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  1. Can’t believe these haven’t sold! Fantastic speakers!
  2. Sorry to hear you have such sensitive neighbours... thats tough! I suppose the really low frequencies that the sub can kick out will just travel straight through walls and ceilings. This scenario has been my biggest fear when I purchased dual Jl subs for my apartment. So far I haven’t had any complaints... yet! Seems a shame to have to let such a great sub go for that reason! Hope all goes well in the future with your neighbour and with the sale.
  3. These look amazing... not seen a midrange driver like that! Would love to hear them!
  4. Great sub and great price! Looks good too. Curious to know why it doesn’t suit your setup...I thought this would work with pretty much anything! Cheers
  5. Wow would love to hear one of these... let alone own one. Fm radio doesn’t get much better than this!
  6. Bit late to this party but bought one too for $14.95 USD. Still a bargain in my book as I’ve been looking to buy a dragonfly for a while.
  7. I’ll take them if the above sale falls through for whatever reason. Cheers
  8. Let me know if the sale doesn’t happen. Cheers
  9. Benchmark dacs are just great. Perfect minimalist solution for an active speaker system. If that’s for your 3rd system, I’d love to know what your first system is!
  10. Great stands! Pictures don’t do them justice... look really good in person. I have a pair of these. Best stands I’ve ever used. Glwts
  11. Pm sent Many thanks for your offer!
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