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  1. Reduced for a serious buyer! Including shipping
  2. Item: Primare a34.2 power amplifier Location: Canberra, ACT Price: $1250 includes shipping Item Condition: good Reason for selling: want multichannel Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: comes with box, cable , manual. ultra low distortion 2channel amplifier. 150w /ch or 550w bridged mode. Post anywhere in Australia Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  3. Item: Excelent condition ! Oppo BDP-103 Universal Disc player Location: Canberra , Gungahlin Price: $520 Item Condition: excelent Reason for selling: upgrading Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: brilliant player for all your Latest Dolby ATMOS sound Bluray Pictures: ask for it. stock image posted
  4. Hi All I have CM9 setup and had a PV1D subwoofer. Sub was awesome but i have shifted to 95% movies and need more chest thumping bass in small room. 3.5 meters x 5.3 Meters x 2.4 Meters (about 1600 cubic meters) I am very confused on my next sub experience. The biggest problem is I cant do a hearing test as there is no one place to test side by side where i live. So Here is the question which configuration should i go with B&W DB4s (approx $2500) SVS PB 4000 (approx $2900) SVS PB 2000 (approx $1450) and later have another PB 2000 when I upgrade the house. only reason i am rejecting DB4s is that while it will be very clean sound but at same time I suspect it will not be chest thumping. and reason i am rejecting 4000 is sheer size and reason i am rejecting 2000 is the looks (only one hole instead of three) lol your views, please. cheers
  5. Hi do you still have it?
  6. Proud to be part of such active community! Thanks for all those replies. I should start another one asking on how to setup the Green power option in Monster HTS1650
  7. They are class AB Trusty Rotel RB 1080 2 channel one is running my center other one is right and left and third is surround.
  8. Hi All, My wife enjoys the sound but forgets to switch off the amplifiers. I have separates at around 3x 500W each. They dont go on auto standby. So i am thinking about power bill ? What if they are all switched on for while 24 hours (no music playing) does it still consume the full power? If yes then i must read how green power works on my Monster power board. cheers
  9. I have a friend who is a student and does not want to spend lots of money . But had a bookshelf speakers and old Oppo 9x He wants to try external amps and was wondering if he can use cheap class D amplifier 100w for $30 DC24 100W 100W mini 2.0 channel TDA7498 Class D digital power amplifier http://s.aliexpress.com/fAVrei6f?fromSns=Copy to clipboard Anyone have any experience in using these class D? Will this be a good start and later he can swap with expensive gear? It will be better than tv sound?
  10. I wonder what makes Oppo decide on which Blu-ray should Auto resume next night when I switch on the player and which Blu-ray should not? I am watching games of Thrones and it does not Auto resume next day for my next episode. Any ideas any one?
  11. Al have you tried any side by side difference between Oppo and basic player?
  12. Thanks @jsmith Is there a basic UHD 4k player in which we can bitstream out sound for AVR to decode?
  13. I always had this question If I have a really good AVR like top of line Yamaha Avantage 3070 Can I use basic Blu-ray player $200 Or I do need Oppo 203 player? I know for fact Oppo loads Blu-ray really fast! But what about sonic performance as I am going digital out HDMI not using a analog out on Oppo. Have a look at audioholic s at 9 minutes
  14. You are correct about American made. I was talking about Atmos titles i.e Mission impossible , mad max, gravity , The Martian in standard bluray had standard bluray . One with 5.1 while diging through same titles with Atmos. I am inclined more old stock. But why is renting company (video easy kisok ) having latest movies only avail in 5.1 and not Atmos in bluray? sorry about confusion
  15. While I was JB . I bought three titles 1. Mad Max - Atmos 2. MI - Rouge nation - Atmos 3. American made - Dtsx I could easily see same titles same price and having standard 5.1/7.1 sound. hence my confusion. could it be old stock? but hey Atmos dates as far as 4 years from now.
  16. Hi All, I have placed rear surrounds 5.1 on sides (little back from my ear angled down) its far from rear wall. - Now that i have ATmos 5.1.4 setup with ceiling speakers. Can I shift the surrounds on exactly back of my ears in rear wall (slightly higher than ear) ? will this give me better sound immersion ? - I have space of about 1.5 meters between my couch and rear wall. any advice will be awsome thanks
  17. I am happy to pay more while i rent Blu ray. I have never been a collector person hence do not wish to buy. Two problems in renting - Currently only one rental service is avail i.e VideoEasy Express kisok and they certainly do not have Atmos in standard Bluray. Dont think so they have any plans for UHD disks. - Even if i source UHD disks then i do not have player support to play UHD. Lets say i upgrade from my current BDP103 to BDP 203 then still i need to fork out to swap my perfectly working TV panel. I am a techo and not trying to discount what HDR / Dolby Vision is but I love audio than making my move to visual change yet. Anyway. I thought should vent out in community which understands 1st world problem
  18. Hi all, I usually rent movies from Video easy Express and in their Standard BluRay does not have Atmos encoding even in latest movies , even though the studio has released in Atmos. Does anyone know why? similarly in JB Hi fi you can get same title one with Atmos and another one without Atmos and its same price! or you splash out the $45 for UHD Disk (which my bluray cant play) in order to get Atmos. Clues anyone ? as it seems a waste to setup Atmos at my place.
  19. There is no option to rent Blu-ray but the video easy kisok . Hence I rented few titles to hear on my new dolby Atmos theatre . But to my surprise the rented Blu-ray did not have Atmos option when I put it my player. Its sad I can't check before renting if it has Atmos encoding in it? https://www.imdb.com/search/title?sound_mixes=dolby_atmos And disappointed that Australia is receiving disk which are not Dolby Atmos encoded? Where as on IMDb it does mention the movies released on Atmos. Feel like my money down the drain on this Atmos setup and can't buy every title from JB hi-fi. Dono what to do! Any suggestions?
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