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  1. Really enjoyed the cd. Was a lot better than what l thought it would be. I think he is one of those artists whose live stuff is better than his studio albums. Even on cd, this as great sq.
  2. Hi fellow Progsters. These arrived yesterday. Steven Wilson - Grace For Drowning and The Raven That Refused To Sing. Is this guy not a genius! Roger Waters - In the Flesh. Not a huge RW fan, but l do love his, The Wall Live records. Amazon Aus had this going out for 6 bucks...my best bargain pickup. Has 24 of his best songs on there. So mission acomplished for me, to not having to buy any other of his albums.
  3. Thurston Moore has just bought out a new album called By The Fire. It's a pearler.
  4. Ah, April; you kindred soul you. Pet hate of mine, is that they stick them on the outer plastic rap. To me, they are an intricate part of the album. If I'm lucky, l can salvage and transfer around 40% of them. Just stick the bloody things on the album sleeve. Grr.😡 But I'm betting some people wouldn't like that. You and me April might be in the minority here. Did l mention I'm OCD 😞
  5. Had one listen on Spotify Prog, but didn't grab me first listen like all of their other albums. Weird, 'cos l bloody love this band. But l will persivere. Probably had a bad day.
  6. Totally Unwound is a gem Wen. As is 3000 Days. Got all their albums now, with the exception of their newbie. Thinking l might get the vinyl version. Though all their CDs are exceptional sq (and a lot cheaper). When l play them, mates go "who's that". Slowly converting them all onto the prog train. Most of them have not even heard the term Prog, but they are a lot younger than me. Me! The educationalist. Lol.
  7. Hi Folks. Have not been on this site for a few months. I actually thought that the site had petered out due to lack of interest. I thought for nostalgia sake, l would check out some old posts amd see if l could find any new prog inspiration. And low and behold, l saw it was very much still active. I wondered why l hadn't received any posts, and l found that l had inadvertently unfollowed myself. What a prat. Not sure how l did that! Anyway, now back onto one of my favorite sites. So what's been happening you may ask yourselfs? Still buying the odd cd/record. But l got a bit frustrated with the snail pace mail delivery. At least it has gone from 8 weeks to around 5. But l suspect that it will go to several weeks +, due to another Covid wave going through the UK/Europe. Still got several coming. But l mainly go to Amazon Aus. They have been really good. Anyway this is the few l have accumulated the last several weeks: Airbag-A Day At The Beach. In my humble opinion, this is the best prog album of 2020. Simply stupendous. My go to cd that never leaves my cd player. I alternate it with this cd: Anathema-A Sort of Homecoming, a live concert in Liverpool. The dvd included is superlative to watch. This is my favourite prog band at the moment. Pretty much have all their albums now. All in cd with the exception of a best of record (2) but more on that later. For mine, this is the perfect band. They are all talented multi-instrumentalists, and their vocal and harmonizing, quite frankly, still gives me goose bumps; no matter how many times l listen. Just heard that they are going into a permanent hiatus. Doesn't sound like they are coming back. That being the case, l will scrutinize their back catologue. Buy what ever LPs are available. Anyway, I'm back and l will be posting heaps. Prog is my favorite genre now, pretty much all l listen to.
  8. Fark indeed mate. That sucks big time. . That would put me in bed for a week. Thinking your red wine colection is taking a hammering tonight.
  9. I'm Special. I was OCD way before before vinyl. I used to replace all my cd jewel cases, even if they had only a microscopic mark. Rejoiced when they bought out the Digipaks. Lol.
  10. Looked a lot better the other way John. Happy to look after the phono cable for you mate.
  11. Tip Of The Day: If things get really tight April, just drink the water from the noodles and then save the noodles for another day.
  12. I knew there was a good reason why l liked you mate.
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