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  1. Maybe i'll wait for the "ebay tribute" version After someones uncle / aunty adds their personal flair to this vinyl spinning tour de force... It might just be the version that i'd be interested in.
  2. Hi Bruce, a fiddler who is "currently" happy with the setup.
  3. At the point of mastering, some of the music might be targeted towards the non audiophile.
  4. If it was in a different colour and it was described as a "bespoke audio tuned elastomer with a crafted nylon surround"... Maybe $450 . The tip is fantastic!
  5. Yup they do. That reply highlights the upgrade driven faulty thinking I sometimes entertain when it comes to hifi. Just think how good a NUC could be with it’s own linear supply.
  6. If you factored in a decent linear power supply for the Pi it starts to get into cheap nuc territory.
  7. Thanks r3x. I might not follow this all too well (the last time i worked with timber was in the early 90s) but i appreciate your input. I think i'd better let someone professional handle this as i dont want to make a mess of things. When i find some professional help, i'll have the text of your msg on the display.
  8. Thanks for that Steffen. The inner corners dont have to be rounded, but your suggestion has got the mental gears turning.
  9. With circumstances being what they are, i have found myself with some free time and feel compelled to get a start on some of my audio projects. I was thinking of creating something like this but am unsure as to the most effective way to cut the notch out. The notch would be around 40mm x 30mm. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Have you guys seen this ? Reference: https://6moons.com/audioreviews/ring/ring.html If you went to Altronics you could just build one for a few dollars. Minus the nice casing. The internal component values and polarity are on shows on the website. @cyberkank I diy'd one some time ago according to the "recipe" on 6moons. The results were similar to yours. I'm running a different setup now and will rebuild the unit to try. Hopefully it can bring something nice to the mix.
  11. Some of the most impressive hifi i've had the pleasure of listening to were setups where the owners went beyond the marketing and had vested interests in understanding the electrical / electronic component of the hobby. To my mind and relative to the hobby, there seems to be a positive correlation with slinging solder and having good hifi. Categorically the worst sounding hifi i've ever heard was a system with an expensive this, that and everything else thrown at it. Everything had to be expensive to play. While it was visually striking from being uncommon, it sounded awful. Th
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