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  1. For this week, I'm loving everything from Martin Nonstatic. Downtempo electronica. Divine over headphones. Get stuck in https://ultimae.bandcamp.com/album/treeline-24bit
  2. This sounds similar to the issue I had with the CXA60. The power button was lit up but wouldn't turn on via button press + remote.
  3. Anyone here owned the Oppo PM-3 in your audiophile travels? I'm looking for headphones with a similar sound signature and portability (the latter less important). Any recommendations are greatly appreciated
  4. Happy to hear that! It's great when it works Just looked up the specs of the 851A and it looks amazing.
  5. @mbz @candyflip @Jobd2212 Thanks for the insight. It seems none of you touched the CX range - maybe that's where I went wrong and perhaps to be expected in the entry-level range (my wife would laugh if you told her it was entry level ). I tested the CXC transport the following day and it started working again - will have to monitor it.
  6. Hey Bill, does this forum allow you to pin posts to the top of the forum? This post would be a great contended for pinning
  7. Hi folks I own a Cambridge Audio CXA60. I've loved its performance outside of the issues I've had with its input board (repaired twice and we've been good for a while now). I took a chance on a Cambridge Audio CXC CD transport despite the CXA60 experience and up until today I've had no issues. I decided to test out the coax output: it worked for 1 minute (i.e. perfect sound) but then the sound cut out and was replaced by a faint clicking sound. The sole other output (SPDIF) works fine. And the coax cable works fine with my streamer. 1. Has anyone else experi
  8. @metal beat Ordered Dec 25, arrived Sunday Dec 27
  9. Absolutely. Big fan from way back I love the space in the Grace mix. Imagine what this kid could've done had he lived longer - such a tragic loss.
  10. Listening now to Lee Konitz. This is a great recommendation, thank you! One of the minor negatives of this hobby - you begin comparing the amazing stuff to lesser recordings (which have fantastic music). I try to stay open but i'm sure i fail often.
  11. 💯 I've sampled all the recommendations in this thread - some great finds and a lot of fun exploring new artists
  12. Here's one back at you all Familiar - Agnes Obel. And then go check out all her albums especially Aventine
  13. This is fantastic! Worthy contender for sure.
  14. I'm a decent-sized Mark Lanegan fan! Since finishing his book (which is incredible) I've been delving back into his musical history. Will check out Imitations
  15. Loving this right now. The atmosphere this band creates is dark, dreamy and... whiskey... it would be complimented by a good whiskey
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