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  1. Item: Item: Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista Silver Interconnects Location: Perth Price: $450 Item Condition: Mint Reason for selling: Not required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: As new and possibly never actually used Nu-Vista Interconnects. Given to me by my father who doesn't think he ever used them. Way beyond what my modest setup requires so selling as to help pay for my latest purchase. Includes original MF case and still has plastic on the filters. Will consider free express shipping if the right price. Thanks for looking and happy to answer any questions Pictures:
  2. Item: Musical Fidelity X-150 Location: Perth Price: $700ono Item Condition: Good Condition Reason for selling: Upgraded Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Excellent working order and a beautiful sound from this half sized unit from the X V3 series by Musical Fidelity. Includes original remote control Manual and specs can be found here - http://www.musicalfidelity.com/uploads/manuals/English/x150_eng.pdf Selling as in my quest to find a matching V3 CD player I have ended up getting a X-T100 Amplifier and V8 CD instead. Selling to fund further purchases! At this stage would prefer local pickup as I do not have time to pack at post at the moment and I do not have the original packaging. Open to offers and thanks for looking. If you have any questions please just ask Pictures:
  3. I have located a 2nd hand Rel Strata 5 that might be exactly what I am after
  4. A bit too gutsy for what I need and I now have a Musical Fidelity X-150 as my main amp.
  5. Owch $50 wont help much with the upgrades!! It goes beyond beast as it physically melted some Energy connoisseur series floor standers when the volumes were raised to beer drinking levels! Thanks for the input mate.
  6. I have a NAD 208THX power amp and Arcam Alpha 9 preamp that I want to sell to fund further upgrades but I cannot find much information on the WWW to give me an idea of their value. I have tried HiFi Shark and the NAD ranges from $250US to $2000 odd from India so do I shoot for the middle? The Alpha 9 preamp seems to be non existent anywhere on the planet so I am lost for how to price it. I do not want to rip someone off not do I want to be ripped off so I am looking for fair valuations. Both are in full working order and I have the manual for the NAD and remote for the Arcam. The Arcam also has the optional phono stage fitted. I am unsure of the original purchase prices as these are hand me downs from my Dad. Any help would be appreciated as all proceeds will be used to feed my newly found Hi-Fi addiction! Thanks JP
  7. Thanks for the link Snoopy I will have a read tonight. I was worried that the sound would be "lost" with the high ceilings but glad to see it may not be an issue.
  8. Thanks mate will look into Rel and I am sure my Dad also recommended them.
  9. Thanks Andy 400 would be a good size so will look into it.
  10. So far I have ben mainly listening to Bossa Nova which is quite basic and probably not the best for showing the issues with bass. I will defiantly look into the software as I am fairly tech savvy and although I believe the room size should be good for sound I am not sure if the high ceilings(3.4M) will cause some issues. We are currently renovating the room for the Hi-Fi so I have a bit of time to do some more research and I appreciate your input. I like the idea of a smaller sub as I am trying to make the system as small as possible. Thanks again for your help
  11. Thanks Soundnut. My 2yo son now also loves Bossa and has added "Bossa Noba" to his vocabulary making him a third generation Bossa Nova fan. I have been fortunate to also skip run in times by purchasing second hand equipment but am keen to get the best sound possible from what I have. We a currently renovating the lounge room so I will have to wait until it is finished to be able to perfect positioning as my setup is currently in another room. Thanks for your advise and I plan on enjoying my music for many years to come.
  12. Thanks Interface I am glad you enjoyed the read.
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