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  1. Hi, I would wait a little longer for the HDMI 2.1 48GBps receivers coming next year so you can future proof as IMO they are around the corner. In regards to running internal amp for rear is a good idea however if insufficient, you can always add another amp to the receiver’s Pre-outs if supported. Cheers
  2. Have you tried the RCA pre outs rather than XLR? Have you mixed the RCA & XLR together? Have you checked the power amp? Cheers
  3. I would say that your receiver would have a bi amp option however for the Klipsch i can understand that an additional external amp would help. IMO the Marantz may not make much of a difference and I would suggest that you work on a 2 channel amp to power the front 2 speakers and let your Denon work on the rest. I would recommend a Rotel RB1582 MKII to give your Klipsch the juice it needs. Cheers
  4. Thanks for the feedback. cheers [emoji3]
  5. I'm taking a shot here: 1 - not integrated amp as it has only 2 different types of inputs (RCA & XLR) 2 - more expensive as it has XLR inputs 3 - Dimensions such as 10+ cm height and 15KGs so it's not Class A or B 4 - Voltage switchable caters for US & AU PSU 5 - RCA out so older amp Cheers
  6. Thanks. Tried that and now it's worse lol! Now it's going off/on --> tick tock tick tock lol. I might look for an upgrade. I have read that the AV7701 is problematic. No comparison to the Japanese AV8801 flagship.. but then that's twice the price. Thanks once again. Cheers
  7. I tried as per your recommendations however unfortunately, it still does it. Even with nothing connected to it. Turn the power on and it cycles off/on loop. You think is it worth repairing? Cheers
  8. Thanks very much. Actually I had it connected to an LG UH770T with no issues and the swapped it over to an LG OLED B7T and this fault started to occur. I definitely will try this. Thank you once again. Cheers
  9. Dear fellow members, My Marantz AV7701 started to have a mind of its own and now is continuously restarting on/off. There is a YouTube clip of another with the same issue so it seems to be a common problem. Comments below on YouTube from another poster suggested it is the PSU. Here is the clip (it's not me btw :-) ): The question I would like to ask, it is worth spending to repair or just save and spend on top for a new unit? I mean at least I would assume the repair may be around the $400 mark .. Even if the repair is good, usually warranties from the repair mob is not very long. As we all know that a replacement Prepro will not be cheap. 4K passthrough is not that important (although it does supports it however 4K@30p) I am in Melbourne and I believe JLS electronics is pretty good. Has anyone been in this dilemma? What would you advise. Thanks for your time. Cheers
  10. Good morning. I have mentioned the specs on the original post Amp: Emotiva XPA2 Preamp/DAC: Cambridge Audio DACMagic+ Speakers: Polk RTiA9 Network Streamer: Pioneer N30 I'm open to suggestion to value or SS preamp. Btw, if you got to read this post before then; then Happy New Year :-) Cheers
  11. Thank you. I guess that we have to dabble a little to get things right :-) Ok. So what cheap preamp would you recommend that would be better than my DAC? I guess the word "cheap" is subjective however I'm looking for something under $1K Cheers
  12. Thanks caminperth. I guess i can go RCA to RCA's as well if that is the case. Cheers
  13. Good morning everyone. First time thread for me and thank you all in advance for reading and commenting/advising. I have done a little searching for similar threads in relation to DAC vs Pre-amp etc and found some knowledgeable advice however I though I would decide to specify exactly what I have so any posters out there had similar spec'd equipment & can share their experiences. I have recently purchased an Emotiva XPA2 Gen 1 for a bargain price and also have a Cambridge DAC Magic Plus, Pioneer N30 Network player and a set of Polk RTiA9 speakers. So basically, I wand to connect the N30 Coax out to the Cambridge Coax in and the analogue XLR outs to the XLR in into the Emotiva and bi-wired connected to the Polks. I believe that the Emotiva earlier Gen amps had an higher input sensitivity and may work well with only the DAC Magic Plus as the pre-amp considering it has a volume control. I normally crank the music up very loud hence not too worried about the digital volume control (not sure if it is but I assume) being low level. What are your thoughts? Do you think the DAC is enough or should I get a Preamp? Cheers
  14. Hello all. Looking forward to a journey of attaining an educational experience by the experts on this forum to the wonderful world of audio :-)
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