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Old fart ..  and getting older by the day been dabbling in hifi for 45 years .. Sansui to Marantz, then onto Sugden, then Parasound amps .. Apogee ribbon speakers, and cough cough .. a few other Ribbon speakers   .. digitised the record and CD collections many years ago,  more recently added some new turntables to replace my Thorens 125 (it had an accident) as I still have my extensive LP collection, including direct to disk and half speed masters. 


Originally missed the dynamics of vinyl but over the past 2-3 years have now evolved my digital streaming to a point thru my core system that is superior, geez who said that, blimey did I say that .. sacrilege I reckon .. now what is the world coming to !!! 


Never ending upgrades, Ayon Pre, Bryston power amp, Dynaudio Platnium C2's, a very nice Marantz SACD player.  I like good SACD disks.  Yep lets keep going, Rega RP8, Linn Sondek LP12 (yeh I know , always wanted one), Grob DAC, Accuphase A70 and DC37, Radford STA25, McIntosh C22 and MC75, WAR Ref One's.


Went thru many, many DAC's and settled on a Geisler Grob as main source for a while, eventually the bug bit YET AGAIN and upgraded to Accuphase DC-37, Supratek Cabernet DHT pre and valve rolling became an addiction !!!!, Accuphase A70 Power amp and the Dynaudio Plat C2's as my core system.


An old guitarist, more ancient in fact, so still have some muso gear and luv' for that in your face ballsy sound as you would hear playing in a band. 

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