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  1. Huge congrats, Bill. A well-earned opportunity to turn the page, and enjoy what comes next. Your RCAs and XLRs are cooking nicely in my system....I'll be peppering your "retirement" for speaker cables soon enough. All the very best for what lies ahead! Paul
  2. I can attest to the quality of these Australian-made speakers - they are, indeed, awesome. I've run a pair for nearly 15 years, and they still make me smile. They are pretty efficient, but still give 'em a bit of power, and they really sing. And the Jarrah finish is quite lovely too. GLWTS!
  3. Thanks @PCOWandre - that's really helpful. One of the issue I worked out was an IP address leasing issue. I had 2 DHCP servers on my LAN (bad idea) and didn't realise it - so the RPi and also the dedicated Roon core server both had problems with IP addresses and drop outs. I've since fixed the DHCP server issue & the Roon core works flawlessly now. However, I've sold on my I2S capable DAC so can't further test the RPi - I might try and locate a suitable DAC to test it out with a reflashed Roopiee. During the mix while reflashing the software - when I still had the I2S DAC, I wa
  4. Nice one, Bill. I'd best start saving some pennies, so to speak... 😉
  5. I have two of these little beasties in my system (one sitting before the Consonance power board carrying the amp, pre-amp and digital sources; and one directly before the Halcro amp). They offer a fine passive power cleaning solution. The Firewalls have definitely helped to "step up" my assuredly mid-fi system into something sounding more than a tick or two better. GLWTS!
  6. Further information: For sale is an iFi iDefender+ (USB3.0) - a device for removing ground loop noise in a computer audio chain, and reducing system noise floor for better audio. It works best if powered by a 5V supply (rather than working passively). This one comes with the iFi 5V power supply. Both items are practically brand new, having been used in my system for only a couple of months. However, after some system changes, I've moved to an Uptone USB Regen with dedicated Roon server, so no longer need the iFi items. They are light so postage should only be about $10-12.
  7. Further information: For sale is a Creek Evolution integrated amplifier (these amps were released around the mid-2000s). This one - the mechanics/sonics: very good. Cosmetics: fair/average. I bought this integrated amp on eBay 2 years ago when I arrived in Melbourne from Sydney. As you can see in the photos, it has several "battle scars" to its casing (mainly on top) from its previous owner/s. At the time, for me, it fit the bill as it was only ever meant to shore up a gap in my 2nd system ("the family system") when we arrived. It was a stop-gap measure. However, so much d
  8. @jdog If you're running a PC/Windows system, do you have the NAD USB driver installed? (https://nadelectronics.com/software/#DACUSB) In terms of the M51 - lovely unit. I really enjoyed my time with one - smooth and engaging sound as befits the NAD brand. GLWTS.
  9. Sony CDP-101 (for repair) - if anyone fancies a project... https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Sony-CDP-101-CD-player-very-rare/114427223552?hash=item1aa464de00:g:IlAAAOSwiKpfbU3f
  10. Further information: For sale is an Ecosse coaxial/digital cable (0.5M), which I bought in 2017. I've been using this cable between my Musical Fidelity A5 CDP and DAC to great effect. However, a system reconfiguration means it is now too short, so I've switched to one of my 1M cables. Ecosse (from Scotland: http://www.ecossecables.co.uk/) make great cables. For example, I really love my Master Reference RCAs. The Director is one of their digital cable offerings (middle of the range), topped only by The Soundman (costing $600+ and import costs). New, The Director is around $
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