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  1. There was a home deck released with Hi-MD. It was the Onkyo MD-133. A Midi sized deck but packing the goodness of the Hi-MD format. A Hi End ES Deck with this feature would have been great. I still use the format and have a pile of components from a JA30ES and 2x JA20ES units to an MZ-E99 Player and a lot in between. It was an awesome format in its time with unbeatable editing features.
  2. The XPL series from JBL are the underdogs of the JBL line. They came out as a somewhat more refined version of JBLs "L" series. That refinement extended to the use of a Titanium midrange in the series that lifted these speakers from the norm. I havent heard the XPL140s but have had an extended use of the Flagship XPL200. A very fine speaker with a sound signature that trickles down through the range. Greg Timbers had a hand in these so be assured that you have got some great engineering in them boxes. In the end all that matters is what sounds good to your ears...and it sounds like you enjoy what the JBLs bring for you.
  3. I wouldnt touch the SWT110 as they were part of Akai's PRO S11 entry "Pro Lab" system of the early 80s. I used to own that system way back when. Very Cheap and Nasty. Definitely recommend aiming a bit higher.
  4. Greetings again....Still loving my Hifi and Home Theatre. Still running a lot of older gear but Loving my new 65" OLED(My god the image on 4K UHD Discs are sublime), 2nd hand Project 2-Xperience Acrylic Turntable(Hittin Vinyl again but man isnt new Vinyl expensive) running off a Perreaux VP3 Phono Pre. Hoping to get this community back into the swing of things again.
  5. ...Also the ability to take it with you when you have lots of mobile data....or you can save to your device so you don't need data. I have used my Spotify in heaps of random places/parties/get togethers....even at Caesars palace in Vegas...blasting some Kiwi Music in the hotel room lol.
  6. I'm an avid user of Spotify premium. I have tried Tidal and Apple Music. Both were pretty good and had certain music unavailable on Spotify. As I have a myriad of playlists on Spotify and couldn't be bothered recreating them on Tidal/Apple...I stuck with Spotify. I also like the simple GUI and also the ability to stream via Chromecast audio which I have set up on a couple of audio systems around the house. I don't use it for "serious" listening as it doesn't compare in any way to CD etc. Spotifys music selection is pretty good and covers most of my bases. I use it for background music for family occaisons or when I'm simply have a few cold ones. At $12.99 or so its great value. I even have the missus using it with her own playlists. I also use Pandora as well which I quite like as it learns quite quickly what sort of music you like. Sounds good too....maybe a notch above Spotify sometimes?. So yeah...Spotify for my playlists and Pandora for some random goodness.
  7. Jeez an SM6 as well. Ill see how that one goes. The supposed Mint/never needed a service M16 had LED issues...was relisted...and then removed?
  8. Thanks for the reply...i see there is an M16 with phono stage up on Trademe. Ill keep an eye on it to see what it goes for.
  9. The Missus has given me permission to purchase a pre amp to go with my existing Perreaux 350P Power amp in the 2-2.5K ish bracket. Im currently using an 80s Onkyo Integra P308 which is surprisingly good(heaps of inputs,warm sound) but lacking in a few areas(Slightly harsh treble,Muddyish Bass). The obvious choice is of course probably the Perreaux SM6 MkII,which i have been keeping an eye out for. The other options i have been looking at are some older Pre Amps from the Plinius camp. In particular the M8 and the older M16. I use a lot of old gear like Cassette and Minidisc etc so an abundance of inputs is a must,this is where the M8 loses out slightly. Balanced in/out would be great as an option and they all have it. I know a lot of you guys here are very familiar with the above Perreaux/Plinius Pre Amps as stand alone devices. Any idea on how they would compare to each other when running into a 350P? Any advice will be appreciated. Cheers.
  10. You will be surprised what you can find Plasma wise. I brought a new in sealed box 65" ST60 panny about a month ago from Farmers. They might still have floor models(which is what attracted me there) that you might be able to bargain them down to a decent price. DSE had floor models eg 65" VT50 for just over $800. What im saying is that there is probably a very slim chance of finding one...but im sure if you look hard enough..you will probably find one. Im not convinced on the 4K buzz at the moment even though you can get"4K" via places like Netflix. I think 4K Blu-ray will be what makes 4K TVs really shine. I quite like the current OS that LG Uses on their TVs but picture wise they tend to fall short of the Pannys and Samsungs. I would probably go a good quality 1080P TV and in a year or two...spend the real dosh on a 65" 4K OLED TV.
  11. I listened to a Friends Supratek Cortese Valve Pre hooked up to 2x "mono" Plinius SA250s/Image Paragon 2 this weekend gone and they sounded absolutely fantastic on vinyl,SACD and pretty much anything you threw at it.
  12. My Dream JBLs and some Beautiful TADs. http://www.trademe.co.nz/electronics-photography/home-audio/speakers-and-stands/floor-speakers/auction-739422964.htm http://www.trademe.co.nz/electronics-photography/home-audio/speakers-and-stands/floor-speakers/auction-739420053.htm Nice gear too but a "Coffee Table" to sit your components on after spending all that money? Room looks a mite too small for the Everests?
  13. I have been using Older Shure SRH840s for the past couple of years and they are great in my opinion. Very detailed with great Vocals. At first i thought they were bass shy but through a decent headphone amp/output the bass is superb and there when required. They are very comfortable,well built and i even use it on my IPOD when walking home from work now and again....keeps the ears warm during winter. They can be found for around the $300 mark.
  14. All sources are connected directly or via a Receiver? But seeing as the new TV is fine...cables must be fine. What model is it? Been looking online looks like some Sammy Plasmas had PSU issues. Perhaps some other Audioenzer has some idea?
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