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  1. Bump. And price drop to $1125, pick up. Thanks for looking.
  2. Item: Rega Planar 2 (1985 model) + Rega Elys 2 MM cart Location: Sydney (2040) Price: 400 Item Condition: Good/Very Good Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, EFT, Paypal Extra Info: For sale is one of my original pieces of hi-fi, a 1985 Rega Planar 2 TT. The TT is in good condition - having had the motor replaced and mechanism re-lubricated (by Len Wallis Audio) 10 years ago. It has some cosmetic scuffs, the stuff of age and use. I've photographed the hinges on the lid as one of these is broken (I lift the lid off each time I use it anyway) - been meaning to pick up a new lid, but just haven't got around to it. It comes with the original glass platter. The Rega Elys 2 MM cart has about 150hrs on it (I have the original packaging for it). It is typically Rega - reliable and great sounding for its age and price point. Unlike most of my gear, I have no packaging for the TT, unfortunately, so it's local pick-up only. Any questions, just shout out & thanks for looking. Pictures:
  3. Good pick-up here. I can attest to the quality of Louis Motek's gear - I'm running a DFPC Signature cord into one of his Firewall 64X passive power filter modules, and the impact on noise floor, imaging and soundstage is delightful. Plus, he's a good bloke, who takes time to respond to emails/queries personally. GLWTS.

    FS: NAD M50 Digital music player

    Yes, very good transport / digital player. As you say, it pairs nicely with the M51 (my old set up) and with other DACs - I'm currently using mine with the PS Audio Stellar Gain DAC, and the result is very nice indeed. It offers a very easy ripping option, for that long-held project to put all those discs on a server, or some such. And the BluOS app for operation (as well as Roon/Tidal) work very nicely. Not sure about the I2S, I've found it to be HDMI only & doesn't play into I2S input due to different configurations (i.e. the PS Audio won't accept the M50 signal through this route). However, never discount user error here... No matter, it sounds terrific through S/PDIF (coaxial). GLWTS.
  5. Item: QED Performance - Digital Coaxial interconnect (1m RCA/SPDIF cable)) Location: Sydney Price: $80 + post $70 + post Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: Too many cables Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: For sale is the impressive QED Performance digital coaxial cable. I was using this between my MF A5 CDP and PS Audio DCA/pre. In excellent condition, it is a 1m QED cable about which What HiFi said (in 2012): "This is the first time in five years that we’ve decided to give Awards both to optical and coaxial digital leads. And, as in 2007, it’s QED that provides a winner in the shape of its excellent Performance cable. With a purple trunk, dark-chrome plugs and gold-plated connectors, it looks flamboyant – and that panache extends to its performance. It’s assertive, but good at conveying subtleties. The sound is clean and vibrant. There’s a good sense of energy too, with plenty of attack. This is an excellent all-rounder and a better performer than many pricier alternatives. You’d have to spend significantly more to get a noticeable improvement, and even then you’d struggle to find better value for money. Our verdict: Best Buy Awards 2012. Impressive cable – level of detail, subtlety and scale are superb. There's plenty of punch and attack, too." (https://www.whathifi.com/qed/performance-coaxial/review) Pictures:
  6. Item: Tara Labs RSC CD interconnects (RCA - locking plugs) Location: Sydney Price: $100 + post $90 + post Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: Too many cables Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, EFT Extra Info: For sale is a 1M pair of Tara Labs RSC CD interconnects (RCA, with locking plugs). The cables are in very good condition with some wear on the lettering of the plugs. No original packaging. Will pack securely for postage. Pictures:
  7. Thanks Brendon & no worries. All the best with the speaker search! Cheers Paul

    SOLD: Vincent Pho-8 phono stage

    PM incoming, with intent.

    FS: cables and dac

    PM sent with enquiry re: the PAD coax.
  10. Postage to Perth (with Australia Post) would be around $50-60. Cheers Paul
  11. Hi Brendon - many thanks for the message. Apologies for the slow reply = work. Happy to answer the questions as best I can. I'm not the original owner. I've had the MF for under a year. Unfortunately, I don't know much about its history, except that it's previous owner also wasn't the original. Therefore, I can't estimate the number of hours on the Nu-Vista tubes. All I can say is that I've put about 600 hours on it. It sounds terrific, but I realise that doesn't answer your question. I can get a quote for postage/courier. Any other questions, please let me know. Cheers Paul
  12. Item: Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista pre-amplifier Location: Sydney Price: Price drop to $1125 Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: Gone to PS Audio to combine analog + digital pre duties (reluctant to sell, but can't justify holding on to it) Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, EFT Extra Info: For sale is my example of the classic Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista pre-amplifier. It's a terrific performer, and I'll be sad to see it go. Much is known about the MF shift into nuvistors in the late-1990s and beyond, but for completeness... The pre-amp has 5 line-level inputs, and a phono board (MM). Plus, it's own power supply. One of only 500 made, I brought it in from the UK, this one carries the number 243. Sadly, this one has no remote, or original packaging. It has a couple of scratches on the body of the power supply (see picture). The pre-amp unit is in very good cosmetic condition. AQ input covers not included in the sale. About the MF Nu-Vista pre... What is the nuvistor..? "(It) was/is the missing link between valves and trannies, a 'sub-miniature triode' that's all-tube, only teensy-weensy. Like the up to the first joint of your little finger. And it is a tube, not a transistor, only one encased in metal. The 6CW4 nuvistor triode is roughly equivalent to a Lilliputian ECC88, the '88 being one of the most highly regarded pre-amp tubes in use today. Now, imagine if you could enjoy the bliss of an ECC88 without the size, the fragility, the heat - you know, all of the stuff which transistors offer while throwing away the sound." (Home Theatre Review: https://hometheaterreview.com/musical-fidelity-nu-vista-preamp-reviewed/) Of the sound, the same reviewer said: "At the risk of upsetting those who think nuvistors are crap (and a couple of my valve-lovin' heroes do think that nuvistors horrible), I have to say that I've never heard a more harmonious blending of warmth detail, silent running richness, seemingly unlimited dynamic capabilities total control. I reverted to favourite torture tests like Willy DeVIlle's 'Assassin Of Love', B.B. King's take of 'Don't Get Around Much Anymore', Jeff Beck's 'Ain't Superstitious' and Big Daddy's 'With A Little Help From My Friends' to hear if there really was more on offer. And sure enough, I was able to listen the performances and explore their sonic spaces as if using a 3-D computer sim with perfect 'virtual reality'. Think of one of those museum 'tours' on CD-ROM, or some state-of-the-art computer game. Only this is a sonic world not limited by a 19in screen. But the sound! Life-like vocals with all of those little clues: the sound of tongue touching teeth, breathiness, smooth 'S' sounds. Bass with just the right resonance, yet no overhang. Acoustic guitars with woody ambience. Brass with punch and sparkle. But most of all, a sense of effortlessness which allows music to flow, yet with enough control to keep it in check...as required. The Nu-Vista is, if you'll forgive this rather sordid analogy, both your slave and your dominatrix..." Pictures: