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  1. Probably because 3 of these tracks were on his EP, A Parley With Angels released in 20018?
  2. A month is bloody quick these days FR. Remember when it was 4 or 5 days. Miss those days...sigh.
  3. Thanks Greg. Will check it out. Though l don't own a vacuum cleaner. Well l do, but it is one of those new fangled ones without a hose. On anther note, l went on the Fish site earlier. It said his new album is out July 10. It mentions pre orders. But it doesn't appear to be set-up yet. Unless I'm missing something. Any insights your end? Been hanging for this album. It's had a few delays. Cheers mate. Ken
  4. Queen might be in love with their cars, but I'm in love with your setup. What is it about blue lights and flicking needles. 👍
  5. My fave out the 3 albums. Been on repeat for over a week now. Only got the cd version. Not sure if out on vinyl. The kick drum on song 4, side one; and song 3 on disc 2 are manic. Really well produced for a live album. How good is her voice!
  6. I'm on the same wave length as you Ms Snow. Been straddling that fence for awhile now. The Ultrasonic cleaners are out of my budget range. The Project VC-E vac cleaner seems to get good reviews. At $829, it should do the job. There a hand wind one that is about half that price. Dr...something or other, that l researched awhile ago, so forgotten the name. But l have decided on a motorised one, so deleted all reference to it. Seriously thinking of of the Project cleaner...if only they were a couple of hundred bucks cheaper (become a bit of a tight arse since l retired). Maybe our vinyl spinning buddies can suggest altenatives ( without hijacking the site...wouldn't want to get into trouble, would we).
  7. Just looked. $57.19...not cheap. Probably worth it though, considering the long wait if procured from overseas and the frustration of all that. Certainly does my head in.
  8. I remember when it first came out the critics panned it big time. I think it's a great album. Only got the cd. Didn't know you could get it on vinyl.
  9. Not many people would know about the group Palace John...maybe. I got onto them a while back (probably a heads up from your good self). But it is seriously a good album. But to return the favour. Here is few l think you will like. Stream them and have a listen. Predominantly female vocals and stunning at that. I wont go into detail and leave it as a pleasant supprise: Aunt Cynthia's Cabin - Misty Mountain Anathema - A Sort of Homecoming Mostly Autumn - Pass the Clock Happy listening mate, if you choose to do so. Ken.
  10. Me. When my football team loses. 3 in a row now and probably 4 after this weekend. This look might become permanent. Arrrrggghhhhh.
  11. Thanks mr b. Lucky I'm still a lover of the good old cd.
  12. Recently got onto this duo via their album: The Ape of Naples. Read a bit of a bio on them and shame they have both passed on. Luckily their music lives on. Their music is different... but good. Not sure how you would describe it. Goth Ambient...maybe? Anyway, well worth a listen. Is their music still readily available?
  13. Just change the silver columns to black ones. That is what l have and it is a good contrast with black speakers. Looks better than the all black stand l had before, in my humble opinium. Mark at Frank Prowse Hi Fi should be able to help you out if you chose to go down that path.
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