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  1. I find the Osiris handles the MB2se with no problem , even bass. When i bought the PMCs i did wonder if the Osiris was up to it and even PMC had no experience of using them with an Osiris. But they very kindly let me have a brand new pair on home dem. When we installed the Townshend Podiums, even my dealer remarked how well the Osiris drives them. I was happy with the bass before, with having a treated room, but adding the Podiums has tightened it even more. Seems slightly more extended , but that may be because its cleaner. But starts and stops very cleanly , and much better impact. Very happy all round.
  2. How to improve MB2se's......add some Townshend Seismic Podiums. Thought about these on and off for a while. They do seem counterintuitive as the speaker is free to move in all directions, exactly the opposite to spikes. But took the plunge and wow , do these work !
  3. Not sure if its been mentioned before , but I believe Peter's current system is described in the following article , with a few pics. http://www.the-ear.net/how-to/ultimate-listening-room
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