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  1. Just streamed this today,woke garbage. Same as what they did to the last mad max.💩💩💩💩. The CGI is woeful.💩
  2. What happens when you turn the speakers upside down 🤪💥
  3. I was going to ask about widening my fronts into corners,errhhh I think I’ll leave them where they are.🤪🍺👍
  4. The next big thing in FTA. When and who will be first to broadcast in 4K. Are there enough cameras out there?
  5. My Sony 65 inch developed a flicker three weeks ago.I rang JB Hi-Fi and it was one month out of warranty.He sent a job to Sony,they covered the warranty and sent it to their service place of choice. They were waiting for a part,they turned up today with the part. A new panel. They replaced it in my lounge room in 30 minutes.Excellent service. European Electronics in Moorabbin deserve a good wrap.The strange thing is that it hadn’t played up for the last week and half. But they decided to do it anyway.
  6. Has anybody ever gotten good surround sound from the race broadcast?I’m not impressed again,they need to mic up the cars so we can get the rumble good and proper.I’m running 7.1 x120W with a 75W sub.
  7. I think someone is having a lend of you.I have been at Telstra for 25 yrs and installed thousands of ADSL/DSL services.It’s a simple churn,just a different DSLAM/ISAM in the exchange.A jumper is run from your main pair to the new providers equipment.Just sign up with your new ISP and they’ll/should take care of it.Good luck.
  8. Zippi,your naked DSL service is still on a copper pair.As in a traditional phone line.
  9. I’ve just noticed that 70HD is now broadcasting in DD 5.1. About time,next 7mate in HD please
  10. Sharni the Redbull.Red Heeler x American Bulldog
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