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  1. Hi all Im sure many would agree there is quite a division between the HDR standards. Wondering Ng people’s thoughts on which one will come out on top and b) for those who have 4k (still using an older led) setups whether the Dolby or hdr10 standards are are important. Looking at uograding in the next few months so deciding which way to go as very limited on those that are compatible with both love to hear your thoughts and opinions
  2. Happy to post at buyers expense would you like me to find out a quote?
  3. Item: Rotel rb 985 power amplifier Location:Sydney Price: 350 - includes donation to stereonet Item Condition:secondhand Reason for selling: no longer require Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: 6x100w amp. Purchased but used for like 4 weeks as we moved into an apartment and is bit of overkill for the space. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  4. Hey mate where in north Sydney ? I’m in lane five so could organise to check they work for you. Then you could organise courier
  5. Just found this post focal fan right here, dad had jm labs growing up. My gear quite entry entry level compared to some here( 826v, cc800v, sw800v and dome) more hen enough for an apartment, try not to annoy the neighbours too much. Aim to improve the 2 channel performance - via spectate amp as current avr is good(definitely happy) i know it could sound better
  6. Hi brains trust Been thinking of adding a seperate power amp to my system. looking at a 5 channel amp for home theatre but wondering what happens when only using 2 channels? I would assume that the power per channel would increase when only driving 2 instead of the rated amount at 5? TIA
  7. Hahaha well now you can hahaha - the nostalgia of playing this once more when I checked to see if it stills works was crazy
  8. Item: matel Intellivision game console Location:Sydney Price: 220 Item Condition:used Reason for selling: found this clearing out the Garage Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: One of the first home gaming consoles. Gomes with everything you need to play, includes one games draughts. Have 11 games all up which selling individually happy to package all together Pictures:
  9. Hi all Quick questions regarding people opinions on sound and usability of sonos vs bose ? wanting to connect existing main room 2 channel with speakers in other parts of the house. Any feedback good or bad on what people have found would be appreciated
  10. Thanks irek. Streamer is a x minix media box connected via hdmi to Yamaha amp. Cables are Tara labs can’t remember the exact range. so your opinion would be to go for for the interstates amp with ht bypass? Would a seperate 5 channel power amp for all channels be better or still be holding it back with the preamp of the avr?
  11. Combination of Spotify and CD. So best to go a seperate integrate stereo amp? What about a 2 or 3 channel power amp ? Havent thought about budget yet just researching options
  12. Hi all, After peoples opinion on where i should look at upgrading next. Currently have focal 826v and yamaha a830, happy with current sound but desire for more better has got me wondering how where i can look at upgrading. Currently 50/50 music and movies but it terms of improvement wanting to improve music sound. Should I look at a seperate integrated amp to to run the 2 or even 3 channel to keep fronts the same or pre amp with better DACs? thanks in advanced
  13. Hi all I know I’m about to most likely open a massive cna of worms here, but does cable make a huge difference? Currently have a prism by Tara labs cable from another set of speakers I owned the copper has started to oxidised a bit. So thought I’d put it out to the brainstrust here for opinion on whether to replace or even just using a set of banana plugs thanks
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