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  1. Item: Class A integrated amp Location: Perth (N.O.R.) Price: $1250 (negotiable within a reason) Item Condition: 8/10 - minor scuff as shown in photo. Reason for selling: Raising fund for new amp Payment Method: Pickup preferred, but can post at buyer expenses (don't have original box but will be packed safely) Extra Info: Bought from a SNA member some months ago with Cabasse Bora speaker and the pair had an excellent synergy. There is phono input but I can not confirm whether or not has the phono board. Thanks for watching. Pictures:
  2. AndreaB

    SOLD: FS LENEHAN ML1 Reference

    Hi Marten, I am on the same boat . I have those two pair plus I have Cabasse Bora and a set of KEF XQ1 Andrea
  3. AndreaB

    SOLD: FS LENEHAN ML1 Reference

    I am not sure, I bought directly from Mike Lenehann at the beginning of this year and Mike offer 3 year warranty. Andrea
  4. AndreaB

    SOLD: FS LENEHAN ML1 Reference

    Marten, will try but I am not very good in describing . Small note, white speaker are ATC SCM11. Honestly I have not played much with this two set up but i did notice couple of things: 1. ATC has better bass control. I believe that this is due to the fact that my rooms is not very big (and unfortunately square) and ATC is seal box design while the ML1 are rear ported. 2. ML1 goes lower compare to the ATC and the sound stage looks deeper. Please consider the two different speaker placement, it could affect the soundstange. I did not bother to try to swap them. 3. ATC midrage and vocal are more pronounced but again here I think is because of their placement. 4. ML1 high are more delicate to my hears. 5. ATC likes power. At the moment I have Sudgen A21 that I am using with CABASSE Bora and honestly struggle with the SCM11. I can tell you the combination accuphase E210/ATC it sounds little bit dry to me compare to Sudgen/Cabasse. Andrea
  5. AndreaB

    SOLD: FS LENEHAN ML1 Reference

    They are the SCM 11's. Always liked white speaker especially matt finish
  6. Item: Lenehan ML1 Reference Speaker Location: Perth (NOR) Price: $1950 (but as we know everything is negotiable) Item Condition: 8.5/10 Reason for selling: Funding other gear Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank transfer Extra Info: Very well known Australian made speaker. Monitor are in good condition with minor swirl and small paint chip barely noticeable. Prefer local sale but have original box for shipping. Thanks for watching Pictures:
  7. AndreaB

    Hi from WA

    Thanks Dave. At the moment I am using SOTM SMS200 (with Gieseler Kraftwerk PSU 12V 4A) to the Chord 2Qute DAC into the SUDGEN A21 amp and as speaker Cabasse BORA. As interconnect Accuphase AL10 and Cardas USB, power cable Audio Principe Signarure I have also an Accupahse E210 and ATC SCM 11 but at the moment I am using most of the time the Sudgen/Cabasse. I am happy with the sound of the Sudgen/Cabasse combination but, as you know, always keen to experiment. I would like to get into tubes but having a 14 months boy it make me think Andrea
  8. AndreaB

    Hi from WA

    Hi everyone, I have been reading this forum for a while now and really helped to build my system so far. I am sure that it is only the beginning (not sure if it is a good or bad thing 😄) Thank to all to share thoughts and experience 👍