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  1. Hi, I would wait a little longer for the HDMI 2.1 48GBps receivers coming next year so you can future proof as IMO they are around the corner. In regards to running internal amp for rear is a good idea however if insufficient, you can always add another amp to the receiver’s Pre-outs if supported. Cheers
  2. Have you tried the RCA pre outs rather than XLR? Have you mixed the RCA & XLR together? Have you checked the power amp? Cheers
  3. I would say that your receiver would have a bi amp option however for the Klipsch i can understand that an additional external amp would help. IMO the Marantz may not make much of a difference and I would suggest that you work on a 2 channel amp to power the front 2 speakers and let your Denon work on the rest. I would recommend a Rotel RB1582 MKII to give your Klipsch the juice it needs. Cheers
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