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  1. damn just too late...second in line please....you got to be quick round here!
  2. Yes they look great...well done! I'm sure you are going to be very happy with them. What wood finish are they? Glad to hear that the 50's are a good step up...I did consider the 40's and actually prefer their looks...but its not about that after all. I found that my pair took a while to loosen up and get the best bass out of them...and still improving incrementally. Out of interest what feet do you have under the stands? Do they make much difference? Have you tried with and without yet?
  3. Fantastic! You are in for a treat. Looking forward to hearing about your experience with them. I wonder how different they’ll be to the 40’s?
  4. @MarkT Thanks for the reply. That’s very reassuring to hear about their immunity to different mains leads. It makes my job of rewiring simpler and certainly cheaper! Great job on the stands! They look nicely proportioned. Do you do commissions? Would love to get some stands similar to sound anchors for the 50’s.
  5. @MarkT your setup looks great! C4 sub? What stands are you using? Very cool minimalist setup... Question for active owners... What’s your experience with different mains leads? I haven’t tried anything expensive... just generic iec’s of various quality and different thickness. I can’t say I heard any difference between them. Are Atc’s sensitive to expensive type leads? The reason I ask is because I will be rewiring the entire system following some extensive reshaping of my room. (L shaped room is now gone and is now more of a rectangle. Will be interesting to see how the sound changes!) I will be making leads myself to tidy up the mass of unsightly excess wire. I’m wondering if shielded mains cable are worth trying? I don’t believe I have had any issues with rfi/emi... So I’m thinking that there is no need to go crazy with expensive wire/leads or shielded wire but want to hear of other people’s experiences. My 50’s seem to be generally unperturbed by mains issues (unlike my Jl subs). However the sound does sound a bit different late at night so I’m thinking the power supplies may also react to a change of mains lead. At certain times of the day the Jl’s mains filter caps buzz wildly in sympathy to the different mains distortion throughout the day as the loads change. This was thankfully fixed by DC blockers and thankfully covered by warranty as they are $800 each! Didn’t expect that from an expensive sub. The Atc’s... totally silent without the DC blockers. Look forward to any responses.
  6. When you say Roon is bad at managing large collections due to reindexing everytime, does that mean its takes a long time to use (start playing music) from booting up? This could be a deal breaker for me. I have about 5Tb worth of music stored locally on my Nuc.
  7. So would something like Dirac live work in conjunction with Roon? I read that this is one of the easier room correction software to use. Or does Dirac just create filters that Roon uses? Trying to get my head around the possibilities! Thanks for the reply.
  8. Can anyone speak more about the DSP capabilities of Roon? I have been looking to get room correction software (just bought a microphone for this) and if Roon can do this as well as all the other great features, then I might make the jump. What kind of software can you use for this or are you limited to what comes with Roon? Or am I not understanding this correctly? I currently use an oldish custom NUC which I runs Foobar with monkeymote on my ipad. Output via usb to the dac. I assume that I’ll still be able to use Foobar though not at the same time as Roon. Would the NUC need upgrading to run powerful features like DSP and room correction ( if it can do this)? Thanks in advance
  9. I agree, it seems that they built the speaker(s) around the amazing mid dome unit. Its a really wonderful driver. So for me at least, having subs really brought the best out of the 50asl’s. It struck me most hearing reverbs of large halls... with the subs on, you seem to be in a much larger space. I guess this is what people mean by scale. Would love to hear what the 100’s and 150s can do... how about the 300’s? Anyone heard those? Phew! @deanB that’s a really good point about recalibrating. Could ‘burn in’ actually be the same thing? My ears seem to hear differently after living with them for a while. @JohnL Did the pavers themselves make a big difference or does the correct height make more of a difference? This may be the cheap alternative to sound anchors... One good thing is that the supplied stands slide around relatively easily on carpet!
  10. Great to see a dedicated thread for Atc... thanks for starting one! This is my first post on this forum despite being a lurker for some time. I’m amazed that Atc doesn’t have that much of a presence here in Aus, they are just fantastic speakers... I don’t think there are any weak models in their range. I do appreciate that they aren’t for everyone, perhaps more so with the bigger models for people expecting a bigger bottom end. The leanness of the bass may be a stumbling block for some people. The lack of distortion of the SL drivers makes them sound a bit light in the bass area. However once your ears get used to this, there is no going back. Listening to other speakers now, I can clearly hear their distortion...I suppose some people like the extra fullness that this brings. Having been converted to actives a long time ago, I chose new 50 actives for my smallish L shaped room and was actually shocked at how little bass I got in this room. I thought I had made a very expensive mistake! If I could have returned them, I probably would have. Be patient and give them 50-100 hours or so and the bass starts to grow as they burn in/ loosen up. Never thought that was a such a thing until I experienced it for myself. I tried adding a sub to fill the real lower end some more (a Dynaudio bm14s) and was totally disappointed at how bad it all sounded no matter what I tried. It just would not integrate with the Atc’s. The sub actually sounds great with Dynaudio bm6a active bookshelf's perhaps unsurprisingly as they were part of the same range of pro models. I really wanted to get Atc subs as I knew they would work well together but just couldn’t afford it. So my search ended about a year or so later when I came across a second hand JL Audio f112v2. These subs have very low distortion and are quite compact for what they can do, suiting my small room sizewise. The difference this made was staggering to say the least. The system sounded just incredible from the moment I first powered up. Maybe I got lucky but with literally no setting up or tweaking, I reached Audio heaven. They seem to have a similarly low distortion characteristic as the Atc’s and suit each other really well. Saving up for ages, I added a second (same) JL sub but this wasn’t as dramatic as adding the first. It just smoothed some lumps in the bass response. Definitely not as good value for money as just one and is perhaps overkill for this small room but it is really my dream setup now. With some tweaking and adding diffusers here and there, the system is incrementally improving. I’ll try putting the tweeters on the inside rather than the outside next... thanks for the tip guys. Only at loud volume, do I hear some room nodes/ resonance at lower frequencies. So I guess getting some bass traps would come next? Anyone have any recommendations for this? I wonder how much better I can get this system?! @MarkT do you think the sound anchors are worth the money? They look like awesome stands but are very expensive...wondering if they are much better than what comes with the classics? @JDWest Thanks for clarifying the difference between the tower vs classic... I’ve often wondered about that... and for the tweeter tip! Also can highly recommend the guys at @puremusicgroup Melbourne. Their after sales service is really excellent. Thanks guys!
  11. A tribute to Fela Kuti at Max Watts Melbourne on Friday 30 August 19. Saturday 31 August show is sold out. I saw the Public Opinion Afro Orchestra in June last year and they were amazing! So teaming up with Fela Kuti’s son Femi is sure to be an awesome show. For me this will be the musical highlight of the year!
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