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  1. Some critters (ringtail possums)in a pit
  2. This really can’t be thing?Sorry but in all my listening years this has got be the winna,winna chicken dinna of money wasting.
  3. Sir Sanders,I’ve got pythons flying circus on the PVR and have been watching them now and then,brilliant sketch.This is a dead parrot 🦜 olé biscuit barrel smith.
  4. A brontosaurus will do the job nicely
  5. No way he’s raking in the ash.He’s contractor that’s why he’s doing ten installs a day.He would be making 2/5ths of sweet FA.I know as was a Telstra contractor once.
  6. A different rogue trader https://youtu.be/rqvOMrYXd7A
  7. I’ve come across the white van guys a few times over the years never bought off them.One day I was connecting a phone line in a factory in Moorabbin and who was the customer?the white van guys.I said nothing till I was about to leave.I can’t remember what I said exactly before but it was along the lines of your a bunch of scammers,laughing as I walked out
  8. Where are you I’m good at unboxing🤪👍🍺
  9. I gave it a quick listen sounds good.I saw Primus at the palais in St Kilda back in the day.👍Claypool can play the bass like no other
  10. Dragging this back to my question...👍🍺
  11. Is 7’s HD as good as it can be?The footy especially looks like garbage😱Are they transmitting in MPEG4?also what’s with Dolby stereo?
  12. I found this in Richmond a bird skeleton with feathers still like new.Weird🤪😱🤔I put it in the witches hat.weird
  13. Is it a documentary or movie with actors🤔🤪?
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