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  1. This is so fantastic. I considered jumping ship as the BluOS app didn't allow multiple Tidal profiles. Now any mobile user can cast their tracks from their own phone/profile. And it doesn't seem to have a quality limitation!
  2. Which version RPi do you own? I've done some reading that suggests the Rpi 4 models have less noise on USB. I will have a play around and see how it goes
  3. Hi @Lushds Thanks for the tips. I am running a Bluesound Node 2i via coax to the Ares but was foreseeing that I would want to try USB (no USB out on the Node). I wonder if there is a better HAT out there for USB out from the Pi. I'll dig around!
  4. Hi SNAers Anyone feeding their Ares 2 with a Rpi 4B via USB? If so, which Pi OS are you using? I'm contemplating purchasing the Ares 2 and want to know if this is easily done to take advantage of DSD. Thanks nw.
  5. Thanks! Don't think an audition will happen anytime soon with this Melbourne lockdown so I will take a chance after digging into the sound of each one a little further. Cheers
  6. @08Boss302 Do you mean you use the Ares with the Node 2i? Tough choice between this and the local and formidable Gieseler DAC. Thanks for your comment!
  7. Anyone here got some thoughts on how to think about an external DAC purchase considering my current equipment? Sources: Bluesound Node 2i, Cambridge CXC CD transport Cambridge CXA60 amp Dynaudio Emit M20 bookshelf speakers I'm tossing up between a Denafrips Ares II and the new Gieseler Kompakt DAC. At this price point I really want to maximise my purchase and ensure it matches my components. It seems both have a warm quality with expansive soundstage - which is exactly what I'm after. Anyone here have the Ares II and any of the components I mentioned above?
  8. @cafe67 On your question re: cable recommendations - I've liked the quality cable built by @Bill125812. I have a 50cm coax RCA cable built by Bill. Worth a shot IMO
  9. Howdy @BentInvest 👋 I've owned the CXA60 for just over two years. I've really enjoyed its sound. It has a really nice inbuilt DAC and headphone amp too. The sound performance has made me persist through an uncommon (or so I'm told) niggling issue with the power button not engaging (repaired twice). It needs an extra bluetooth dongle for that feature and it doesn't have a phono preamp. I think it looks like a battle between sound performance and features. The CXA60 got brilliant reviews back in the day so you might have to weigh up what you need most
  10. I'm considering a couple of external DACs to sit between my Bluesound Node 2i+Cambridge CXC Transport and my Cambridge CXA60 amp. Both DACs have 1 coax and 1 optical input. I'm pretty certain the coax is on top so I'll probably assign that to the streamer and the optical to the CD transport.
  11. I hope I can hijack this thread with an additional question. Where you have 1xcoax and 1xoptical inputs in your DAC, is it best practice to assign the most high res device (such as a streamer) to coax and then the next one down (like a CD transport) to optical? I have this exact conundrum
  12. Here's a really great album by an Aussie jazz band Tangents: https://tidal.com/album/151094981
  13. I was following this discussion about temperatures so I dug up a method to look it up on RPi4 (you will need to be proficient in using command line; I used the Terminal app in OS X) 1. ssh into the RPi (user:volumio, pw:volumio) 2. type in this command: /opt/vc/bin/vcgencmd measure_temp 3. the temp is returned in degrees celsius
  14. Earlier this year I discovered this great Aussie artist Freyja Garbett. Her debut album is fantastic and I highly recommend it. This will give you a taste of multiple genres https://freyjagarbett.bandcamp.com/album/maya-2
  15. I spent hours troubleshooting a corrupt SD card due to a power outage. Raspberry Pi's can be sensitive to things like that. Have you googled the error messages? Do you have enough knowledge to format and install Volumio onto that card again? If it fails, try a new SD card
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