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  1. Mate you're very welcome, and glad it fixed your issue. Regarding 24p, that's correct it's 24fps. All uhd blu rays are authored with this framerate, except for Billy Lynn's half time walk, which was shot at 120fps, and authored on uhd in 60fps. Movie purists, like myself want movies to be displayed on thier authored resolution and frame rate, which is what you're displaying at 2160/24p. If you only care about movies, like me, then 24p is fine, but if you wanted to see content in higher framerate (gaming, sports) then that's when 4k60 would be required. The optic cable might help, if your current cable doesn't let you display 60p, as I found this on the UK 500ES site that confirms it can do 60p but at 4:2:0 colour signal: New 4K standard: 60 frames per second The VPL-VW500ES can show up to 60 frames per second in 4K (at colour signal YUV 4:2:0). It’s the new 4K industry standard and is much higher than the earlier 24p. The result is a smoother image with superior colour and realism Hope this helps, and welcome to club 4k if you want some titles to impress, I'd recommend Planet Earth 2, Hacksaw Ridge, Deadpool, The Martian, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, and for some not so great movies Lucy and Passengers. These 2 are worth getting just as demo material (they're not that bad hehe) Draka
  2. Nice one Mobe1969, I forgot about setting the HDMI to enhanced mode. I needed to do that as well as use HDMI2 from memory.
  3. Hi Cigar Nuke, replacing the lamp is a simple DIY job, but I would recommend you take the projector down to replace the lamp. The main reason is that when I had to replace my lamp on both the 500ES, and my current 360ES, it was quite tight, and needed a fair bit of force to remove it. I've attached the 500es manual that covers the steps to remove the lamp, and it's only a few screws (4 total from memory) to unscrew. Check out pages 10 & 11 of the attached PDF (or GB18 & GB 19 in the document) for the steps to replace the lamp. Draka vplvw500es.pdf
  4. Hi Cigar Nuke, Just thought I'd chime in as I recall having a similar issue with a 500ES a few years back and my Oppo 203. Like yourself, I also have older HDMI cables (from 6 years ago - HDMI v1.4) Can you try using the HDMI2 input on the 500ES, as that's the only one that supports HDCP 2.2? I double checked and this is listed in the notes of the 500ES manual (top of page 55) I'm hoping that's the reason you're not getting 4K out of the Pana, as swapping to HDMI2 would be much easier than changing your cabling. Hope this helps Sorry if you've already tried this but through best to advise, as it's worth a shot. Best of luck. Regards, Draka
  5. Hi all, Firstly, apologies if this is in the wrong spot. I was wondering if any of you had any places you could recommend for repairing my MA subby here in Melb (I live in Carnegie)? It started to make a grating/popping sound as well as the bass a few nights ago, and I've since turned it off to avoid further damage. I'm really happy with the sub, and have had it for around 9 years, but was wondering if repairing it might be an option, based on cost of course. I have tried both sub outs in case it was the sub1 out, but got the same result. I cant complain as its lasted me 9 years, but considering a replacement is between 2-2.3K i figured it's worth a shot Link to the product page below: https://www.monitoraudio.com/en/support/past-products/silver-rx/rxw12/ I've have recorded an audio clip of what it sounds like, but can't upload it here. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, and happy listening and viewing. Regards, Draka
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