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  1. Awesome dac/preamp! Benchmark make fantastic products, their engineering is really top notch. glwts
  2. This is not only superb but very versatile. Great for a minimalist active system. I have one and really love it! Good price too...
  3. Fantastic value for money here... great amp... love mine...phono stage is decent too! Curious to know if the service made it sound any different? glwts
  4. Sad to hear that you are getting out of hifi and selling these truly amazing speakers. I agree with you about how they sound... I would never part with mine. At least you are ending on a high note! Walnut finish looks great and an amazing price for virtually new... are they even run in yet? All the best for your future endeavours. Glwts
  5. Further information: I bought these a long time ago and they have had about 2-3 hours use. They have sat in the back of a cupboard for far too long. They simply do not fit my ears, or rather my ear canals are too small...even with the smallest bud. (Never had any success with any iem!) These really need to be inserted fully into the ear and need to have a proper seal otherwise there is no bass. So they may be uncomfortable for some using them like this. However once you do get that seal in your ear, the sound fills up and sounds really awesome. Another plus is their excep
  6. damn just too late...second in line please....you got to be quick round here!
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