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  1. I have the Supratek Cabernet DHT, luv'ly pre and best amongst the collection I have, I am very happy with mine. l like the flexibility to rotate different valves for different sounds, have tried 45M and 300B tubes in it but running 2A3's in it at the moment, very smooth and detailed. I haven't heard a Consonance linear 1 so cannot compare. Then again I like supporting Aussie manufactures when i can 🙂
  2. Always looking ... its damn addictive 🤔 To combat surges of the urges I just listen to my main system and then I am happy.
  3. I have a part comparison, Supratek DHT and Accuphase A70 on my nos 1 system and Mc C22 and 2x MC75's on my nos 2 system. Sources feed an Accuphase DC37 DAC across both systems, RCA to the Supratek and XLR to the Mc C22. I like Class A amps, i had Sudgen and now Accuphase and they have a very open sound stage which i prefer over the Mc's. I have run quite a few different sets of speakers across both systems and all work a little better on the Supratek/Accuphase system. However in saying that the McIntosh system is no sleaze, its a very nice system and i play it regularly, I did swap out th
  4. Dynaudios I found need lots of grunt to really bring them alive. My experience is Solid State is best, I do have 2 valve amps but the SS works best. So a 2nd hand Bryston 4bsst did it for me which are a great bang for buck amps. I upgraded to an Accuphase Power amp but budget wise they are a lot more expensive, but then upgraded the speakers recently the Bryston is happily back on the Dynaudios on another system in the house 😆 ran beautifully for 5 hours today. My belief is that you need an amp with big power transformers and both my SS amps have huge ones 😄
  5. Sadly what you say is mostly true. especially in larger venues where the dependency is purely on the mixing and PA, i am sometimes disappointed, an example being the Steely Dan concert in Sydney, arrangements were mainly as per the CD and it didn't sound quite as good as my stereo. That's why I like more intimate and smaller venues like Pubs and the smaller Blues festivals like Thredbo and Goulbourn where the PA is generally for vocals and some foldback and you get the pleasure of hearing the amps and drums Au naturale without any additional processing. A memorable concert a little while ag
  6. What age do you define as gear being vintage ? do you include 70's and 80's ? If so I have a Vintage system that I use regularly and thoroughly enjoy, which is a Radford STA 25 valve amp built 1975 driving a pair of Apogee Slant 6 (also have Slant 8's, both hybrid speakers) which are late 80's and early 90's .. others on this forum have talk about some models of old Sansui, Luxman's, Leak and Quad to name a few being classics.
  7. As once an active muso and I occasionally still pick up the guitar my listening objective (especially in my earlier years) was to reproduce what I heard live, maybe less so now. As others say you cannot fully reproduce the full dynamics of a live session, and the days of blasting my stereo at high volume to feel the sound is now detrimental to my hearing, to the extent I now have systems that work well at low volume, something I would never had worried about when i was younger ... I was a huge fan of Direct to Disk Vinyl because they had more of that live feel. An analogy to me i
  8. They do hifi repairs, had my old Akai Ref CD player fixed and serviced while they were redoing my Apogee speakers, they did fantastic work, even sewed a new sock for one of the speakers 🙂 I have also used Chris Kimil for my Linn LP 12, fast and efficient. Had big problems with another repairer in Sydney so make sure you get references.
  9. Java Cane and Sugar Mills - working locomotives, Steam and Diesel.
  10. I have 2 Node 2i's, and upgraded one of them with the Lumin U1 mini which feeds my 2 main systems. I noticed a difference, more detail and a crisper sound. I still use the Node 2i's on other systems. You should also try the Auralic Aries streamers if you are an Apple user.
  11. Java - Sugar Mills .. a number in Central Java still operate with steam, modernised from the Dutch during 1925-1930. Amazing operations to visit.
  12. I applaud them in taking a stand. Anti competitor behaviour and bullying of retailers is atrocious behaviour. I will not buy anymore PSvane tubes.
  13. Well after the excitement of yesterdays Drug raid next door its all quiet and serene again. Scone NSW and a friends property.
  14. Very different kit to my bits and pieces I am used to, my only foray into Class D is with my PA system 🙂 Sindog is perfect help. You can also post in the https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/forum/19-stereo-amplifiers-pre-amps/ section, I have seen discussions on hypex kit. Good luck ... cheers Rosco
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