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  1. I currently use them with my Wilson Benesch loudspeakers on carpet. Fantastic product and makes re-positioning a breeze. Good improvement in tightening up the bass - however cannot compare to Iso acoustics. If it is a requirement to frequently move speakers around, this product is fantastic.
  2. Item: Auralic Aries Fenton Streamer + Linear PSU Price Range: Market Item Condition: Used Extra Info: PM me if you have one for sale in excellent used condition
  3. Further information: In near new condition - only used for two hours. Purchased for use with a PlayStation 5, but that has now been sold and this is no longer required. Bought from JB Hifi - RRP $299.95 Represents great value, can be picked up in Mascot or St James station. Photos:
  4. Bump - also interested in the SX model
  5. Sorry for the slight diversion in the thread. But has anyone tried to mod their Mutec MC3+ USB to accept an LPS DC power and switch out the stock SMPS?
  6. Item: Isoacoustics Orea Graphite or Bronze x 3 Price Range: Market Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Looking for 3 x Isoacoustics Orea Graphite. Also will grab bronze if available.
  7. Item: Audience AV Au24 SE or SX Jumper Cables Price Range: Market Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Looking for the matching Audience AV Au24 SE Jumper Cables to add to my system. PM if you have some for sale. Or interested in the SX model
  8. Price Drop - For next 24 hours only. Ad will be withdrawn thereafter. Thanks
  9. Further information: EOI, Audience Au24SE USB cable - 0.75m. Fantastic cable which really elevated system performance having upgraded from the Curious USB cable in my system. EOI at this stage as there is opportunity to upgrade in the Audience family, however if there are no bites at the asking price I will happily keep this cable in my system. Shipping is included at my asking price. Photos:
  10. Further information: Excellent value cable by Bill which competes with cables in higher $$. This version is a 1m Hybrid Pure Solid Copper & Solid Silver 110ohm Digital Cable with XLR termination. Very low hours on the cable. Opportunity came up to upgrade to a different AES cable, which meant i was able to create a full loom of the same brand/ type of cables at much more $$. Shipping is included in the price. Photos:
  11. Further information: This is an early version of the FoilFlex cables developed by Mike Lenehan of Lenehan Audio. These are outstanding speaker cables and are very highly regarded. The cables are a 2.5m pair with spades on both ends. These were bought from a local forum member here in Sydney through SNA. Prior to purchase I had contacted Mike to understand any potential differences between this cable and the current cable iteration - other than the different mesh sleeve (cosmetic/ styling) the latest iteration do incorporate a slightly different spade connector, which Mi
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