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  1. Lucky this didn’t come up few days ago or I would have a hard time deciding to either get a new vw polo gti or these dream speakers. GLWTS
  2. Thanks for the tip. It looks very fragile, I don’t want to risk it. Anyhow, it is better to be up front with any issue encountered.
  3. Yes, they sounds and performs like a much larger speakers. I think it will be one of the classic speakers for this period. Unfortunately, my boss demands me to reduce my speakers holding. Hopefully, the other speakers will sell first and I can keep the special 40.
  4. I am the second owner of them. Purchased from a retailer, don’t know much about them before that.
  5. Further information: Dynaudio Special 40 Speakers in Red Birch. Beautiful sounding and looking speakers. Amazing performance and build quality. In good used conditions, few scratches here and there. There is a small crease on one of the tweeter. I couldn’t hear any issue or change in character. Please inspect and audition prior to purchase, no time waster. Strict social distancing and limited contact observe. Photos:
  6. Further information: B&W 705 bookshelf speakers in Rosenut finish, brown. Last of the 700 series that were made in English. Beautifully build and quality speakers. Classic B&W Kevlar woofers and sound signature. Amazing sounding, award winning, very capable speakers. Punchy, dynamic yet clean. Great conditions and fully functional. Local pickup only. Photos:
  7. Great sub, plenty of rumbles and shakes. It’s heavy and a back breaker
  8. I have a pair of t9i and svs pb2000 in my system for that reason. For music only using the rel for speed and punch. For movie the svs comes on for the rumbles and shakes. The T7i would have similar punch and speed as the T9i
  9. I have traded a few times with Frank. Great and honest seller. Fairly priced, maybe someone can buy my 7012. GLWTS
  10. Many factor at play, there is a time window for you to switch over to NBN, once that time is up your services will be disconnected. Some providers claim that you will need to pay to get connected to the NBN after this period. Price: depends on how you negotiate with the providers. For us we ended up cheaper on NBN for a fasterish service. Was paying $90 on cable with 115/5. Now paying $89 for 100/40. Speed: for us able to maintain 97 off peak and 89 peak. There is a small drop in the number but not noticeable. The upload speed increase makes then response better. Upload speed also makes a difference in the experience. Overall, the connection is more stable and faster response. For now your cable connection will give you a much better dl speed with Speedtest etc. it is smoother and less peak time bandwidth fight as most people in your area have switched to NBN. There are less users and traffic in the Telstra’s equipments. Same road but you are on the Telstra bus with less people and less stops. Other are on the NBN bus with crowding and more stops. Hang on to the cable connection as long as you can but be sure to switch over before the cut off period. Negotiate a better deal with Telstra. You hear many horror stories with NBN switch over. My Optus cable to NBN went well, my father’s Telstra to NBN didn’t, maybe that is why we got a discounted plan at the end. Took longer and few hiccup along the way as he has a complex line. Nothing a little proactive prodding couldn’t fix. There are many many more where things are done right and has gone smoothly. Hopefully, NBN has got rid of the cowboy installers. Good luck.
  11. Great all in one player, was using it for Tidal and network streaming. Beautiful warm and detail sound. GLWTS.
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