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  1. Further information: I bought these a long time ago and they have had about 2-3 hours use. They have sat in the back of a cupboard for far too long. They simply do not fit my ears, or rather my ear canals are too small...even with the smallest bud. (Never had any success with any iem!) These really need to be inserted fully into the ear and need to have a proper seal otherwise there is no bass. So they may be uncomfortable for some using them like this. However once you do get that seal in your ear, the sound fills up and sounds really awesome. Another plus is their excep
  2. damn just too late...second in line please....you got to be quick round here!
  3. Yes they look great...well done! I'm sure you are going to be very happy with them. What wood finish are they? Glad to hear that the 50's are a good step up...I did consider the 40's and actually prefer their looks...but its not about that after all. I found that my pair took a while to loosen up and get the best bass out of them...and still improving incrementally. Out of interest what feet do you have under the stands? Do they make much difference? Have you tried with and without yet?
  4. Fantastic! You are in for a treat. Looking forward to hearing about your experience with them. I wonder how different they’ll be to the 40’s?
  5. @MarkT Thanks for the reply. That’s very reassuring to hear about their immunity to different mains leads. It makes my job of rewiring simpler and certainly cheaper! Great job on the stands! They look nicely proportioned. Do you do commissions? Would love to get some stands similar to sound anchors for the 50’s.
  6. @MarkT your setup looks great! C4 sub? What stands are you using? Very cool minimalist setup... Question for active owners... What’s your experience with different mains leads? I haven’t tried anything expensive... just generic iec’s of various quality and different thickness. I can’t say I heard any difference between them. Are Atc’s sensitive to expensive type leads? The reason I ask is because I will be rewiring the entire system following some extensive reshaping of my room. (L shaped room is now gone and is now more of a rectangle. Will be interesting to see how t
  7. When you say Roon is bad at managing large collections due to reindexing everytime, does that mean its takes a long time to use (start playing music) from booting up? This could be a deal breaker for me. I have about 5Tb worth of music stored locally on my Nuc.
  8. So would something like Dirac live work in conjunction with Roon? I read that this is one of the easier room correction software to use. Or does Dirac just create filters that Roon uses? Trying to get my head around the possibilities! Thanks for the reply.
  9. Can anyone speak more about the DSP capabilities of Roon? I have been looking to get room correction software (just bought a microphone for this) and if Roon can do this as well as all the other great features, then I might make the jump. What kind of software can you use for this or are you limited to what comes with Roon? Or am I not understanding this correctly? I currently use an oldish custom NUC which I runs Foobar with monkeymote on my ipad. Output via usb to the dac. I assume that I’ll still be able to use Foobar though not at the same time as Roon. Would the NUC need upgrading t
  10. I agree, it seems that they built the speaker(s) around the amazing mid dome unit. Its a really wonderful driver. So for me at least, having subs really brought the best out of the 50asl’s. It struck me most hearing reverbs of large halls... with the subs on, you seem to be in a much larger space. I guess this is what people mean by scale. Would love to hear what the 100’s and 150s can do... how about the 300’s? Anyone heard those? Phew! @deanB that’s a really good point about recalibrating. Could ‘burn in’ actually be the same thing? My ears seem to hear differently after livin
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