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  1. Hi Elliot. For that budget you should check out @Grieveman and his RP6 for Sale for 1K. A very sound investment....
  2. Many thanks Andy. I'll look into these. And yes, you are right - I can adjust settings for gain on the 9200, but have no adjustment for loading. The amp's phono stage is definitely not set up for MC cart use (unlike the Plinius M16P I was fortunate enough to own many years ago - now that was a fine pre-amp when paired with my SA100 MkIII). @betty boop, thanks for all your input. Gotta say, your P9 looks magnificent and after taking into account the feedback in this thread, and looking into several other similar discussions in other forums I will be researching this model further, hoping to audition if possible. Thanks agin to all for your input. Cheers, Brian
  3. ...And.....P9 vs P8 vs P6 vs almost anything.......! Without having heard either the P9 or new P8, anything I post below must me considered as entirely subjective, but... I have no doubt that the P9 is an exceptional turntable (would love to hear it), and numerous reviews /forum comments would support this. However, and as the devil’s advocate, is it better than the new P8? Consider that Roy G views the P8 not as an evolution but as an entirely new design - based on the Naiad - would that not be considered somewhat of a regressive step if the accomplishments of an earlier generation (P9) were not surpassed? Agree that bearing, tonearm, power supply and platter are critical components of a turntable’s design, but if most of these components have been addressed in the upgrades, including (importantly) machining tolerances for tonearm and bearing, is it not unreasonable to expect a corresponding improvement in performance? The P9 ceramic platter has its fans and its detractors, the latter claiming that it produces a somewhat hard and edgy sound. It’s definitely a little polarizing, but I would love to hear a side by side session with P9 and P8, as I am only speaking subjectively., but pink fish has an interesting discussion on a very similar topic, even going so far as to claim that the P6 betters the P9 https://pinkfishmedia.net/forum/threads/rega-p9-vs-new-p6.206410/ (a long bow to draw, I admit). Let’s not forget - at the end of the day it’s not about the gear. It’s the music......🍺🍹🍷 Cheers Brian
  4. Hi All, Wow, what an interesting discussion this has evolved into, Thanks for all the feedback. Firstly, apologies for being a little slow on the response front, but it’s been enlightening standing back and just listening to the dialogue here. So, firstly, in response to telecines post earlier; My LP12 has been serviced and set up by the lads at Tivoli in Melbourne, and they have done a great job. Make no mistake, it sounds great - warm, detailed, organic....but somewhat emotionally withdrawn. The RP6 is just that bit more involving, engaging and toe tappingly enjoyable - more “sparkle” if you like. This has been my experience when auditioning several Rega decks. In the past But, I admit that I am constrained by the limitations of my phono stage. The Plinius 9200 does a great job as an MM Pre amp but doesn’t provide enough flexibility for loading of MC carts. I have no doubt that if hooked up to a fine phono pre-amp the performance of the Linn would be more accurately realized. But would the essential character or the turntable be transformed, and at what cost? As you have said, (and as I suggested), incremental upgrades up the Linn ladder are very expensive - for example the Urika inbuilt phono stage costs more than a full P8, and still needs to be used in conjunction with a Radical power supply....... The Rega “sound” floats my boat and at this point I will likely pursue upgrade paths in that direction. Unless I change my mind.......😆
  5. Should also add, whilst my LP12 is a great machine with a legacy that many manufacturers can only dream of, I do believe that turntable technology (especially the selection and use of new age materials) has improved so much over the past few years that even rather modest offerings from rivals come close to, if not surpassing the sonic abilities of these older turntables. Hence my preference for my RP6. I could bring my Linn up to today’s class leading standards but at a literal cost of many thousand of dollars........ Very difficult to justify.
  6. Thanks Grant. That link to the RP6 / P6 comparison was quite enlightening, but would have been even better if they had also included a listening comparison....! As I was saying in my original post, it becomes debatable whether to speed dollars on component upgrades to my RP6, or just sell it and wear the almost equivalent cost delta on a new P6. From what you are saying, and from the information on the soundorg comparison, it would make more sense to jump straight to the much improved P6 rather than throwing money at component upgrades (tonearm, PSU, platter etc). I may still take this P6 route, but the appeal of the P8 for a little more financial outlay and almost certain sonic superiority is very tempting. However the additional consideration when taking this path (to make it most effective) is the added cost of an MC phono stage and MC cart. What I intend to do is audition the P6 and P8 side by side with minimal change in variables and assess the best sonic / value upgrade. I’m at a point in my life where I would like to jump off the perpetual upgrade path and settle on my forever components (hey, don’t laugh...). Already have my speakers and digital front end sorted , so the analogue challenge awaits. ..... Cheers, Brian
  7. Thanks guys. Funnily enough I found a blue horizon mat amongst my stash of hi-fi paraphernalia that I bought some years ago for use with a Marantz TT-15S. For whatever reason it just did not work well with that 'table at all, hence its relegation to the storage room way back then. But, per your suggestions I've been using it on the RP6 for the past few days in lieu of the OEM felt mat. There are definite sonic advantages, although at first listen I thought there was less air and space around instruments, and drums and cymbals in particular seemed to lose a title life. However after a few listens and over various albums and genres, (and mat switching), that "air" was probably actually more of an anomaly - an artefact imposed by the felt mat (IMHO). With the blue horizon combo, there was a definite tightening of bass instruments, whilst at the same time providing more definition to higher frequencies - cymbals and hi-hats sound especially crisp, with a more realistic shimmer. Voices and mid range frequencies appear more pronounced (but not artificially so), and everything just works in a really holistic way. Case in point was the seminal first B52s album that is surprisingly well recorded and produced, and this just rocked and twanged and grooved like I had not heard before. And The Modern Lovers first album had such a live, raw feel to it that I really do believe that Pablo Picasso was indeed never called an arsehole (not in New York.....) Basically, and avoiding and further "hi-fi speak", I've been simply digging vinyl over the last few days on the RP6 in a way that I have not been doing for quite some time. Such a simple upgrade. So, thank you. Will therefore be leaving the setup as is for the time being, but seriously looking at moving to the P8 sometime in the next few months. Hope to audition soon......... Cheers, Brian
  8. Thanks all. Apologies for the delay in responding to your feedback - all much appreciated. Confirmed my own thoughts - more of a sideways move albeit with some sonic advantages, but likely money not that wisely spent. Frankly, and to agree with Telecine above, a decent standalone phono stage (and cart) would make more sense, even before upgrading to entirely new table. Thanks for the links to the P9 decks also - that would tick all boxes as would a new P8, but can't bring myself to justify that expenditure without first incorporating a new phono pre-amp to get the most out of it. Would likely find this would also reveal more of my RP6's qualities in the meantime. In fact, it would also draw the most out of my LP12 (running a Krystal cart on Ittok arm) that might even have me reassessing which unit to sell...... So, for the time being I'll run with the current set up, and investigate phono stage contenders (and convincing the misses that it is essential expenditure.......) Cheers all.
  9. Hi all. Hoping some of you gurus may want to weigh in with some advice / direction please; I have an RP6 with Exact cart, upgraded with Groovetracer sub platter and Little Belter blue belt. I love it - rhythmic, engaging, detailed - so much so that my LP12 has been relegated to the soon to be sold shelf in my storeroom (controversial, I agree). So, now considering upgrade paths for the RP6 I'm considering one / some of the the following; Groovetracer Delrin plater (approx $700), RB 330 tonearm (also approx $700), NEO PSU $449 Fono MC preamp $449 Ania MC Cart $999 Alternatively, I could sell my existing RP6 for (say) $1000 and pick up a new P6 TT w no cart (that already includes the NEO + RB330) for 2K, or with a new exact fitted $2399. or with the Ania MC for $2799. So basically I could have a new P6 for a cost delta of a grand. I have my own ideas on what would give the best improvements / cost but would really appreciate recommendations from you all on what path would provide the greatest sonic benefits. FYI - the RP6 plays directly through my Plinus 9200 in-built phono stage. Thanks in advance. Cheers, Brian
  10. Hi Alan. Are you still looking for a pair of SHL5s? I have a 30th anniversary edition pair finished in cherry, excellent condition with original boxes, packaging, and certificates, as well as stands (shot loaded). I'm based on the Mornington Peninsula in Vic. Some pics below. Cheers, Brian
  11. Hi J. Don't have the 30.2 monitors but do have pair of SHL5 40th Anniversary Signatures, with stands, all in excellent condition. All original packaging plus certificates. Pics below. Am located on the Mornington Peninsula if interested. Great speakers and served name well for almost ten years.. Only selling as I upgraded to ProAc D48Rs. Cheers, Brian
  12. Hi Piddi. I've got a Paradigm PRD-10 active sub that I inherited when we bought our house (came with the in built HT system that I've since had removed and replaced with my preferred 2 channel hi-fi rig). Its in good condition but unboxed. Happy to let it go for $200 if you are interested. I am in Victoria though so would need to ship but I can arrange for proper secure packing. See pics below;
  13. Just noticed another discussion on Rega P3s and upgrade options that might be of interest... Might help the decision making process. Cheers Brian
  14. Hi Barakus. IMO the Rega is great start if your budget can stretch that far. Simple to set up (practically plug and play), comes standard with the RB330 tone arm and Elys cartridge, and sounds great. Engaging, rhythmic, and with plenty of detail without being fatiguing. You've also got the upgrade option later on of adding the TT PSU (external power supply), that greatly improves the sound. I use an RP6 (the next model up from the former RP3) and am more than happy with it. Actually prefer it over my Linn LP12 strangely enough (controversial statement that one....!). Question; does your amp have a phono input? Cheers, Brian
  15. No worries Art. I understand completely. I'm actually running a Rega RP6 with Groovetracer sup platter as my primary 'table, as I prefer it to the Linn (go figure....!), hence the reason I'm happy to part with it. Good luck with your quest. Cheers, Brian
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