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  1. Had a listen to this online tonight, as l like all the artists involved, especially Editors. Great listen mate. So much so. Ordered the cd from Amozon. Only $13 and that was with shiping. So bargain. It has great haunting female lyrics, backed up with thrashing atmospheric guitar and a very tight rhythm section. Love it.
  2. Hi Geoff. Had a listen to them on Spotify last night, having not heard the name before. And most people know me by now that l am always chasing new prog. Their album Prog Noir is absolutely brilliant. Good guitar prog at its best. I'm hooked. I think they have 3 albums out. And l think l will be buying all of them if they are has great as Prog Noir. Will listen to another album tonight. Thanks Geoff for posting them. Brilliant. Cheers.
  3. Then you go to Bunnings and buy No More Gap ( thew, flying close to the wind here).
  4. Might post my Engelbert Humperdinck collection. Now l am joking. Though l think my mother as a few.
  5. My pleasure. I forgot to mention, I turned the record over on a weekly basis. Still amazes me that a record can be perfectly flat on one side, and dished on the other. If the warp doesn't come out. Stick it the sun for a day. Be interested if that works. After all, its heat that warps 'em in the first place. Just wish that retailers would package them a bit better (don't get me started). I guess that is why l stick mainly to CDs. I think in most cases they sound better too. On my system anyway.
  6. Thanks April. Have replied to other posters. But basically, just 2 plates of glass slightly bigger than 12" sq. The ones l borrowed were around 4mm thick. If you were to go to a glassier and get some off cuts. Try and get as thick as you can ( more weight). Though l suppose you could stack your Prince and Modonna records on top of the glass...be more than enough 🏋😂
  7. Hi mate. Thanks for the interest. I borrowed the glass plates from a mate and gave them back to him yesterday. They were 13" sq and 4mm thick. I kept the record in the sleeve in between the 2 pieces of glass. I might purchase some glass now l know it does the job. But see if l can go thicker. Though glass is bloody expensive. I have some 12" floor tiles. Might give them a go next time, as they are a bit heavier. I played the other side of the record today. There was a slight warp on this side. But it is quite playable. All in all, pretty happy with the experiment. Actually didn't think it would work with out heat.
  8. If people recall, l mentioned several weeks ago l purchased said album (my favourite Genesis album) and that it had. 7mm warp. Now I'm thinking that this might be useful information: Anyway l put it between 2 plates of glass for 6 weeks; just in my living room under normal room temp(no heat involved). And low and behold there is zero warp. I kid you not! Now is that not amazing. I did not want to use heat as l thought it might damage the grooves? But that was my next step if room temp didn't work (nothing to lose). I waited 6 weeks as today is my Birthay. So this is a free birthday present as they reimburchaed me and did not want the record back. Anyway l thought l would share this. 7 mil warp. Bloody amazing. So give it a go. Just playing side one...perfect.
  9. 8Mr Postman delivered today. Marrilliom-B' Sides Themselves. Cynic-Kindly Bent to Free Us. Monkey 3- Astrasy. Going to listen with a bottle of my favourite red.
  10. Make the most of it. Us men love a a bit of solitude...occasionally.
  11. Hi Dacman. I recently sold my old rack with MDF shelving and purhased one with bamboo shelving. Definitely noticed a difference in SQ.
  12. Bit harsh. The guys (especially Mark) are great guys). Yes they are sales people. Spend sometime with them and you will soon see that their love of hifi/music is first and foremost.
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