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  1. Hi Dogbert, I dont think anyone stocks them in Perth - hence I went online. Happy for you to come to my place sometime - I'm in Subi. Just PM me. Andy
  2. I guess there is one other more exotic solution worth mentioning... You could get a miniDSP (eg https://www.minidsp.com/products/ht-series/nanoavr-dl) to process your digital source with direct live, and then feed that into some good amps. You might be able to pickup some good old amps like Cambridge CRX200, Rotel etc for reasonable money, as others upgrade to newer options to handle the ever changing digital standards.
  3. PS Probably best that stipulate you want one with the latest AM230 module, as a condition of sale.
  4. Well, the distributor was a little less than forth coming about the module update... 🙁 So, I wrote to NAD support. They confirmed my T758v3 had the old module (and that a new module existed). Rang my retailer (Sean@Klapp) who have been really good. They said, right, that wasnt the deal, dont worry. We'll organise a pickup of your unit and get you a new one. So, that was a great relief. My family have just had a serious health scare. So, I haven't had much time to try out the T758 but the clarity and sound stage are fantastic. I'm looking forward to getting the updated module, so that I'm ready to add heights when reno is done. I dont think anything else can beat it for the price. I was interested in an Anthem MRX, and had a listen to an Arcam too. My assessment (FWIW) is that the T758 has the best correction, and is a hell of a lot cheaper than the Arcams. So I think in wins it's class (checkout SNA awards). One day an emotiva/monoprice should come along and give it some competition for price at least. The important thing is that it does what you want and your happy. If you can find a retailer that will look after you, then your golden.
  5. Well, turns out my just purchase t758v3 is more than a year older than that. So far no go. Convoy told me all T758v3 are the same. Which surprised me no end. Will let yet know.
  6. Thanks. The retailer came back to me (nice guy), said he will get it all sorted. The distributer tech dept told me my module is the same as all the other T758v3 - dont understand this. There's plenty of info about the update in this thread and avforums.
  7. O'god my fingers twitch'n. But then I remember I'm a software guy with no time, who will burn himself... still.
  8. @Buffle that looks superb. I’ve read so much about the differences ncore guys have heard with various discreet op amps. I’m fascinated to see how your JFETs will go.
  9. I can certainly empathise. Oddly enough I had a Marantz AVR and had an issue with it (fan stopped working). But it was fixable, and I feel it was a very nice and long lasting unit. Ideally everything should work out of the box. Companies like Apple put a great effort into making that `just work` and be as frictionless as possible. But a higher-end AVR has a much smaller market, and I guess they're not as polished in some areas? However, thats when the after sales service is going to really matter. Waiting on call back...
  10. To be fair, I thought NAD had sorted out their issues with the upgraded module. I'm just shocked that i'm given an old one so long after the engineering fix was identified and done. So for me the jury is still out on whether its an ongoing issue. I guess dependent on how this is handled.
  11. Even the manual (https://nadelectronics.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/T758v3_eng_OM_v17.pdf) shows the updated module I'm interested to see how the "Music First" mantra stands up on Monday when I confront them about selling me old defective stock (especially when I asked if the modules were updated before placing my order).
  12. I feel gutted. Just received my T758v3 (ordered Jan 2019) and it's got the old AM230 module with the noise issues, and I plan on setting it up with heights. Why do we get treated like this?
  13. Oh noooo. Both my new subs come with builtin DSPs and have fancy apps to use. How can I throw that **** out and still have some bottom end for my LS50s?
  14. Well I think you have gone a fair way to providing your own proof about low frequencies interacting with the room. As mentioned the dual subs + positioning + eq (ie tweaking the signal with a DSP eg the one in your amp and/or others) is all about trying to get the best most realistic reproduction in your environment. You would be lucky indeed if one sub in your room is all that’s needed. My Umik mic just arrived. Looking forward to measuring my room and seeing what it does. It’s apretty awful room with only one solid wall to hang tv on, 2 others are floor to ceiling glass and last one is half open to kitchen (half height partition), floor is all hard surface too (wood) and ceiling is glass in a pyramid shape.
  15. PS if you’re a surfer then you will probably have seen places with a big back wash then can double your wave, and or experience another wave sucking out your wave.
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