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  1. Hi folks, This is the first time I'm delving into coax audio cables. I'd like to get your thoughts on which digital coax cable would suit my Cambridge CXC CD transport connected to my CXA60 amp/DAC. My budget is $70 max (1 metre cable). Should I stick with mainstream cable makers or look at local cable makers? Any recommendations? Thanks.
  2. Thanks to all who discussed this with me! I was lucky enough to find and order a new discounted Cambridge CXC in silver. Oh also, I have a wonderful wife who approved the purchase. The week has started well!
  3. Yeah the silver one just sold our for that price at Melbourne HiFi thanks for the tip! Love this place.
  4. I am yet to get budgetary approval so it's a fine balancing act!
  5. Thanks, that would be fantastic if it was in silver to match my current setup. It is important for domestic harmony
  6. I was looking at Marantz too so perhaps I'll go into a shop and compare those and Yamaha
  7. Thanks for your thoughts! I wonder if my current DAC in the CXA60 would be goid enough (some wolfson DAC).
  8. So my entry level Sony BD player would be ok as a transport compared to a dedicated entry level CD player?
  9. $500-600. Working on another income stream for this hobby
  10. I would love that but unfortunately out of my budget. I wish I was operating with a larger budget!
  11. Hi StereoNetters, I am early on in my audiophile journey and have a Cambridge Audio CXA60 integrated amp at the heart of my system. The rest of my gear is a set of Epos ELS3 bookshelf speakers and a dual purpose BD/CD player (entry level Sony BDP-S3200). I'd like to know what kind of quality gain I would get by upgrading to a new budget CD player like the Yamaha S300 in my current setup while I look forward to a speaker upgrade later. Any advice from people who have been in similar circumstances is greatly appreciated! Thanks 😊 Dan.
  12. Same here. Is this an old receiver that doesn't get any firmware updates? Surprised it doesn't support Tidal as i would've thought it is just a software update to allow Tidal to work.
  13. Hey Brad, can I ask a non-sale question? Which amp are you using?
  14. Music serves different needs in my life. And it has done so as I've gotten older. Initially it was a very strong emotional thing, allowing me to shout, sings, express things through my teenage years as the grunge movement went wild. I was a bit of a quiet young kid, didn't go to any parties through high school and just spent my nights listening to music. That passion eventually led me to learning guitar in my late teens and being in bands and enjoying all sorts of music with those band members. I've also always been a tech geek but it never manifested itself into audiophilia until the last two years. As I hit my late 20s I became quite bored with a lot of music, which took me on a journey to enjoy new sounds from other parts of the world and music became almost more cerebral than emotional. I'm almost 40 now and am enjoying seeking new sounds through digital streaming as well as getting really obsessed with finding clarity in my audiophile habit I'm a young budget audiophile but looking forward to becoming broke very soon
  15. Thanks for this discussion, folks. Learning a lot about the various considerations before investing in a player. I shall save my pennies and trawl the classified for a dedicated player
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