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  1. Hi Tony yes they are still for sale audition/view call me 0414221426 Duncan
  2. Item: Arron Speakers ATS5 Floor Standing, CC240 Centre , SS240 Rear Location:Frankston Price: $600 Item Condition:Good Condition light marks on floor standing Reason for selling: no longer needed Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, direct credit Extra Info: AARON Speakers consisting of ATS5 Mk2 Floor standing, CC240 Centre and SS240 Surround in Black finish. Classic Australia speakers, Big sound without hard driving. Fully functioning, in good condition. Any auditions welcome, serious buys only. ATS-5 MK2 DOUBLE 8" 3-WAY FLOOR STANDING 2 x 8” Bass 1 x 5”Midrange 1 x 1”Tweeter 28Hz - 23kHz (+/-3db) 30 - 200 watts 93db 6 ohms Low Q Ratio Rear Ported Bi-wireable Height 918mm Width 280mm Depth 390mm Weight 23.5kg each CC-240 DOUBLE 6" 3-WAY CENTRE CHANNEL 2 x 6” Bass 1 x 5” Midrange 1 x 1” Tweeter 38Hz - 23kHz (+/-3db) 30 - 160 watts 91db 6 ohms Low Q Ratio Front Ported Bi-wireable Height 205mm Width 695mm Depth 392mm 14kg each SS-240 DOUBLE 5" 2-WAY Bi-Polar Surround Sound 2 x 5” Bass 2 x 1” Tweeter 65Hz - 23kHz (+/-3db) 20 - 100 watts 89db 8 ohms Infinite Baffle Bi-wireable Height 278mm Width 288mm Depth166mm 5kg each Wall mounting and rubber feet on rear Pictures:
  3. Item: Yamaha HPH-W300 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Location: Frankston Price: $150 + postage price drop to $125 + freight Item Condition: Perfect Reason for selling: Not used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, direct payment Extra Info: Has has around 5 hours total use, they are just slightly too small to cover my larger ears complete with all cables carry bag and box Purchased April 2018 Pictures:
  4. What a beast, pity Australian radio is so commercial
  5. Item: Klipsch Synergy 5.1 Speaker Set Location:Frankston Price: $950 ono Item Condition:excellent Reason for selling:no longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Direct Bank Credit Extra Info: Klipsch Synergy 5.1 Speakers comprising of F-3 Floor standing C-3 Centre S-3 Surrounds Sub-12 Subwoofer All in perfect condition All come with grilles and original packaging F-3 Specification FREQUENCY RESPONSE 35Hz - 23kHz /-3dB POWER HANDLING 150 w (600 w peak) SENSITIVITY 97dB @ 2.83 volts/1 meter NOMINAL IMPEDANCE 8 ohms CROSSOVER FREQUENCY 2000Hz TWEETER 1” (2.5cm), aluminium dome tweeter HIGH FREQUENCY HORN 6.5” (16.5cm) 90 x 60 Tractrix Horn WOOFER Two 8” (20.3cm), magnetically shielded woofers ENCLOSURE TYPE Bass reflex via front-firing port DIMENSIONS 42” (106.7cm) x 9.5” (24.1cm) x 16” (40.6cm) WEIGHT 60lbs. (27.2kg) WEIGHT 60 lbs. (27.2kg) C-3 Centre Speaker Dual 6.5-inch magnetically shielded IMG woofers 1-inch magnetically shielded aluminium-dome tweeter Exclusive square Tractrix Horn S-3 Surround Speakers Two Tractrix Horn loaded aluminium-dome tweeters One 6.5-inch IMG woofer Black finish with titanium accents Sub Woofer Sub-12 frequency response 24Hz-120Hz /- 3dB Power: 300 watts 650 wattsmax cont. 117dB @30 Hz 1/8 space 1 meter crossover frequency Continuously variable from 40Hz-120Hz, woofer One 12” (30.5cm) driver amplifier BASH phase Switchable 0-180 degrees enclosure type Bass-reflex via rear-firing, 4.5-inch round port input connections Two line level/RCA phono jacks and two high level speaker terminals auto power on 2 second ON delay; 15 minute OFF delay dimensions 18.0” (45.7cm) H x 15.0” (38.1cm) W x 19.875” (50.5cm) D weight 40 lbs. (18.2kg) finishes Black Pictures:
  6. Let me start with moved to Oz a fair few years ago, bringing with me, my Ambit pre/power, this was an early Mike Creek design, di not go into commercial production ( I believe less than 10 pre amps ever made) power amp was weighty effort dual mono design power stage using original power fets. Along with a pair or Lecson HL1 speakers and a pair of Klipsch Heresy mkII. Disc spinner was a poor man Linn, Ariston RD11 Superior with off board electronic speed control using a Mission 774 arm, various cartridges mm and mc. ( All these items I later gave away) I miss my Lecson HL1's, the Heresy's I sent back to the UK. Along with this was a Pioneer Quadraphonic receiver, early Marantz CD Player, boxes and boxes of records, cassette tapes, CD's. My path to rack and ruin started with a Garrard SP25 mk2, Nippon amp(which soon blew up) replaced with a Sansui AU-101 ( try destroying one of them, almost impossible), and a pair of Wharfedale Linton 2's. My first upgrade was to a Rotel RA-610, the need for power had taken over me, wanted it louder, by then the Lintons had gone and I was using wharfedale Unit 5's. Finanly the green fever took over going through many speakers, amps turntables, finally moving to OZ, and the changing still has not stopped, just slowed down greatly. Enough for now ramblings of a old fool some would say.