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  1. Hi Bruce, I recently applied new thermal paste to an old laptop. I also cleaned out the heatsink which was packed full of dust. The jet engine noises and crazy fan speeds are gone. Disassembly videos on youtube helped a lot.
  2. If you're heading to Perth and dont mind taking it with you in and out of quarantine etc. I'll take it!
  3. ^ This ! And for a cost effective option with UPnP... Running a Pi and a reasonable DAC (both linear powered) can sound surprisingly good. Its not too pricy either. If you've got a PC front end, you could stream music to the Pi with foobar (foobar does UPnP and its free).
  4. Nothing from DMP or Chesky in regular rotation. Audiophile specific stuff has borderline 0% playtime.
  5. Hi Andy, Close, but no cigar! Its made in Taiwan. Its not the final word in ripple noise at rated load (20mv @ 10A) and it can be occasionally noisy on turn on as the input coil is energised. I have not tested it against other comparable linear supplies. https://www.gme.net.au/au/power-products/psa1210/ It doesn't have the traditional (expensive) hifi look and feel to it but for the now old school TPA3116, TPA3118 class D amps, this thing can do the business.
  6. I got mine 13.8v (12v adjustable) 10A from gumtree for $50 in surprisingly almost new condition.
  7. I'm finding a bit more initial latency compared to my adsl connection. Once things get going its not slow. I am also finding it diffcult to fully enjoy my NBN connection as it comes with a AR129 "huawei" business gateway. It does not even allow for the SSID to be hidden. My 10 year old netgear has this functionality.
  8. If the golden egg is the sakra v12, then it’s $12,000 for the first meter and $7600 for every meter extra. http://www.stealthaudiocables.com/products/analog-interconnects/sakra-v12/ it probably sounds very nice.
  9. Thats terrible. Thanks for the heads up.
  10. With that amount of backplane capacity, the Bandwidth Envy Coefficient will disrupt the quantum transmission of the audio passband. Not to mention the cooling fans without phase lock. Think of the modulation of the schumann field around the listening area. When will you people learn.
  11. I have a Class D amp. After 30 years of tinkering about with hifi, i'm very happy to be enjoying this.
  12. After reading some questionable replies which are likely not congruent with the intentions of your in law... Just send them to Perth for safe keeping until you formulate an effective strategy to usurp the speakers.. PM me for address.
  13. If you’re impatient, altronics sell some canare L2t2s which some say make good interconnects. That’s got a braid on it. https://www.altronics.com.au/p/w3024-canare-2-core-heavy-duty-microphone-cable/
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