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  1. DIY Valve Pre-amp kit to replace X10-D

    Interested to hear how the tu8200 sounds, this is a kit I’m considering ATM. Curiously my dad is an ex raaf radar tech too.
  2. How'dy from NZ

    G’day Bro! I was kinda hoping you’d have a kiwi avatar. Although if you wanted man cred you could go a Moa, but no-one will know what it is. Now, I’m just rambling. Hope you enjoy the forum, and maybe get the chance to come over and meetup and audition interesting gear. andy
  3. introducing myself

    Welcome Terry! OMG I felt the need to hold my breath to read that giant para. Rekon ur gunna ave to put up some pics of that system. I’m especially interested in your stands as I’d like to do the same thing. andy
  4. Hello Everyone

    Cheers a Yetiman. That is a wicked avatar you have. It would even score points with my better half who is a SW fan. Hmmm, where does one go shopp8ng for avatars? Andy
  5. Hello Everyone

    Hi All, I feel little like the new kid at school standing in front of class he doesn’t yet know having to tell his story. Looking forward to joining the discussion, learning and building out my systems. Andy