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  1. 100% mate, Shoot me a PM and I’ll contact you closer to easter to arrange a time that will suit. Thanks. Cameron Sampson
  2. Hi mate, As for time to calibrate will depend on what it is that requires calibration. For example a TV will take less time generally than a projector. That’s from what I understand so far. Being that the course is very hands on I’m sure I will know alot more upon completion. As for gear I will be trying out different Meters and Generators throughout the course. At the moment I will be looking at purchasing the ChromaPure THX Pro software and a Murideo Generator with X-Rite Pro D3 Meter and i1Pro2 spectroradiometer. This has been recommended as a good starting point by Gregg at THX. Hope I have answered your questions adequately mate. I am sure I will know alot more upon completion of the course.
  3. Hi guys, I have enrolled in the THX Certified Video Class for the end of March. I was wondering whether there was anyone in the Sydney region that would be interested in a free TV or Projector calibration after easter? I will be offering this to the first 5 people to get back to me. This will help me gain THX Certification and all I ask for in return is a review of my work upon completion. If anyone is interested you can reply on here or PM me. I am sure I will know alot more upon completion of this course but if you have any questions feel free to let me know.