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  1. Start Echo “Hello World” End
  2. There are many ways about it all depends on the level in etc. I have the 851a, for me I turn up the fix gain till I hear little hiss then I turn back a few dB. That is my baseline for the l and r channels. Using the avr calibration or levelling to match other channels to the same output. The other way is to set the avr to 0db then increase the fix gain to match other channels. I would play around with both methods and see which one gives you better results with the least noise.
  3. https://www.theaudioexperts.com.au/product/ps-audio-directstream-upgrade-kit/
  4. National am/fm Radio with cassette player. Build in single mono speaker with record function. Big metal handle on the top to help with moving it around.
  5. RibbonFlex comes up every now an then on classified for around $200. Maybe have a look at dueland cables. I also like Transparent cables, however, it depends on your taste and system. Worth trying a few and hear which jnr you like.
  6. Was at a bar in West End last year for Xmas party. Nice beers and good selection. I’ve noticed they have high quality Sonos speakers in the ceiling. As the crowd builds up, the music is very secondary. As you would guest it was mediocre in the first place. Maybe it’s a different type of crowd, it would be tricky to mix busy bar with audiophile music. I much prefer a live music in those settings.
  7. Welcome, talk to Mike Lenehan in Ashmore for interconnects. I am currently using the Foilflex and they are great, very open and full of details. And yes, they are better than those one from Jb and Jaycar.
  8. 7/10 is more for the age and cosmetic. Functional and operational 10/10. There are scratches/scuff marks on the top, I suspect the previous owner place another component on top of it. There a some scuff marks on the volume and selector knobs. So overall, 1 lost for age, 0.5 for no original box and 1.5 for cosmetic. It is more like 8/10 better to be conservative.
  9. Item: Roksan Caspian M2 Integrated amp Location: Brisbane 4122 Price: $old Item Condition: Very good 7/10 Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal(Family/friend), COD Only Extra Info: Silver with black front plate. Beautiful clean, detail and solid sound. Very capable amp, effortless and addictive. Plenty of inputs, quality build. Original remote, no original box, local pickup prefer. Made in England. Photos:
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