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  1. Further information: Handcrafted production TonTräger.audio stands are manufactured to the highest precision. All products are planned, developed and tested in our workshop. [MORE] Resonance dissipation and decoupling The sound carrier audio-boards consist of two parts, the frame construction and the detachable Tone Deck. Extended tenons on the frame structure absorb resonance and decouple the audio boards from external influences. [MORE] Stackable All of our audio-boards are stackable and can be combined individually: they can be put together according to your needs and coordinated to existing audio components. [MORE] Material Frame construction - solid wood. Tone Deck - veneered multilayer carrier plate. We use selected high quality raw materials for our sound furniture.The processed wood comes exclusively from local forests with FSC-certified logging and responsible forest management. Multilayer surface coating The surface is made with natural oils and pigments in several processing steps. Plastic and metal free TonTräger.audio deliberately avoids the use of metal or plastic elements. Installation-friendly TonTräger audio-boards come ready assembled https://audiomagic.com.au/product/detail/651/audio-board-medi-32 RRP for 3 level: 6870 AUD Original boxes
  2. Lumin X1 review by Alan Sircom HiFi+ UK “The difference between ‘domestic’ balanced and ‘pro’ is the use of balancing transformers in the signal path.” https://audiomagic.com.au/document/detail/214/lumin-x1-review-by-alan-sircom-hifi-uk
  3. Stereophile - Art Dudley review Listening #208: Rogers LS3/5a Review:
  4. “The QB-9 Twenty really surprised me by how great it sounds in my system. I say surprised because I've been listening to reference level DACs for quite a while from the likes of dCS (Rossini), EMM Labs (DV2), and Berkeley Audio Design (RS3), and the QB-9 Twenty absolutely held its own against these guys and delivered a level of performance that it had no right to deliver.” Review:
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