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  1. Further information: I purchased this excellent condition Alchemist Forsetti about 3 months ago from a well respect SNA member that owned it since new. He also had it thoroughly serviced by Tim Wilkinson of Tuned In Audio who replaced nearly all the caps with upgraded ones and some resistors. Capacitors alone cost $300. It has the optional output protection boards fitted as well. When I first received the unit via road courier and powered it up, I noticed that the sound from the right channel was noticeably louder than the left. I sent it to my preferred repairer Mark @ Brisbane El
  2. I've had the fortunate opportunity to have also owned one of these lovely sounding phonostages and its port out to USB was great for transferring some of my old 45's into digital format. Bargain at this price for some lucky new owner ! GLWTS
  3. BARGAIN Alert ! I love my BENZ Micro ACE Blue H .......... GLWTS
  4. I used to have a pair of the smaller brother's, the Jamo 507's in Jarrah finish back in the 1990's and they were awesome, seeing these brought back some great memories. GLWTS
  5. Damn, some people are so quick around here 🙂 If not taken, I'm interested please
  6. What a beauty, I remember drooling after reading the review on Stereophile back in the day ! GLWTS
  7. These Emit M20's remind of the Audience 52's, but much improved ! Love Dyn's and so does my friend as evident with his recent introduction to them and already caught the upgrade bug ! Cheers Amila
  8. Further information: Selling for a local retired friend who doesn't have computer access. Was purchased by him in February 2020 from a local Hi Fi store but he's already got the upgrade bug as a result of these and upgraded recently to a pair of floor standing Dyn's so these are now excess to his requirements and I'm selling on his behalf. They are in perfect condition and still have the original box, manuals, foam plugs, purchase, receipt etc. Great sounding speakers, check out the review! https://www.whathifi.com/au/dynaudio/emit-m20/r
  9. This disc spinner is great if you don't need to play 4K UHD Blu rays. Top quality video and audio DACs. GLWTS
  10. Mmmmmmm, certainly tempting ! I wonder if my shelf will take that heft, lol ! GLWTS
  11. Thanks for the clarification and I'll pass this info onto my friend. Cheers, Lok
  12. The Pathos gear is very well designed/built so not surprised to hear that it's been working fine since you first purchased back in 2007 and yes, they are up to version Mk3 these days. I might send Pathos an email to find out via your serial number whether they can tell from that whether it's a Mk1 or Mk2. I have a friend that is interested, but only in the Mk2 version due to it being 70 watts RMS where as the original Mk1 was 50 watts RMS, he's got low impedance speakers that need a bit more oomph to drive. Cheers, Lok
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