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  1. Welcome mate. Why do say interesting?
  2. Had them running all night. The manual says 50+ hours for run in. Sounding better by the minute. Still smiling😁
  3. Just sell the lot mate. Time for a change. Sounds like you are half way there anyway. I've just done a 15k spend, and couldn't be happier. THE SOUND is paramount to everything.
  4. Might be a midnight snack. Just listening to Dark Side of the Moon. Wow.
  5. First listen. Wow, pretty impressive straight out of the box. But then so is the tt and amp. Got the speakers in pretty much in the same place as the old speakers. Might have jagged the sweet spot straight away. Amazing how something this small sound this good. Wow just hit some bass on the CD I'm listening too. Bloody hell. Can't believe IT all going to sound better. Listening to no-man's Schoolyard Ghosts. Next up, listen to a record. Porcupine Tree's Deadwing. Giddy with excitement. Might just lock myself in this room all day tomorrow. Bugger the gym. Check out the Plinius remote. Solid aluminium. Doubles as a lethal weapon. Look at the size. Well that's it folks. Job done. Started in April. Took awhile. Thank you friends for all your advice and patients.
  6. Would have audio_file, but job done. Wish l had of thought to spike the plinths first, level, and then attach. Yep, would have been easier. Cheers mate.
  7. All assembles. Now the setup. I take it there is NO RIGHT OR LEFT SPEAKER?
  8. And here they! Yippee. Unboxing. Hoping the manual tells me how to mount the plinths. Sure they haven't got that far yet. No Mark's so far. Will update folks later. [emoji3][emoji16][emoji7]
  9. Was madly in love with this woman when l was a teenager.
  10. Hi Bill, I'm fairy new to SNA and just wanted to say, God bless you man. Even though you are going through your toughest challenge, you are still reaching out to others. You are an inspiration. I would love to learn how to make cables. Unfortunately l live in WA. But l wish you all the best and hope you beat that bastard of a disease, to which l have no doubt.
  11. Thanks Hydrology. Thought l answered that one. KRS must think I'm a rude bastard. Apologies. [emoji3]
  12. Just make sure those birds don't crap on your album cover, or take a whiz on your spinner record KRS[emoji3]
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