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  1. In all their Glory. Checked them all. No warps. Will probably listen to them tomorrow. I'm excited.
  2. Inside of box lids. Same for both lids.
  3. Just received after many weeks. This will probably be might be highlight of my collection. It certainly is the most expensive. The entire The Police Collection. So it's their 5 records, with the 6th being demos and rarities. I will post a series of photos and then later give some feed back.
  4. No right or wrong opinions...just strong opinions. Lol. Glad you like them though RS. Me l just don't get them. Even tried alcohol. Nope, still don't like 'em. On the other hand l could listen to Ok Computer on repeat. In fact when 1st released, l did for months. Still one of the best albums ever made. That and Jeff Buckley's Grace. Two of the first LPs l purchased when l got back into vinyl. Those and Churches, Star Fish.
  5. Love this album. I think they lost their way with Kid A and Amnesiac. Absolutey hated those two albums. Bought them at the time and thought wtf. After Pablo Honey and OK Computer and the afore mentioned. I thought what a load of crap. People still rave about the so called artistic merit of these albums. Played them both resently. And "l thought what a load of crap"...still Thank God they came to their senses. In Rainbows and A Moon Shape Pool are classic Radiohead. Now l will await to get shat on from a great height🌋
  6. Huge fan of Whatmough's At this price l would just throw those grills away. Looks way better without them. Absolute bargain.
  7. Great speakers. And you have to respect someone who likes Burger Rings. Glws.
  8. Still awaiting my JB delivery. The Roger Waters live version equivalent of The Wall Live ordered at the same time, recently received was; l found, equally stunning in sq. I too, was blown away by the sound quality for a live album. After a couple of listens, l think l actually prefer it to the PF origional. If the ELO is as good, I guess it will be worth the wait. I also have a Status Quo live album coming also. Live recordings have come along way. I usually don't touch them. But the Marillion Live/Steven Wilson Live at Albert Hall changed all that for me.
  9. You are absolutely right rantan. When l enquired through StereoNet about this tt, l had virtually had no response. So no feed back on anyone purchasing or even having listened to one. I had one person who contacted me and said based on my glowing report, he said he was going to listen to one. He did, and promptly bought one. I believe he had a high end Project tt. He later messaged me in private to tell me how good this tt is. My believe is that you would have to spend 10k to better it...yep, underated indeed.
  10. Hi April. I don't think would be an upgrade to my MoFi Ultradeck tt (at 4k). Though some on this site would argue differently. But your tt has a lot of admirers and many wouldn't buy anything else. And l must admit it sure is purty. TT PORN (yeh l know...it's a male thing). I have never heard a Technics tt. So l can't compare. But l did compare it side by side with a Clearaudio Concept and a Rega 6 and l thought the MoFi sounded better in every regard...by a good margin. Well to my ears anyway. It's the quietest tt l have ever heard. So yes, I'm more than happy with it. As with most hifi components, it's always a subjective matter anyway. Going to post a photo. No reason. Like most. Just trying to pad out the day. Happy Listening April.🎶
  11. If you read my prog post. Big delivery arrived today. Survival Pack MKii. A mixed bag indeed.
  12. Received a big batch of CDs today. Most were ordered back in Feb. The supplier was good enough to chase them up for me. They said they were stuck on a pallet in a wharehouse. Most are Prog. I am going to call them my Survival Pack MK i. The other CDs l will list in the Just Spinning post. This will be called SP MKii. There is a lot of music. I might not sleep for a few nights. They are mostly by ANTIMATTER and ANATHEMA. And then: Blind Ego Ulver Dream Theater Chelsea Wolf (who may not be prog). Stick Men Minor Victories
  13. Nice. And embraced by a bit of Modonna Porn. Nice touch. May l enquire to what you paid for it. The tt that is. Cheers. Ken
  14. Just sent you a pm Bill for purchase. Brilliant thing you are doing mate. You put a smile on my face.😉
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