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  1. Yes really. Disclose his business interests in non class d amplifiers and let us all reread the thread in a new light. What cheap shot are you talking about ? On page #13 georgehifi references the blown tweeter. And this is not the only forum thread with its mention. Have a look at the diyaudio forums: https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/class-d/ You wont find much of his push back there. After all, there are plenty of "misguided" audio enthusiats who are happily enjoying a whole heap of class d amps. And who is going to save them from the dreaded blown tweeter ? I have not heard the purifi. Perhaps i will contact Alan for a listen. (i have no commercial interests with anyone on these forums). Have you heard it ? If individuals with electronic design experience would chime in and share about creative snubber design to better attenuate carrier content going down the speaker cable, post filter feeback etc, i'd view the comments in a different light. To slam the topology and denigrate the design - with nothing positive to bring to the class d table (and this bring a class d thread) reeks of subversive commercial marketing.
  2. All inputs to Class D threads from georgehifi and his buddy (not dragged in to this thead yet but let wait and see if he makes an appearance) are likely to be financially motivated. I wonder of the ties that they have to Peter Stein / ME amplifiers. Just expose the BS to the the right people and the nonsense will likely stop. It is unfortunate that Gerogehifi does not share his approach to audio enlightenment with the entire diyaudio Class D subforum where the masses "truly" really need conversion. Instead he just dumps on smaller threads / forums. Just wait till he starts going on about how once upon a time, Class D blew up tweeters. And lets see if his ME motivated counterpart joins the thread. Their strategy is obvious. It is a shame that the forum moderators allow for this kind of nonsense. Worst of all, he has projected his carefully worded bias against against a local WA business.
  3. Hi dbastin, In using a Raspberry Pi with a DAC attached to it, the difference with and without wifi is audible. This is likely not going to the be the case if using a digital output. There is no attenuation of the wifi signal that would be a concern. At a guess, it could be the additional overhead in the OS for the wifi, power consumed by the transmitter, additional noise on the DAC circuits etc (its a radio after all). I'm using shielded cat6 cables with an ethernet filter. [Netgear ADSL wifi router] --- [Ethernet filter] --- [Raspberry Pi & DAC]
  4. I have gone from wifi to a wired connection. I found that an ethernet filter made a positive difference. I'm using a DIY unit, similar to the SOTM item.
  5. I've had power supplies for audio gear in both linear and switched mode topologies close to the city and in a few suburbs of Perth. Never measured it but no problems either way.
  6. I agree with davewantsmoore. On the slightly OT subject of phase, the phase response of an input transformer (audio transfomer) is rarely a talking point. The people who like em enjoy the sound. Check out the datasheet for this nice input transformer that i want to try but am reluctant to pay for. http://cinemag.biz/line_input/PDF/CMLI-15-15B.pdf
  7. I normally dont like getting into the talk of price... but its still a bit steep at $5.49
  8. Just wait till they release MQA - Vinyl edition. With the analog signal digitized, corrected for non linearity in pickup movement and harmonic irregularities in the mastering process etc. You'll finally get the best out of vinyl. But you'll need bit depth.
  9. Its certainly cost effective, but it doesnt sound cheap. I was running mine with a GME power supply (turned down to 12v) and i swapped the tubes out for the JAN GE 5654w. I am building another system and am considering having the Tube01 in the chain.
  10. That unit does the job very well... After reading the thread on audiokarma i decided to try one. I do like it. Have you tried running it with a linear supply ?
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