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  1. I am a huge fan of Bluesfest .. looking back at 2013 which is the 1st year I had my Canon 6d which was incredible in low light and could do justice to the artists. Allen Toussaint, Joan Armatrading. Robert Cray, Rodriguez, Ruthie Foster, Taj Mahal, Tedeschi and Trucks
  2. Spitfire and F18 .. Avalon Airshow Mustang .. Wings Over Illawarra
  3. Quite a few TT 2nd hand on Stereonet, Dual's and Thoren's were pretty simple and robust. When I used to buy albums I set a budget of 2 new albums a week (I got paid weekly), depending on what you like op shops and classifieds here for 2nd hand. Occasionally you will find somebody selling their old collection at garage sales or on Gumtree and you can pick up some gems.
  4. 3801 between Douglas Park and Picton
  5. I used garnet ... non toxic and works well.
  6. Trespassers will be Prosecuted - Tallywn Steam Railway
  7. Seriously nice speakers. Jeez what a bugger. I had the same problem, brought a 2nd hand set of speakers, Dynaudios C2 Plats in my case and my existing Parasound system had the same problem, just too bright (harsh) on some tracks, rest were fantastic, it drove me up the wall. Had no issue on my previous speakers (2 sets). I dragged them to lots of different positions in the room, mainly made a difference to the bass. As I liked the speakers I did a lot of reading on forums on what amps work best with the speakers, and ended up changing the preamp and main amp to match them and
  8. That chart is 2006 and 240v or 230v is nominal anyway, rare to get 230v or 240v exactly so as the chart shows your gear should be designed to take a range. Looked at this many years ago, what I heard was they were putting 230v equipment in for new areas or as replacements so it will take a long time. Yep, wonderful gear here in Classifieds which is always my 1st choice and its amazing what shows up, such a choice, we are spoiled 🙂 However I have no reservations in buying both new and 2nd hand overseas, most of my Canon Camera gear is from Hong Kong or USA and over the last 30 y
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