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  1. I've got one sitting in my cupboard at home that I've barely used.
  2. Don't know if anyone noticed, but Anthem are adding IMAX Enhanced to our current receivers!
  3. Yeah, I'm really impressed with the new firmware, it is a substantial improvement. It's rare to have software changes that are so noticeable in their actions, in just a few weeks I've been stunned by the new Sony firmware and the Anthem Genesis software.
  4. Sony have released a 8.100 firmware overnight on the Australian support site. No idea what it changes or fixes as no change log is included.
  5. I think you’re in for a treat - my husband, who isn’t a big AV buff, was eyeing me suspiciously about whether I’d been sneaking new things into the house as it sounded so much better. The thing you notice more than anything is how well balanced and smooth the levels are from speaker to speaker.
  6. Have to say first impressions are that I’m very happy with Genesis. The ability to set the max frequency for correction for each position is good for my setup, and the levels for each position seem to be more in line with what I’d expect. ARC I always had to make a tweak to the levels of the rear surrounds and Atmos to get it right, this got it first time.
  7. I wouldn’t worry too much at this stage - a lot of processing chips in modern receivers and display devices are (F)PGAs - programmable grid arrays - and so can be readily reprogrammed. The F being field.
  8. Same here as well, no sign of the email so far, and no sign of it even getting to my MTA.
  9. Hi Javs, you’re right that it isn’t a BT2390 curve. It is a curve to correct what comes out of the Panasonic UB820’s optimiser when set to Middle To High Luminance so that it suits the projector better. That caps the output at 1000 nits, so the correction curve is within that range.
  10. I’ve been working with the Lightspace software and finding settings that work well for HDR from the Panasonic UB820 to give a decent HDR pop, but also make dark scenes actually watchable. Firstly, here’s a link to a gamma curve that applies BT2390 to the the SDR2020 output from the Panasonic. This is a standard that’s been developed in part to make HDR work better on projectors. It can be uploaded using ImageDirector. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AhwbTNeDKXQDgb0bPXnf6Oa9hGci_A To use it, you use your normal HDR calibrated setting on the projector, but turn up the brightness until black just comes out of being black, then turn it down one notch. On the 820, don’t set it for projector, but the next level up - middle luminance LCD, and SDR2020 output. Don’t attempt to use the curve for anything else! It will look horrid.
  11. Ideally they should fix the HDCP problems, but it’s been over 2 years and no progress, so your idea is probably more practical
  12. Just to be clear, you don’t need to split the signal between the TV and the receiver, just place a splitter between the Mighty and the receiver. It’s dumb, yes, but it works. The splitter just, in this case, stops the HDCP problem.
  13. Yeah, a HDMI “splitter” is pretty much essential with the Mighty if you have HDCP problems. It’s the most reliable way to sort it.
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