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  1. Thanks I’ve found one on eBay $6 free postage
  2. Item: S video to RCA leads Price Range: Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Does anyone have some S video to RCA leads? Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  3. A disappointment for me. His next one has to be a lot better as I think he’s jumped the shark with this one.
  4. I’ve had this for ages the 2011 remaster. I only discovered today that there’s a 3rd disc of demos. D’Oh! Sitting in the backyard hopefully we get a storm.
  5. I finally got it sorted, two RCA outputs from my amp. One to each sub. We were watching Panic room the other night. The scene when the gas bottle blows up. Wow the kick through the floor was awesome. Even the Mrs was impressed. A nice solid whump, tight. I’m now happy.
  6. I set it up last weekend and it works, just need a long stereo RCA to get them both working. Out from the new one to the original one 👍💥
  7. I picked this up today a neighbour put it out for hard rubbish. Mine is the 350e the new one is the 1008. The red light comes on so far so good. I’ve searched for wattage specs, I can’t remember the specs for mine as it’s over twenty years old from memory 70 watts🤔 No luck for the other one either. I think it would go like this amp to the 1008 then from there to 350e. Hopefully they’re the same output if not what then. The 350e is on the right hand side. I’ll set it up properly next weekend.I wasn’t even going to walk the dog in that direction this morning talk about meant to be.👍💥
  8. Is just me or has 7HD gone from DD5.1 back to 2 channel? Or was I imagining they were DD5.1🤪🤪🤪
  9. I was just clicking around the settings on the TV and came across activate smart TV. I thought wtf. So I did, now it has a browser. Why would you need to activate a Smart TV it made me feel dumb
  10. We watched it on fetch, the one shot puts you right in it. The Mrs sat on the couch keeping her head down all the time. She loved it we will be buying the 4K disc.. a must see.
  11. My Sony 65 inch developed a flicker three weeks ago.I rang JB Hi-Fi and it was one month out of warranty.He sent a job to Sony,they covered the warranty and sent it to their service place of choice. They were waiting for a part,they turned up today with the part. A new panel. They replaced it in my lounge room in 30 minutes.Excellent service. European Electronics in Moorabbin deserve a good wrap.The strange thing is that it hadn’t played up for the last week and half. But they decided to do it anyway.
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