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  1. Music serves different needs in my life. And it has done so as I've gotten older. Initially it was a very strong emotional thing, allowing me to shout, sings, express things through my teenage years as the grunge movement went wild. I was a bit of a quiet young kid, didn't go to any parties through high school and just spent my nights listening to music. That passion eventually led me to learning guitar in my late teens and being in bands and enjoying all sorts of music with those band members. I've also always been a tech geek but it never manifested itself into audiophilia until the last two years. As I hit my late 20s I became quite bored with a lot of music, which took me on a journey to enjoy new sounds from other parts of the world and music became almost more cerebral than emotional. I'm almost 40 now and am enjoying seeking new sounds through digital streaming as well as getting really obsessed with finding clarity in my audiophile habit I'm a young budget audiophile but looking forward to becoming broke very soon
  2. Thanks for this discussion, folks. Learning a lot about the various considerations before investing in a player. I shall save my pennies and trawl the classified for a dedicated player
  3. Hi everyone, I'm unsure if this is the right forum to post about this. So apologies if this is off the mark. I have a Yamaha WXAD-10 which accepts a mini-USB (`type B`) plug for power. I have ordered an iFi iPower 5v power supply that has a micro-USB connector. Has anyone here used a micro-USB to mini-USB adapter with this power supply? Any issues with it? Thank you Dan.
  4. @HendofersonWhat did you end up buying for your CXA60s? Mind sharing your thoughts if you're still around?
  5. I'm familiar with those players and they are exactly what I would look at when the time comes I just realised that I was hoping for some of your experiences in terms of audio quality between BD players and budget CD players. If you can speak to whether the difference is small or large that'd be awesome!
  6. Thanks @Dankeshon and @twofires This discussion has made me think of the future - we are likely moving within 12 months which might result in listening area being separated from the main living room (requiring two players). The OSD is another reason I'd like a dedicated player - the current Sony do-it-all needs the TV on due to the lack of display and controls on the unit. Confusing things, I just played Miles Davis' ******* Brew with this setup and it sounds great (but I guess that record would sound amazing anywhere you play it!).
  7. Hi folks, I have a cheap Sony BDP-3200 blu-ray player feeding signal through coax to a Cambridge Audio CXA60. I want to improve this part of my setup by upgrading to a BD player that is known to have good CD playback or purchase a separate CD transport. Anyone out there with experience in a similar upgrade path? Is there a good budget/high quality option I should consider? The online discussions have been quite interesting to trawl through but often end up with people arguing at extremes (about bits being bits or bits being not just bits!). Thanks for any thoughts and wisdom you can impart here Dan.
  8. Hi folks 👋 I've had the Chromecast Audio for some time and am looking for another higher quality solution (won't be upgrading my integrated amplifier to get that functionality). I would like something that will allow me to stream music using my Deezer subscription and FLAC files from my Synology NAS. Are there similar boxes you're using? If so, which ones, and what are the pros and cons? Would love to hear your extended thoughts Thanks, Dan.
  9. Hi everyone 👋 Any recommendations for a replacement cable (1.5m) for Oppo PM-3 headphones? The current cable is too short and I'm looking for a quality cable to replace it. Thanks for any advice you can give!
  10. I'm going to read that review, especially with 1 day remaining in a big sale in the Qantas store for these IEMs :) Have you tested the call quality with the built in mic?
  11. Thanks to everyone who helped me out with advice in this thread! I visited Stereophonic in Melbourne today - auditioned 4 integrated amps (Cambridge CXA60, NAD C328, Rotel A12 and Emotiva TA-100). I came away very happy with the Cambridge sound and am now typing this listening to some Floyd on it. Cheers!
  12. Thanks a tonne for the reviews @Al.M I may have to focus closer to the Emotiva's price range. That advice on neutral/warm gear complimenting each other is a big note I'll take on too. Cheers.
  13. Gotcha! I am still learning the ins and outs of matching amps and speakers I've now figured that unless I'm pumping those speakers very loud then I don't need to be too concerned with getting a very powerful amp (any advice to the contrary is appreciated!). The $1000 is an upper limit I don't really want to get close to, so if I can get something cheaper then great. Thanks for all the advice. I'm currently looking at the Emotiva TA-100, Marantz PM6006, Cambridge Audio CXA60.
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