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  1. You guys are making me to have second thoughts. Considering keeping it in storage until I can afford a 4K projector.
  2. Was connected to the Epson tw9200, 1080p projector, playing a 1080p Blu-Ray , the picture is very sharp and detail. I would say the picture quality and details will be much better when pair with a proper 4K projector or tv.
  3. Item: Oppo 205 Location: Brisbane 4122 Price: $2830 including postage(NON original box) Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (family/friend), COD Only Extra Info: Reference player, stunning picture quality and accuracy, very capable dac for both movies and music. minimal usuage. Photos:
  4. Couldn’t find any documentation on it’s class. My guess is A/B.
  5. Item: Marantz MA500 monoblocks Location: Brisbane 4122 Price: $old (including postage) Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal(family/friend) Extra Info: Made in Japan, solid and capable amp. Specs as per manual: Rated Power 125W / 8 ohms,180W / 4 ohms THD <0.05% @ 8 ohms, <0.09% @ 4 ohms Input Sensitivity/Impedance 1.0Vrms / 30K ohms Frequency response 10 ~ 100K (-1dB 1 Watt) Signal to Noise Ratio >116dB Damping Factor (8 Ohms) 200 Power Requirement 240V / 120 V AC, Power Consumption (Full Power at 8 ohms) 230 Watts Weight 6.0 kg (each) Dimensions: 84 x 132 x 450mm Photos:
  6. Great sounding cable, plenty of details. Upul is a great guy to deal with. GLWTS.
  7. Hi @SirJack, there is a simple remote included with Vol +/ Vol - and Mute functions. I am the second owner of this unit and unable to confirm its age. Serviced and checked out by Arthur in Mar 2019 with a clean bill of health. Hi @Mike13, the pre and power amps are solid products and top quality. I am using the TheaterHD to drive my HT system, massive improvement from the Marantz SR7012 internal amps.
  8. Item: Elektra Preamp Location: Brisbane 4122 Price: $old including postage Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal(family/friend) COD Only Extra Info: Valve preamp in fully working conditions. Regulator capacitors upgraded(for more dynamic bass), serviced and checked out with a clean bill of health by Arthur in March 2019. One of the most significant upgrade in my overall music system. Warm, smooth, detail, open and musical preamp. Includes: Preamp unit, remote with Vol + / Vol- and Mute functions, standard power cable. Please note other interconnects and the acrolink power cable is not part of the sale. Photos:
  9. Hi @Primare Knob, I once thought the same, it only passing a digital signal and all the processing done by the DAC. However, in my system and my experience the transport/streamer affect the overall sound of the DAC. Tests: Node 2 -Coxial-> Chord Qutest - RCA> Elektra Pre - XLR -> Power amp -> Speaker = Tight sound, little close and muffled. Removed the Qutest and the sound is similar but even less open and detail. Same test replace the Node 2 with Marantz ND8006, results open, warm and detail sounds, remove the Qutest and the sound is similar to the ND8006 but not as clean. Test repeated with different DAC: Qustard x20Pro, PS Audio DirectStream Jnr; Different Streamers Auralic Aries mini, Marantz SR7012. Overall, my impression is that there is some sort of sound processing with the streamer then the digital signal is pass on to the DAC, it add or remove and pass it on to the pre and so on. With each switch of components, I can hear the sound signature of the streamer, adding in a good DAC improves it little and sounds more detail and open. Maybe it is the limitation of my system and ears. I am not experience enough to say either the DA converter or the analogue has the influence on the overall sound. I believe they are both important and agree that the analogue path can have more room for twerking, eg cables as mentioned above. Yes, that is what I meant to say, the Heos is part of the 7705 and will give OP a better impression of the 7705's sound for music. Agree with you 100%, it is the overall synergy of the each components to make the system match. Just because someone wears the best brand of each piece of clothes, doesn't mean it looks good overall. The Node 2, has a digital volume control, I say the Node2i would have the same system. Cheers.
  10. I agree on above advices about you need do the a/b/c test and see which sound you like. Also, your interconnects cable might affect the sound. A. Node 2i digital to 7705, the dac is the 7705 but you still get the sound characteristics of the node2i. B. Node 2i rca to 7705, the dac is the node2. Sound characteristics mainly for the node2i with a touch of 7705 as the pre. C. 7705 HEOS, this will use the 7705 dac and sound characteristics of the 7705.
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