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  1. Item: Aune X1S 10th Anniversary Edition DAC/AMP Location: Sydney NSW 2093 (near Manly beach) Price: $175 + $15 shipping Item Condition: Excellent used condition Reason for selling: No longer needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: The item is in excellent condition, fully functional, has several inputs and outputs, (see photos) DAC filters, can be used a stand alone DAC or stand-alone Amp, supports DSD and many sample rates. Comes with USB cable and power supply with US plug, I'll include an adapter so its ready to go in Australia. Any questions please send a message. Pictures:
  2. SOLD thanks everyone. $5 donation will be made to Stereo.net
  3. A few people have showed interest in this, its going to the first person that pays and can be shipped tomorrow. Shoot me messages now, first in best dressed.
  4. Sure, you can take it. Please send me a message.
  5. Item: Objective O2 headphone amp Location: Sydney NSW 2093 (Near Manly Beach) Price: $55 + $10 postage Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: No longer needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Objective O2 headphones amplifier, fully functional. Comes with brand new rechargeable batteries, overseas power supply and adapter to use in Australia. Amp sounds dead neutral/clean, refined and well detailed. Plenty of power for full-size headphones IEMs are fine on low gain. Pictures:
  6. Found an actual video remaining someone else uploaded.
  7. About 5-years there was a guy on youtube who sold power cables and enhancement stones for huge amounts of money. The company name was Coconut-Audio (maybe some people remember). He had many youtube vids promoting his products, these were 50% serious / 50% for lols I imagine and quite a good laugh. He had a website and actually sold these products, I think in the end he copped so much flack he removed all his youtube channel and shut down the website but these were the most bizarre /expensive power cables and audio products I've ever seen
  8. I stick with FLAC 16/44 but do agree ripping to WAV shows some improvement.
  9. Michel Jonasz. Anybody else listen to his music?
  10. Topping D30 is the one I hear most about - from here I'd be watching youtube reviews on both DACs.
  11. Hi Luke from Melbourne. I'm Luke from Sydney.
  12. Item: RHA T20 Location: Sydney NSW 2093 (Near Manly Beach) Price: $175 ONO Item Condition: Like new condition Reason for selling: No longer needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I listed these recently but withdraw the sale, now they're ready to be listed. These earphones sound really good, natural, fast, good at revealing micro detail, the only reason I'm not keeping them is because my focus is more on desktop gear atm. They're in like new condition with carrying case and all accessories. They come with filters so you can adjust the sound signature and are built like tanks, literally, from injection moulded steel. Originally retailed for $400. I'm willing to move (slightly) on the price so make me an offer Pickup is fine, postage is free and a donation will be made to Stereo.net. Pictures:
  13. No longer using this player, still own the Tralucent IEMs.
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