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  1. Sounds good to me April. As people still post vinyl on Currently Spinning. Don't need multiple sites for vinyl. Think your idea would simplfy things by separating vinyl from CDs. These are still the 2 most popular formats, though streaming is catching up. Other Digital formats would merge smoothly with CDs under Currently Spinning in the short term. But l can foresee it genetating it's own forum in the not too distant future. At this stage, Vinyl/Records Only is the most popular site on this forum, and deserves to stand alone.
  2. Sorry about the multiple postings. I did an edit and it did a double up for some reason. Probably me, but don't know how l did it.😁
  3. Just change the name Currently Spinning, to CDs Currently Spinning. And merge Coloured Vinyl and Records/Vinyl together. That way we would have 2 distinct formats. I love and enjoy both formats, but l wouldn't like them merged. I think this would please and suit most people. 👌 Ken.
  4. @April Snow Trust me when l day that these are way better than what you currently have. Worth a punt for mine....and in Qld too.
  5. These may be small. But, man do they punch well above their weight. Heard a pair a couple of years ago. Really impressed by the sound. Perfect for a small room. GLWS.
  6. In my youth. My albums smelled of beer. They don't now. They must have stopped producing those ones. Prey tell... What is patchouli. Sounds like a food dish. Is it a noodle dish April 😳
  7. Yes. My poor attempt at humour. I think I'm really funny after a few alcoholic bevies. For those scratching their heads. It was a play on words, Sadie The Cleaning Lady (Sade). In the light of sobriety. Not funny at all.😁
  8. Are they not the best looking headphone out there. Just lovely. Man, l wish l could afford them (even at that low price). One power ball. Lol. GLWS Dan.
  9. Funny thing is Greg, l quite liked his extended EP, A Parly With Angels. It has 5 or 6 songs from the new album on it. I think the other songs on the EP that are not on the new album are better as well than what is on the rest of Weltschmerz. To me, the EP sounds more dynamic to my ears for some reason. They also seem, to me, to flow and sync into each other better. For mine, the new album is all over the place. Maybe that's it. Don't know? But for me you can't go past these 3 albums: A Feast Of Consequence Fairwell To Childhood (live) 13th Star. 👌 Ken
  10. Don't have the cd Greg. For me it doesn't pass the Spotify Test (how many times l listen to it). So hardly going to fork out good money. Anyway, l decided to really cut back on my music spending. How is that working for me you ask. Not very well. Ordered 2 CDs last night, and what...we are not even into the first week of January. Always when I've had a few red wines. The really smart move would be to stop drinking................nah!
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