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  1. Have some NIK effects so had a go ... no burning unfortunately ... a couple I like Thanks for the suggestion even though its not where you suggested.
  2. A few more Kiwi railway shots ..
  3. Interesting the difference in views, lived in Canberra from late 70's up to 89. Most of my hifi purchases were at Duratone. They let me borrow gear to trial quite freely on weekends, would borrow a few amps and different speaker cables at a time from them and Kingston hifi. I brought my Sugden pre and power amp from them, lots of DD Vinyl, all my Sheffields as an example, cables and the list goes on. Never had a problem, they were always great to me and never pushed any items at me.
  4. Depends on how much money you want to spend. I am a heavy user of Tidal and currently have 2 Node 2i's networked in the house which are 'great bang for buck' devices and I like them but they are not used anymore for long periods of dedicated listening, more as background as I work around the house or lying in bed with both on secondary systems. After getting my 1st one I still had the itch for a higher end device (within a budget) and upgraded to a Lumin U1 mini (my household is Windows/Android) for my dedicated listening system and I am happy with the improvement. I may upgrade its power su
  5. Glenbrook NZ, and we were visiting with the recently restored Ab608 from near Wellington. A very moody day was interesting for photography.
  6. Luv' the Autumn colours .. one I took back in 2014 wellington Botanical gardens.
  7. With Bluesfest cancelled over Easter only 24 hours before it was due to start, my youngest son and I reversed at Tenterfield and stayed in the Hunter Valley at our friends Beef property, situated in a valley at Wingen Maid near Scone. After 6 shocking years of drought it was a dramatic change after all the rain, the creek was running again and there was 16ft of water in the well. We played with Emma, a young rescue Wombat who luv'd getting under my car, and I chased the Picnic Train doing local trips in the Hunter Valley.
  8. I used to use USPS ... shipped around 50 with them over many years. Always shipped the guitar in a case, 2nd hand or new, make sure that its packed tight in the case, bubble wrap works , and not loose. Then the hard case was double boxed in cardboard boxes and stuffed with bubble wrap especially on the ends. I have a friend in the USA that I paid a fee to do the extra packing and obtaining a hard case if it didn't have one.
  9. Narawntapu National Park Northern Tasmania this afternoon, and walking a track came across this Beautiful Bennett's Wallaby.
  10. Touring Tasmania at the moment .... Mona Modern Museum, entrance corridor to the Faro Restaurant, was weird walking along it ....
  11. My simple rule is if its 'substantially cheaper' overseas then buy it overseas. $150 saving on a $2000 electronic piece of equipment i would buy locally. $1100 difference on a $3000+ piece of equipment (late last year) I brought from Overseas and yes i am very careful about Voltage, luckily a lot of modern components now come with variable voltage units nowadays, just buy an Aussie plug lead. At that saving if it breaks happy to pay the $60 postage (in this case) both ways for repairs. My experience is that Import duty on items over $1000 are a hit or miss depending on the supplier, the
  12. Hi .. and welcome ... Another Accuphase fan here, I have the DC37 DAC and A70 Power amp both brought 2nd hand. Wonderful gear.
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