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  1. @isdom the predator and s/3 are two different beasts. It all depends on what you are chasing. Also, I recommend you PM the seller to negotiate rather than doing it in the open forum. Cheers.
  2. Wouldn’t it be easier and faster if you PM the seller directly?
  3. @dr-wyas The 705 is one of my favourite speakers, thus I have 2 pairs. It used to be my main speaker for HT, I used them as my surrounds now. Alot of details and clarity especially with more information coming from the movie mix. Good all-rounder.
  4. I've been receiving many messages, I will answer them all, sorry for the delay in the reply.
  5. CORRECTION: The Morel should be Soundspot L1-1. Sorry for any inconvenience
  6. Item: Variety of Speakers Location: Brisbane Price: See Below Item Condition: See Below Reason for selling: Spring clean out of excess speakers and under the direct decree from the Dragon Queen aka my wife. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank transfer and COD Only Extra Info: Sold 1. Morel MT-1 Satellite Speakers x 5. Conditions: 6/10. Includes 5 speakers: 4 x floor stands, 1 x table stands. Can be wall or ceiling mounted. $200. Correction 1. Morel Soundspot LI-1 Satellite Speakers x 5. Conditions: 6/10. Includes 5 speakers: 4 x floor stands, 1 x table stands. Can be wall or ceiling mounted. $200. 2. Monitor Audio Silver 5i Floor stands in dark brown wood. Conditions: 6/10. Includes original boxes. $400. 3. Q Acoustic Concept 20 in White with matching stands. Conditions 10/10 Brand new in sealed box. $700. (stock and actual images) Sold 4. M8Audio Rocket 4.1. Conditions 8/10. Includes original box. Note: small gap/imperfection on one of the speaker as per the last photo, does not affect the sound. $700. Sold - Pending pickup 5. Bowers & Wilkins 705 bookshelves Rosenut (dark brown). Conditions 7/10 Includes original box $900. 6. Kef R300 bookshelves in Gloss Black. Conditions 10/10 Brand new in sealed box. $1900 (stock and actual images)
  7. Don't even start with impulsive. I used to own the Htm4s before changing to the diamond, at that time I was using it with 705 then later with the 805d2. It is a very smooth, clear and punchy center, I think from memory my AVR set the cross over to 80hz for all my fronts. My 805d2 were driven by the Rotel 1552Mkii and htm4s was by the arv. They It matched well with my 805d2, with a uniform front stage. Having similar drivers and i think the avr's dsp helps too. I think going from an aluminium to a diamond tweeter the speakers demand little more power. Although the sensitivity of the "s" and diamond are the same, the diamond shines more with more juice. With the D3, it is the other way, it is now less demanding on the amp.
  8. Hi @9diablo8, yes it is an addiction and you are always chasing for that little more. The Yamaha is nice, great for movie and has 11.2 ch processing with the A21 you have the full 7.1.2 setup. Hopefully, you can find some space to put a bigger center for the atmos setup. For me, I would upgrade my front stage first before doing the ceiling speakers. It will give you a nice balance stage for movies. I am waiting from my dealer for some ceiling b&w speakers, he said he got some coming in cheap but didn't tell what they are. Don't know what it is with me and Parasound. Came close to buying the JC1 in the past, then something unexpected happened and I have to draw out the funds. I missed out on a demo JC2 last year and the recent bad Jc1s. Maybe forth time the charm. Yes, my wife also not approve of my hobby, however, she keep me in check or I will have a mini hifi shop in my house and nothing left in my wallet.
  9. Hi Mate, sorry, not directed at you about the hype. I agree with you about introducing a D2 in to a D3 system or a D3 into a d2, they just have different characteristic in the mids. Saying that, I think with the right power amp to lift the mids in the D2, it will wake it up and make it leaner. I feel there are alot of hype in the hifi world, sometime numbers can be deceiving and how it is set up at one place can be very different at another location. I guess what I am trying to say is buy the things that give you the sound enjoyment and allows you to sink nto the movie or music that you are watching and/or listening. As someone on this forum mentioned "don't go chasing unicorn".
  10. @9diablo8 I used to have 5xM1, planned to used them as my ceiling atmos speakers. However, due to their awkward wall mount position and worry about my handy work to put them on the ceiling. I have decided for safety reason not to use them and have the much easier to mount Jbls. I have tried one as my center and the 803d2 over powered them, which is expected, leaving a big gap in the middle. I always wanted a parasound, I got a pair of secondhand JC1 few months ago, got a big grin on my face as your took them home in the boot of my car. That properly helps me not remember my back pain for caring those behemoth amps. Plugged it in, turned them one, one was flashing red, the other one gave a little spark. However, was working after a few seconds. They sounded great but not amazing. I was very disappointed. Powered everything off and pop open the bonnets. One has a budge in one of the four big capacitor and the other one looks fine. For safety I booked them in to Watson electrical in Summer Park to check them out. After a couple of week, they said the boards are gone and capacitors are not in a good shape. The sad news is that parts are not available from parasound and deemed the units are not repairable. I returned them to the seller and got my refund. Because of that I've also cancelled my order for the JC5, worry that parts could be a problem in the futures. Saying that the internals of the JC1 that I got was in a bad state, so I might revisit the JC5 or maybe the JC2+. JC2 - do you mean that for your pre or do you mean the JC1 Mono? My current setup are: Music: Marantz ND8006, Elektra Pre, Elektra Theatron 7ch HD amp, 803d2 + SVS PB2000 Movie: Marantz SR7012, Elektra Pre (HT bypass), Elektra Theatron 7ch HDamp, 803d2 + Htm2 diamond + SVSPB2000 + 705 + Jbl. @Tony BI agree with you, very similar in profile and the continuum mids would be the different, and spot on @9diablo8 saying that for movies it wont make a significant different other than you might not sit as comfortable with all the extra cash in your pocket. What I found with the D3 is the mids are lighter, feel not as lazy compares with the D2. It is a good and bad thing, for music great, the movement is faster but feels little warm and the B&W signature has changed. It is not as punchy but cleaner in sound. Kinda like someone has lost alot of weight in their voice, Similar to Pavarotti when he lost alot of weight. Still the same guy but the voice is different. @Sime V2I have listened to both the D2(home) and D3(hifi shop), my personal opinion is for movie, I prefer the depth and warm of the D2, the highs are still the same. It all comes down to personal preferences, plus for me having a d3 centre would mismatch my d2 fronts. So match it with what you have and what sound you like to hear. Btw I am jealous of your 805d3, it is a great speaker. I have compared it with my 805d2, it is very different for music, you can say like someone has taken the pillow out. At the end of the day, number and marketing is one thing, giving you a big grin and movies enjoyment is another. Don't buy into the marketing hype.
  11. Thank you @9diablo8 , I think people are moving away from HT and going into 2ch stereo. I too have been a HT fan for many years, still remember when I first brought the 805d2 from @slawrence436 I said to him, my usage was around 90% HT and 10% music, that was about 2 years ago. And thanks to Steve who started my addiction, now my usage has shifted to around 65% music and 35% HT. I have the same setup with 803D2 in piano black for fronts, was the HTM4 center, you are right, the diamond tweeter is amazing, really brings out the highs and gives another dimension to the vocal and highs. I have the 705 for surrounds and some Jbl for ceiling atmos and SVS sub to complete the system. I found that putting some foam at the base to face the HTM4d2 up little improves the imaging of the center stage. It is a very nice looking and sounding center speaker. You are correct the replacement for the very fragile diamond diaphragm is very expensive, thus handle with care and for someone who appreciate good speakers. I am looking for a more musical yet still giving me a good HT amp to drive my 803d2. What amp do you use to drive your 803d2?
  12. There is a 12v trigger in and also a 12v trigger out.
  13. Item: B&W Htm4 diamond rosenut (dark brown) center speaker. Location: Brisbane 4122 Price: $1750 (reduced) Item Condition: 9/10 box opened, test, back in box. Reason for selling: not being used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Extra Info: Brand new conditions with original box and accessories. Works well with 700 and 800 series Bowers and wilkins speakers. Very powerful yet clean sound from the diamond tweeter. Lifts center stage and gives clear dialogue. Actual box, stock images for the speaker, stand not included. One only Pictures:
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