need it.
  8. Every component influences the overall sound quality of ones system and speaker cables, interconnects and power cables are looked upon as being important components. They say that a chain is only as strong/good as its weakest link and I'm now convinced that the same applies to hifi systems. When you consider the amount of money that we spend on hardware components for our systems, to have them arrive with the cheapest, nastiest, Chinese power cable that Australian authorities will allow, it all makes sense. A good power cable, IMHO, will have a positive impact on any component that is plugged into it. Good clean, consistent power, its a no brainer. Oh, and by the way, NO, I don't have shares in the company, or am related to the manufacturer. I've never even met the guy, but am I a convert? Oh yeah. Cheers Warwick. Oh, I almost forgot, before I started down the power cable journey, I was using the cheap cables that came with my components [like most people do] and I thought it sounded great. Now I know how wrong I was.
  9. Good on you mate. Let us know your thoughts once the cable is run in. Cheers Warwick.
  10. WOW. ML3s in candy red. Spectacular in every possible way. Everything that Mike Lenehan makes, ie speakers, cables, isolation platforms etc, is of exceptional quality and way below the price of comparable retail hifi gear. Someone is going to score themselves a bargain here. Unfortunately it can't be me. I'm lucky to just fit my ML2 refs in my tiny listening room, let alone these beauties. BTW, what are you upgrading too, ML5s by any chance? GLWTS.
  11. I completely concur with everything that has been said about the Fiolflex cables and interconnects. They are spectacular. The improvement that they have made to my system is amazing. The clarity and the detail that they have added, often leaves me just shaking my head in disbelief, when listening to albums that I have heard a zillion times before, on what I thought were good systems, cables etc. I can not recommend these cables and interconnects more highly. In fact, the same goes for anything that Mike Lenehan makes. He is an absolute hifi genius.
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