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  1. Are you seriously so rude that you can bring yourself to post such a comment?
  2. I rolled up into room 1202 as you suggested when i first arrived and again several hours later as i was departing and never once did I see ,let alone hear the contrast speakers either connected to an amplifier or in plain view let alone playing.A real let down.Why did they not have their own room !?
  3. I went into the room and did not see any Contrast audio speakers connected.I think you should have had your own separate room.I was looking forward to hearing them.
  4. We would need a venue which we would have to hire for a week,that`s how long the competition would take.I would say the same 5 songs would have to be played through all speakers.It would need excellent security for lock up.
  5. Yes, serious bracing is a tweak that must be done.The extra fine detail and definition are amazing.
  6. They are SB and so is the tweeter.The waveguide is original to the company and was a long time in development.
  7. We need someone with computer smarts to design and print winning certificates which can be framed by the winners..As we are not taking ourselves seriously,there is no need to go down the trophy path.Seriously though,we need some suitable venue to make this thing work and an understanding that we,the competitors will have to be the main contributors to the costing.
  8. Yep,that`s exactly what we need in Melb.
  9. Yes indeed,things get cleared up right throughout the spectrum.
  10. Before the bracing I could put my hands in front of and behind and easily feel the panel resonances.The screws,which are under a good amount of tension have eliminated this .The end result is clarity overall and extra detail in the bass.I am very pleased to have gone ahead with this modification.
  11. The third category is open and would have no cost restrictions .The sky`s the limit.
  12. I think just the cost of all parts used without taking the time to build into consideration would be a fair way of costing.
  13. Active or passive,either is OK as long as the price categories are observed.The same would go for 2 or 3 way and any box choice including open baffle.It would be terrific to be a part of this if it ever got to fruition.
  14. mwhouston you have it nutted out pretty well.
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