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  1. Hi Aussievintage, That topping D10 looks mint with that display. I have also been eyeing the D10. From what i've read about the unit (from archimago), the output has its polarity inverted. I'm not sure if you're aware that with later moode releases you can invert the output via a software setting (i just found this out recently while testing ver 6.30 after being stuck on 3.8x for ages). For some, the polarity change is audible but certainly a much less contentious issue than say... artifacts from a micro sd card Would love to know what you think of it after some hours.
  2. If the system is resolving enough the difference is clear. The possible reasons for the variation in sound is not something i care to get into. I've been building and voicing gear for quite some time and all my electronics (not speakers) are voiced at the component level. The change with the cards can be as significant as a change in a signal / decoupling cap etc (think Elna Silmic II to Sanyo WG). It does not seem to change with duration of use / quality of DC power fed to the Pi / small change in distance of card from socket. I have noticed this aftifact on later versions moode 3.8x with a RPi 3B. I have not tested this with other installs / hardware. The variation in cards could also be heard with all software kernels used on the older versions of moode (real time / low latency etc). Ver 6.x has not been tested for this. The differences in what is heard is not bloom / warmth / instrument seperation etc. Some make of cards sound thiner and with added grain from the midrange up. @aussievintage, the OS is loaded into memory for picoreplayer. Not all of them. @bob_m_54, Same power cable, same interconnects etc. The swap can be done without moving things around too much. As bizzare as it might sound, the change on the software hardware combo was significant.
  3. I've stayed away from the GT franchise after they made my official GT steering wheel - non official and dropped the usb driver support for it.
  4. While i cannot say with certainty what gives with the difference in micro sd cards... but when the position of the sd card is slightly changed with the use of use an extender (for ease of use), the differences remain.
  5. I've tested this one out. GSoft4U Music Collection WWW.GSOFT4U.COM music collection is a free music album management software It can send the entire album or individual tracks straight to a foobar playlist. With a black background it looks quite nice. Works well too. I tested a version prior to this and have been waiting to get it going once i get my music server setup. I have been in correspondence with the developer for some added functionality that i required (sending an entire album to a foobar playlist) and he has been very helpful. This way i dont have to mess around too much with foobar and i get a nice cover art interface which can be backed up.
  6. Hi Longtimelistener, I've been running a pi based setup for a couple of years and when i was putting it though its paces, the micro sd card used did make a difference. While i did struggle to effectively conceptualize things (an ee), they did sound different enough warrant further testing. Similar to the OP on the volumio thread, i've tested a few sandisk ultras (with and without the A1 logo), and a couple of samsung cards. I'd be happy to give the toshiba unit a go but no where in Perth retails them. I've found a dick smith / kogan listing (i think its the same seller) who has the item without its standard packaging (which i'm reading as possibly non genuine).
  7. Hey no worries @Rrobot, I was quite impressed with 6.3 so i'll likely test this one too.
  8. The olympica 1 (stand mounted) sounded quite nice. The Buchardt S400 has been doing the rounds on youtube with strong reviews. If it were me, i'd take a punt on these.
  9. Arghh.. Just the right thing. Just the wrong location.
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