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  1. Greetings All, Just saw the post today, not sure if OP have made the purchase. I am also a new player in the Stereo game, always been a HT person. I have used both Emotiva XPA 5 Gen3 and Elektra HD amps. I have a dual purpose room and my usage is about 40/60 for movies with a 7.2.4 setup. Here are my humble opinions on the amps. They are both very capable amps, I personally like the Elektra little more for the dynamic control, openness and a sense of power. The Emotiva is able to give you all the power you need, however in comparison it is little less dynamic and not as clear and clean. The Emotiva is cheaper though, maybe go with a second hand amp. I purchased the Emotiva new, however, was quoted about 2000 to upgrade to a 7 channels amp from a 5. That is when I picked up a used Elektra HD 5 for a similar price of the upgrade. Upgrading the Elektra is so much cheaper, however, like servicing it need to go back to Arthur in Melbourne. Mine is currently with Arthur to convert from a 5 to a 7 channels. Hint: worth contacting Arthur to find out the upgrade price before you purchase the 7 channels amp. While it is at Arthur, I've purchased another used 7 channels Elektra. Don't think the amp can be bridged, maybe Arthur can do his magic and convert of original HD5 into a Reference 3 to power my front 3 speakers. Another thing is to put into consideration is your speakers. The synergy of it and the amp and pre can make a huge different. Saying that the Emotiva and Elektra have similar profiles and will go well. I have tried my system with a Classe Sigma5 amp, Marantz NA11S1 dac and Elektra Pre, that combination really, open up the sound stage and woken up the lazy B&W Kevlar Mid drivers. Here is my journey so far. 1. Marantz 7012 + Rotel 1552Mk2 + B&W 805d2 + Htm4s + 705 = great for movie, nice powerful and clean sound, front stage accurate and dynamic. Surrounds okay, can turn up for volume but lacking in details. Music good, but sound stage tight, minimal instruments separation. 2.Marantz 7012 + Emotiva XPA 5 gen 3 + BW805d2 + Htm4s + 705= improvement from above: Movie: very dynamic, punchy, like going from Dolby Pro Logic to Dolby Digital, all channels are free and have its own sound, working together to delivery huge movie sound experience. However, the back surround and Atmos speakers are till somewhat lacking. At this time not much dolby atmos content and the back surround isn't as crucial. Music dynamic range expanded, sound stage opens up and becomes clearer, more air in between, stage separation improves. 3. Marantz 7012 + Emotiva XPA 5 + Elektra HD 5 + BW803d2 + Htm4s + 705 = Now, everything opens up, movies are coming to live with all channels firing, atmos speakers are still powered by the 7012 as they are tiny ceiling speakers. Music: cleaner, more air, more separation, begins to have more of a 3D effects. However, there are small sound miss matched with the different amps, and short on funds. So sold the Rotel, Emotiva and Htm4s. 4. Marantz 7012 + Elektra HD5 + 803d2 + Htm4d2 + Elktra Pre(HT bypass)+ 705. Movie same, centre channel improves slightly with better highs, better matching of 5 channels, surround back little lacking. Music: 3D sounds, sound stage opens up, instruments can be easily identify and located on the stage. But some how lacking in base in the 60Hz area. So send the Pre and Power amp to Arthur for a check up and upgrade to a 7 channels. 5. Marantz 7012 + Elektra HD7 + 803d2 + Htm2D2 + 705. Movie: much better matching in the front stage LCR are now very smooth, no need to +2 on the centre and the blending is now complete, big smile. All surrounds are matching. Music, without the elektra Pre and a new(used) elektra HD7, gave me back the missing bass however, the sound stage and details have lost for music. Hope to get my amp and pre back soon. Both amps will bring your movie and music to another level, also consider getting some good interconnects and speaker cables too. Get a used one, 1-2 years old unit will save you alot of money. If you are going for the Emotiva, then buy the number of channels you need as upgrading cost too much. If you are going for the Elektra then contact Arthur for the upgrade cost and by the best valued number of channels amp. Sorry, that might sound little cryptic but I don't want to step on anyone's toes. It can take some time though to get the amp back from Arthur, depending on how busy he is. For a 50/50 use I would go with a good AVR with 13 channels preout, a Pre with HT bypass for music and Elektra (if budget permits), good interconnects and 7 matching speakers and 2 subs. Source -> DAC -> Pre -> Amp - > speakers = Music Movie source - >AVR -> HT bypass for LR -> Amp -> Speaker. For other speakers AVR = Amp directly. Have fun.
  2. sillygogo1

    SOLD: FS: Oppo UDP-205

    There are always people out there who want to make a quick buck at other's expense. Thumbs up for OP to have the integrity of not going down that path.
  3. Any takers? All REASONABLE offer consider.
  4. sillygogo1

    SOLD: FS: SVS SB12 Plus Subwoofer

    Looks like it is a common theme with the missus. Mine said the same for any box.
  5. Was listening to Damon's system last week. Very clean and clear sound stage and presentation. Great person to deal with. Buy with confidence. GLWTS.
  6. sillygogo1

    Focal Kanta No2: EOI

    Is the 14.5k the eoi price or the Rrp?
  7. Final price reduction to $old
  8. Price reduced to $2100. Rosenut is back in the box, all packed up ready to go.
  9. Buyer withdrawn.. Rosenut is back on the menu.
  10. Sold, pending payment.
  11. Thank you. With the way I am going, she will find out sooner or later, the bank journals just don't add up.