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  1. There was a home deck released with Hi-MD. It was the Onkyo MD-133. A Midi sized deck but packing the goodness of the Hi-MD format. A Hi End ES Deck with this feature would have been great. I still use the format and have a pile of components from a JA30ES and 2x JA20ES units to an MZ-E99 Player and a lot in between. It was an awesome format in its time with unbeatable editing features.
  2. The XPL series from JBL are the underdogs of the JBL line. They came out as a somewhat more refined version of JBLs "L" series. That refinement extended to the use of a Titanium midrange in the series that lifted these speakers from the norm. I havent heard the XPL140s but have had an extended use of the Flagship XPL200. A very fine speaker with a sound signature that trickles down through the range. Greg Timbers had a hand in these so be assured that you have got some great engineering in them boxes. In the end all that matters is what sounds good to your ears...and it sounds like you enjoy what the JBLs bring for you.
  3. I wouldnt touch the SWT110 as they were part of Akai's PRO S11 entry "Pro Lab" system of the early 80s. I used to own that system way back when. Very Cheap and Nasty. Definitely recommend aiming a bit higher.
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