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  1. Spot on about the amp's power, but then its time to upgrade the amp to beat the speakers. I have the older version of the Kef R3, R300, paired with the CA851A + Rel T9i in a 3.5x4M room, they goes very well together, clean, open and details. In the same setting with the Dynaudio Special 40, sounds darker, tighter and warmer yet not as accurate. Moving the speakers to a larger and opened room 4x5M with a Marantz Pm7004 , the Dynaudio is more balanced and relaxed, the Kef is still nice but lacking the punch and power. In a larger room 5 X 6M with a ML532H, the Dynaudio comes alive. Overall, I found the Kef goes better with the CA and Dynaudio demands a good control amp. Its all comes down to what you are chasing.
  2. Haven't use Roon myself, but if the Moon is a Roon endpoint, would you able to stream spotify via Roon to the Moon Roon endpoint?
  3. How about a Amazon Echo Dot 3 (cheap seen it for $10) -> RCA out ? Can double up as a bluetooth receiver, Bluetooth sender and bluetooth speaker(good enough for background music) and alexa assistant.
  4. Would the 7704 be an significant upgrade from the 7012 + Elektra Theatron HD? Also, are the photos of the actual product that you are selling?
  5. Further information: Mike Lenehan speaker cables 3m with Banana(amp) to spade (speaker) connectors. Very capable cables with clean, open , revealing and dynamic characters. Purchased new in May 2020 with minimal use. They are in very good conditions. Local pick up preferred, price includes postage with suitable packing material and box. Photos:
  6. What is your setup? Maybe use it for your Fronts and use the 4 avr’s amp for atmos.
  7. They are upgradable, however, highly recommended to check out the cost of the modules.
  8. Is the Rel wireless kit expensive? I might get one for the subs at the back of the room.
  9. From the psa forum(https://forum.psaudio.com/t/bhk-pre-and-power-on-the-way-rel-subwoofer-question/3662/18) “PS has actually just this week released involving replacing an existing chassis bolt with a new one that has a knurled head allowing true earth ground for the chassis and hence no hum when the unit goes to sleep.” upon further reading, the new bolt failed. Sorry to get your hopes up.
  10. Arggg, have you try a rca cable from the gain cell input to the bhk250 input? Also, put a rca cable from the marantz avr sub out to the lfe
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