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  1. Gridmon

    Hypex NCore 500 amp 1000W

    I had a listen too, and thought it was fantastic. Would be tempted to add a discreet sparkos op amp, which Chamila could do.
  2. Gridmon

    Anthem AV Owners Thread

    Hi Mobe I had a look and there isn't a Local resources tab. I guess the current Mac client doesn't have those features. :<
  3. Gridmon

    FS: Arcam AVR380

    What kind of room correction does the AVR380 use (can't find details on the web)? Can it produce graphs like ARC, Audyssey App, Dirac and allow customisation?
  4. Thanks Craka. Not sure if I’ll get hear it. Ken hasn’t sold the rest of his gear. waiting to see what happens.
  5. I sweat the small stuff a bit. I think the Dialogue is a more modern design, and really like the idea of auto-biasing. But, I can't get the glorious sound of the Cayin CS-55 that I heard out of my head. It was your post that made me think the A-88T was worth hunting for. Amazingly, I'm about to buy your old one. Now, I better go give the seller some money.
  6. Ah, I'm in the market for a receiver, and in Perth too. Pending a couple of questions, I'll grab it. PMing you now.
  7. @65eclipse I’ll buy it! Have been looking at a primaluna. But kelosis has me convinced the a88t is the way to go. Im in Perth. Happy to pay shipping (the safest we can find), and any extra packaging. Pls call me (number in PM) to arrange. Be gentle I’m 2hours behind you, so anytime after 10am your end is fine. Damn, I won’t be able to get to sleep now. Have been wanting an upgrade to drive new Kef LS50’s and was a little concerned at the cost of tubes, but Yearning for the sound. all the best, Andy
  8. Gridmon

    Anthem AV Owners Thread

    @Mobe1969 I decided to check this out. My usual MS Remote desktop (v8) didn't support USB mapping. Installed latest version from MS v10.1.5 (Note this is for Mac's not Windows -its in the App store for free). Short answer is Nope. The Remote desktop client lets you map folders but not USB devices. So unless you had a really long (and non-compliant) USB cable, and could hunt down the hardware hosting your virtual machine at AWS before security got you, you wouldn't be able to connect your Mic.
  9. Gridmon

    Anthem AV Owners Thread

    Interesting idea. MS have a Remote Desktop client for Mac too, and it’s free. i don’t know if it supports mapping a local USB device/port to the remote desktop. Anyone tried this?
  10. Gridmon

    Anthem AV Owners Thread

    No I don’t think you can buy a windows machine for nothing. Some might think that’s more than their worth but that’s a little off topic. What I said was Mac users don’t need to buy a physical windows host to run ARC. They can run windows in a virtual environment. Many Mac users will already have vmware or parallels and run any windows software they need this way already. Otherwise they can download virtualbox from Oracle (for free), load a developer windows image from MS (for free) and run ARC. The dev images are good for several months, after which you can always download a new one. If you only need to do a one-off or rare task like run ARC to setup your equipment then it’s a handy thing. If your room EQ is changing everyday, because... you live on a park bench or something. Then perhaps this isn’t for you. But then you probably have more important issues to worry about like your rummy mates selling your Anthem, or the damn 9pm sprinklers going off every Wednesday.
  11. Gridmon

    New member from Perth

    Welcome Paul, from fellow Perth member.
  12. Gridmon

    Anthem AV Owners Thread

    That doesn’t sound right to me at all. I can’t see why you wouldn’t run virtualisation software on your Mac (vmware, parallels or oracle’s free product), install windows in that and run your ARC software. MS even have a free version of windows that you can download and run for limited periods (it’s intended for developers but anyone can download it). All of the vm products allow direct access to USB hardware. Assuming it’s a USB mic?
  13. Gridmon

    Look what I found today!

    Aw, man. I’ve been reading thru this whole thread and dying to see the goods.
  14. Gridmon

    Good summary room correction software

    Yes, I’ve asked several retailers if theyve ran room correction (shopping for new AV receiver ATM), and also said 5hey haven’t, pleading too many changes being made. strikes me as odd. Thanks for that - it looks great and even mentions new Audyssey app. For those interested you can lookup it up in the app/play store to see if your receiver is compatible. From memory everything from a Marantz 5011 up and newer is covered.
  15. There I was sitting Hyde park today enjoying the sunshine and bakery goods for lunch. Could have been browsing happily for hours. Nope hang on, my misses would kill me if I bring home more stuff. Time I put some things on classifieds also.