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  1. If the golden egg is the sakra v12, then it’s $12,000 for the first meter and $7600 for every meter extra. http://www.stealthaudiocables.com/products/analog-interconnects/sakra-v12/ it probably sounds very nice.
  2. Thats terrible. Thanks for the heads up.
  3. With that amount of backplane capacity, the Bandwidth Envy Coefficient will disrupt the quantum transmission of the audio passband. Not to mention the cooling fans without phase lock. Think of the modulation of the schumann field around the listening area. When will you people learn.
  4. At 2695 i'm afraid i'll also have to give it a pass.
  5. I have a Class D amp. After 30 years of tinkering about with hifi, i'm very happy to be enjoying this.
  6. I'm using a Netgear DG834v4. An ADSL hand-me-down.
  7. After reading some questionable replies which are likely not congruent with the intentions of your in law... Just send them to Perth for safe keeping until you formulate an effective strategy to usurp the speakers.. PM me for address.
  8. If you’re impatient, altronics sell some canare L2t2s which some say make good interconnects. That’s got a braid on it. https://www.altronics.com.au/p/w3024-canare-2-core-heavy-duty-microphone-cable/
  9. A shame that they have moved away from Clipsal. Deta seem to be a Clipsal rip off with the designs.
  10. Its a metal one piece, similar to the one you've pictured.
  11. Hi 08Boss302, I have had them at the back of my DVD player whenever i wanted to get some hours on a new interconnect pair before installing them in my main system. DVD player -> splitter -> Preamp -> interconnects playing into a resistive load. I didnt listen out for sound quality. I've kept a sensible load on the "interconnect line" and the DVD player been going for years.
  12. Hi Alberto, I'm with you on that one. I also prefer the 5532 over the 2134. It seems to have more of a "genuine old school sound" to it (not overly etched) which i do enjoy. I dont recall too much of the 2134 as i got rid of mine after a giving it a couple of days.
  13. Couple of weeks i can understand. But months ?
  14. To me the 4562 is a more precise version of the 5532 / 5534. Very enjoyable. My current setup has no dip8 components in an output stage but when it did the LM4562 was the flavour of the month by a comfortable margin.
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