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  1. There you go. Lots of feedback. Love it. Keep it coming. Thanks 1224. Unfortunately, my budget is 3k, so many of the amps suggested are way out of my price range. Hear what people are saying though. To use the car analogy, l would rather own a Porsche 911, than the Toyota Camry I'm currently driving. The dealer in Perth has a huge range of high end equipment. Musical Fidelity, Vincent and the Luna Primo you mentioned. The 1st 2 are in my price range. Not sure about the LPs, though l believe they are a valve amp. Will have a listen. Don't know their cost, will look it up. Have not heard a valve amp for 30 years. Cheers.
  2. Thanks AM. Sky's the limit hey. All adjusted by budget constraints. The possibilities are endless. How long is a piece of string? Some one said "fold it in half and then double the measurement". Still laugh at that one. Don't know your amp. Betting very expensive.
  3. Thanks lrek. That's my problem, unless l take my speakers for a 5 hour round trip, and then it has to match my source material also. So it all becomes a bit too hard. That's why l had to buy these speakers blind from Melbourne, because they are no longer obtainable in WA. Plus I don't know anybody close by that has a pair. The reviews that l have read indicate that they are similar to Arcam amps, but better in every regard. But will audition them with something similar sounding to the PMC twenty.23. If dealer knows that sound. Reviews also say that these amps are quite neutral an forgiving, and will match most new speakers out there . Some people say that amps are not crucial in the wider scheme of things? I for one can pick differences, but they are subtle.
  4. Thanks Rob, good comment. Slowly coming to that conclusion also. Fortunately, these speakers are 8 ohm, and reviews say that they are easily driven. I guess I'll find out. But l suspect that before the years out, l will have upgraded to a bigger amp. As evidenced by what a lot of people are saying. Maybe, just maybe, l should sell this amp with my Whatmoughs. A good startup up for somebody starting out. Has real good synergy. Maybe chuck in the new rack to go with it, ha ha. Out of curiosity, I'm assuming you snuck on this thread, because someone enquired about amps. West Coast HiFi have your amp. I should check it out. Good price. Just thought of it...could fit the amp on top of the rack, then wall mount a shelf above it for me tt. Problem solved.
  5. Thanks Aidio_file. That's what I'm after, constructive opinion. What amp are you currently running. I concur with Aussie Mick. It's quality not quantity. I'm yet to find out if my current amp is quality enough. Would still like to hear from anyone that has the Musical Fidelity M5si. For some reason, it's struck accord with me for some reason. This amp at 150w would certainly do the job, and cover all future upgrades. Must be others out there that like Musical Fidelity. Reviews seem to suggest it's one of the better quality integrated amps out there. Call it intuitive or stupidity why I'm set on this amp. I don't know. That's why I'm asking for opinions.
  6. Hey Hazzy, Didnt l say convince me. Why should I buy this amp? Give me some insight and evidence why that should be the case. Incidentally, I've just purchased this rack. As I said this amp is huge...size of a small car [emoji3]. Read some good reviews on it though.
  7. HI Aussie, That's the conundrum isn't it. What determines good watts/bad watts, or how many you need. I guess the proof is in the listening and comparing different amps with these PMC speakers. I'm not in the position to be able to do that. However, I believe my Arcam Delta 90.2 is a reasonable amp, certainly not budget. So that will be my first impression/test. Probably when the speakers are run in. I will take my amp to Perth and do some comparisons. Maybe/hopefully, a dealer might let me take an amp home and run my system. But then what amp...difficult. I guess find an amp I like the sound of, and go from there. Heck I might like the sound of my own amp. But then I'll be left wondering of what's better out there.
  8. Hi members, Just after some clarity here. As I previously alluded to. I have ordered a pair of PMC twenty.23 speakers. There appears to be a common theme that PMC speakers sound better with higher watt amps, i.e. 100w+. So my question is: in a 14'×12' room', wouldn't 70w be ample? Doesn't more watts mainly equate to loudness? I appreciate a 3k integrated amp would sound better than a 15 hundred $ amp (to which l am currently using). Secondly, have amps over the years progressed as much as speakers? My amp is 20+ years old and still running strong. People like their tubes, and l like class AB. Now the classes are like an alphabet soup, D,G etc. Also, are not a lot of today's amps set up for HT, and also digital. Me, I'm old school, purely 2 channel analogue listening (vinyl and CDs). So, yup, just a good old analogue amp. Contrary to all of this l am already researching other amp options,and I havn't even got the speakers yet (still trying to sell my other speakers). But l will hear them with my Arcam, before I once again go over to the dark side, and spend more of my retirement money lol. The consensus is, on this thread anyway, that these speakers perform better with a bit more juice. I have yet to be fully convinced of that. Convince me. But having saying that, I'm now going to make an hipercrite of myself. Or at least preparing myself for the inevitable. The seed is firmly entrenced now, that, l do indeed need a new amp (damn you dark side). So started looking. I know a lot of my colleagues in this great club have some great amps, tubes, separates and mono's, costing over 5k+. However, my budget will only stretch to 3k. I know a lot of people will advocate 2nd hand. Nope can't do it OCD kicks my arse every time. So as to be new. So with that in mind, and for my budget, I'm purely looking at integrated. But I was looking at the Vincent SV237mk, because it was in the price range. Unfortunately, the things a bloody monster and won't fit in my rack. I was also looking at the Arcam A39, but some reviews are fairly luke warm and not sure about G Class. The amp that really impresses me, review wise, is the Musical Fidelity M5si. A bit more than l wanted to pay, but maybe l can knock the dealer down to 3k. The problem is that the dealer is hours away and they don't sell PMCs. So I can't audition them. (Damn the vagaries of living in regional WA). Well that's it homework done. What do my esteemed PMC buddies think? Can't wait to hear all the valuable and intelligent and forthright replies. So that's why I'm throwing it open to all the people that are a lot more knowledgeable on the subject than me. Do it once, do it right l say. So I can get on with, what is the essence, listening to the music. Hoping that someone out there as the 20 23s and the MF 5si. What are the chances? Sorry about the length, just laying back listening to Marrillion. Is that the time. Time for a bourbon. Cheers.
  9. Thanks everyone for your valid options. Validates my decision. Before I snapped up the PMCs, I was looking at the MA Silver 300s, B&W 603 and KEF Q750. I guess the consensus is that the PMC twenty.23 would blow them all out the water. So for the same money it appears that l have done a good deal. Just hope the amps up to it. The dealer said it should do the job. Will keep everyone informed. Will ask plenty of questions of members who are far more informed then me. Again thanks. Great thread.
  10. Hi Aidio_file, nice to chat. That message was consistent throughout the thread. I will try them in the same spot as the Whatmoughs. Three from the back wall (maybe 2' ) and 2 foot on the left speaker and 18 inches for the right. Will toe them in slightly. Obviously I'll play around. Problem is l have a CD cabinet on the right wall, and and my tv setup on the left. And a coffee table in the middle of the room. Can't do anything about that unfortunately. But if these speakers are a 15-20% improvement, I'll be very a very happy chappy. Not totally unhappy with the sound at present. Just that I've heard them sound better. Both nervous and excited about these speakers. Never thought l would spend so much for speakers l have not heard. These will be the most expensive speakers l have owned. I remember when l settled on the Whatmoughs. It was 12 months of doing the rounds and listening. Still, Have a good feeling about this. Don't think I'll be disappointed. Was hoping a member could give me some feedback between the two sets of speakers. Got someone coming round tomorrow to listen to the Whatmoughs. Might get the PMCs sooner than l thought. [emoji16]
  11. Hi BLAKEY My amp is an oldie but a goodie. It's an Arcam Delta 90.2 @ 70wpc. I purchased it in 1990, used it for 5 years, and then l put it storage for 22 years, because the house I was living in didn't have the room. I moved into a new house 18 myths ago, and haven't looked back. You could say I've found my love of music once again. The only down side that my listening room is 14' x 12' and my existing speakers sounded, for want of a better word...muzzled. They need lots of room, both back, front and sides. What I have read on this thread , is that the PMCs are quite forgiving in this regard. Hoping so as l have purchased these speakers without hearing them. I'm in WA and the speakers are in Melbourne. So have taken a punt on them, having heard not a single bad review on them. I am hoping they have a simular engaging sound as the speakers I am currently using, but with an improvement in all areas. You might have some idea BLAKEY. The speakers in question are Whatmough Monitors 201. I have recently rekindled my love of Prog, When I came across Marillion, who funnily enough l had never heard of till last year. Since then I've latched onto Porcupine Tree, Pineapple Thief, Steven Wilson and Fish. Look forward to conversing with yourself and other PMC users and keeping everyone updated on these speakers progress, When I do get them (when I've sold the Whatmoughs).
  12. Hi Everyone, Have been a huge fan of this site for awhile now. And because of what's been written here, I've pulled the trigger on a pair of PMC twenty.23 speakers. Just waiting to sell my main speakers, and I'll get them delivered. So l guess l am now a member of this exclusive club.
  13. Item: Whatmough Monitors Model 201 Location: Bunbury WA Price: $900 ONO Item Condition: Mint. Have been in storage for 22 years. No room in previous house. Have been using them for the last 18 months and they sound and work brilliant. They have low coloration and high transparency. The bass has power and depth with incredible detail and definition. These speakers overall sound is natural and non-fatiguing. Have only done around 900 hours. Specs: impedance 4-8 ohm Amp Requirements 25 to 100 wpc. (I run these though an Arcam @ 70w that as more than enough power. The volume knob rairly travels above 8 o'clock and that's pretty loud). Efficiency is at 88db They are on premium tri stands (filled with lead shot for decoupling). Reason for selling: Don't want to sell them, however the room is too small to do them justice. So downsizing to smaller monitors. Payment Method: Cash pickup, has I don't have the original boxes.
  14. I bought my rig from Clifford at Audio Synergy in Perth. An absolute fantastic gentleman. And the best audiophile tech I have ever come across. Believe he works from home these days. His knowledge is 2nd to non. He was agreat advocate in Whatmough speakers. Never met Colin the man. But have only heard great things about him. And I have a set of his speakers. Which after 20 odd years still sound fantastic.
  15. Hi mud64 I too have have just joined the forum. To my supprise I to have a pair of Whamoughs. 201 monitors that I purchased in 1990. They have been in storage since 1995 along with my Arcam Delta 90, Dennon DCD 1015. I recently purchased a Rega 1 turntable, hooked it all up and bingo, instant Karma. Only problem it didn't sound as good as my cd player. So 1 Ortofon Blue, a white belt and a Achromat mat later, I'm sorta happy with the sound. Wish I'd have purchased the Planar 3...bugger. According to popular opinion I've gone as far as I can go with the Planar 1. Well that's my spiel. Hello to all the other newbies out there. And welcome the bottomless pit called audiophilier.
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