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  1. Further information: I inherited this subwoofer when we bought our home (the entire home theatre system was included) but I'm a 2 channel hifi guy so have no need of it, and have never actually used it in my system.. We removed the entire HT system as soon as we moved in and replaced it with my 2 channel hifi rig. The subwoofer is in excellent condition however it is unboxed, but will be supplied with power cable and original OEM manual. For shipment I will bubble wrap, protectively pack and box this, and send photos of packing prior to shipment. As always,
  2. Further information: Dropped the price on these colourful babies as I basically just need to pass them on. Reasonable offers will be considered. These in wall speakers were included items when we bought our home (as was the entire home theatre system). I'm purely a 2 channel hifi person so have no need of them and took them out as soon as we moved in. In total there are seven speakers - four of the S622Ts, and three of the S623Ts. (Note that the associated Marantz SR7400 surround receiver and Paradigm PR10 active subwoofer were also inherited and will also be liste
  3. Further information: It’s time to let this baby go to a new home. I really love this turntable but now that I have my (way more expensive) LP12 properly set up and upgraded, it just can’t quite compete. But that’s not a shortcoming, it’s just a fact of hifi life.... At it’s price point I don’t believe that the RP6 had many (if any) real challengers. This unit has been upgraded with the Groovetracer bearing and sub platter, and has an Edwards Audio Little (Blue) Belter drive belt installed – both mods made a significant improvement to the original sound (that was alre
  4. Sold pending pickup and payment. Thanks to all for your interest. Cheers Brian
  5. Thanks Eric, but sorry, the dust cover is only being sold as part of the TT package. There are a couple available on eBay though. Cheers Brian
  6. Further information: Marantz TT-15s1 turntable, designed and built by Clearaudio, badged Marantz. This much loved TT comes fully boxed and protected in the OEM packaging, and is in near perfect condition. I upgraded the original Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood MM cart to a Clearaudio Maestro MM cart. This significantly improved tracking ability and detail retrieval over the original, and elevates the sound of the original turntable (already pretty darn good) to something quite special. Plenty of PRaT, detail (but not fatiguing), and toe tapping enjoyment. Probably one of the simplest tur
  7. Well, the worm has turned..... Hooked up the LP12 for the pre sale photo shoot, plugged it in and....nada. Long story short the Valhalla board had expired, so after some research on SNA and elsewhere, I opted for the Hercules/Mose PSU from @Mober. Edmund’s customer service was first class and three weeks from order it was installed. What had previously been a fairly lack-luster sound on the LP12 was now detailed, textured, engaging, and sophisticated in a way that the RP6 was not. This is not to detract from the Rega - far from it. It is seat of the pants fun, fast, immediately enjoy
  8. Hi Min. Sorry, bit late to the party here, but FWIW, I’ve very happily used Plinius amplification for the past 20 years or so. Best synergy I’ve had has been with Harbeths (though admittedly not floorstanders), and ProAc. Have driven ProAc Response Threes with the M16P / SA 100 III combo (sooo good), ProAc Tablette Reference 8 Signatures via the 9200 integrated, and currently using the same 9200 to Very successfully drive my keepers - ProAc D48Rs. I’d be confident that the Hautonga would be equally happy driving offerings from either of these designers. There was also a ti
  9. Hi Elliot. For that budget you should check out @Grieveman and his RP6 for Sale for 1K. A very sound investment....
  10. Many thanks Andy. I'll look into these. And yes, you are right - I can adjust settings for gain on the 9200, but have no adjustment for loading. The amp's phono stage is definitely not set up for MC cart use (unlike the Plinius M16P I was fortunate enough to own many years ago - now that was a fine pre-amp when paired with my SA100 MkIII). @betty boop, thanks for all your input. Gotta say, your P9 looks magnificent and after taking into account the feedback in this thread, and looking into several other similar discussions in other forums I will be researching this model further, ho
  11. ...And.....P9 vs P8 vs P6 vs almost anything.......! Without having heard either the P9 or new P8, anything I post below must me considered as entirely subjective, but... I have no doubt that the P9 is an exceptional turntable (would love to hear it), and numerous reviews /forum comments would support this. However, and as the devil’s advocate, is it better than the new P8? Consider that Roy G views the P8 not as an evolution but as an entirely new design - based on the Naiad - would that not be considered somewhat of a regressive step if the accomplishments of an earlier generatio
  12. Hi All, Wow, what an interesting discussion this has evolved into, Thanks for all the feedback. Firstly, apologies for being a little slow on the response front, but it’s been enlightening standing back and just listening to the dialogue here. So, firstly, in response to telecines post earlier; My LP12 has been serviced and set up by the lads at Tivoli in Melbourne, and they have done a great job. Make no mistake, it sounds great - warm, detailed, organic....but somewhat emotionally withdrawn. The RP6 is just that bit more involving, engaging and toe tappingly enjoyable - more “sp
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