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  1. My last two projectors were JVC's and now have just upgraded to the Sony VPL-VW360ES (same as US 385ES) I wanted true native 4K panel, dynamic iris. I did look at the newer JVC's but decided I didn't want get a pixel vibrator this time around. It is satisfying (for me being the technical type) sitting back watching knowing it is a true 4K panel. The Sony throws a really stunning image out of the box. The blacks and shadow detail look great too. I was also surprised at how bright the Sony is on low lamp setting. I do have a dedicated theatre and high lamp mode is simply too bright. Have been doing some demos for family and friends over the past few days and they are all amazed, saying things like ...how sharp is that, amazing colours, crisp, very 3D like etc. I'm keen to do some more tweaking. probably should start a 285/385 aussie owners thread in this forum
  2. Hi All, Used to kick around the DTV forums when DTV got going. An old hifi & projector nut. Merry Christmas to all!
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