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  1. I had the same concern with my C2 Platinums and Asiru was very accommodating and brought the Accuphase A70 he was selling to my house for a test. No problems at all, a welcome update on my Bryston 4BSST especially at lower volumes. The Accuphase stayed, what a wonderful amp. The Dynaudio are 4ohm so the A70 powers them at 150w, i have seen it peaking in the 190w's on the front dials.
  2. My understanding is keeping the signal as original as possible into the DAC so not using volume control to reduce it in the PC. I certainly see degradation on my main system which is quite sensitive to sources, in this case sourced by a high end laptop into a separate high end DAC, though this comes with a vendor DAC driver that selects direct signal. Sound for me is better control in my Pre/DAC. I originally had a DAC into the actives and controlled the volume between the PC and on the actives, it was okay but i get more audio control and improved quality using the DAC/pre unit.
  3. On my office system I use a pair of active monitors driven by a Rotel RC1570 preamp that has an integrated DAC, so just USB into the pre. Works beautifully. Saves me having to redial the active speaker volumes plus I get a better sound out of the preamp and it also supports wifi so I can use my phone as an input as well.
  4. Price Range: $0 to $1000 1. Stereo Coffee preamp $250 kit or $500 made 2. Musical Fidelity V90 integrated amp with DAC $400 3. Rotel A10 integrated amplifier $700 4. Yamaha AS301 integrated amplifier $600 5. NAD 3020D integrated amplifier $800 6. Marantz Pm5005 integrated amplifier $700 7. Cambridge Audio AXA35 integrated amplifier $600 8. Vincent SV200 hybrid integrated amplifier $990 9. March Audio P252 Hypex Class D power amplifier $900 10. Price Range: $1000 to $2000 1. Schiit Freya tube preamp $1200 2. Cambridge Audio
  5. Hi welcome ... lived 2 years in Orange County and Newport Beach (top spot) cheers Rosco
  6. I brought a pair of powered studio monitors from DJ City many years ago for my computer/office setup .. ESI nEar 08's .. use a Rotel pre/dac to drive them ... brilliant sound so active studio monitors are a great solution.
  7. Roman, yep the West has done heaps to improve my listening 🙂🙂 between you and Thi you have improved my systems exponentially, not to forget all those valve sellers in Perth, damm tube rolling !!!! Those speaker are superb and do my McIntosh system justice. We kept the freight couriers busy for a while 😊😊 Now not forgetting the Geelong guys, JB and Travis and of course Asiri in Sydney for that marvelous A70 ... great to meet you all and do business 👈
  8. Well mine is not looking to bad, considering everything is a component and I have 2 complete systems and a 7.2 surround sound in the same room. As I kept adding stuff as we do 😄😄 I also kept adding power boards and cables. My youngest son is a sparky and one day he said enough, its now dangerous ... get some power-points he says ... I brought 2x4 power-points, and 2 stainless steel power-points. I spent half a day and pulled everything out which was a job and a half ... leaving it clear for him to put the new power-points in ... then he labelled all the speaker leads, when we built he ha
  9. Very nice ... drool .... beautiful ... and damm, just paid for a major solar system upgrade last night ... GLWS
  10. Thought I would share a story on my Apogee journey. Nearly 30 years ago I was in LA for a week with work, and I noticed nearby an audio place, nothing much else around it and a big car park ... I went in as one does ... staring me in the face and sounding magnificent was a pair of Apogee Centaurus Slant 6's. It was luv' at first sound and they were on a decent sale. Next to them was a pair of Slant 8's, but the price was beyond my budget ... even though at this time the Aussie peso was valuable against the US$. I brought the 6's and ordered a cab ... only one just fit acros
  11. Yeh, I get it ... I saw that there were already 4 thread versions which means 4 sets of devs doing their thing ... reminds me of SQL .. everyone adding their own enhancements trying to lock you in ... destroys the concept of open standards .... it can still be done within a standards framework and SGML (XML borrowed a lot from SGML) is an example where in the aeronautical world, the 3 core standards being FIXM (flight), AIXM (aero ground) and WXXM (weather) they defined localized (user defined) extension frameworks so you can effectively add on what you wanted by country, which w
  12. I am now intrigued about how these Music Servers stream and to how loss of data is managed or not .. its been a while since I have researched into Networking protocols so you may already know all about this one ... if so my apology .. hopefully some will find it interesting ... as a keen TIDAL user I did some searching and this is where I found the reference that Tidal uses QUIC ... if I understand simplistically it builds on UDP and adds the transport layer at the application layer ... its widely implemented, including Google, Microsoft and used by companies such as Akami. Now this may be
  13. I am with you ... with multiple WAPS and extenders I still had issues, primarily with external monitoring device uploads. Running more Cat 6 to external points and adding external (or ceiling edge) WAPs probably would have solved it but how much gear and complexity do you want to add for a single house ? is it adding bandwidth inefficiencies ? I have a long house and a large work shed 30m up my back yard (test shows shed reception is 93% signal and 162 Mbps) on a small acreage. The 2 device Mesh simplified all the peripheral gear I had running and I now have great coverage across my house
  14. I did the same thing this week but with a Orbi AX6000 and have the existing switches all plugged in .. very quick .. video and audio is great, no lagging or noticeable buffering which i was having, especially on video ... the ASUS is also half the price of the Orbi which is great value 🤔🤔 Mesh eliminated all the dead spots which i had covered with additional access points and extenders which i removed. Initially had a DHCP conflict with the existing Load Balancing router but once we removed it and simplified the network onto the Orbi all is good. Notice the ASUS, as does the Orbi do hav
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