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  1. Hi Javs, Just wondering if you've decided on the clips and channel you're going to use. Did you settle on the Rondo 237 clip with 16mm 308 channel or something else? How's it going otherwise? Any updates? Thanks
  2. It probably is worth pointing out that filling the space behind with fluffy and leaving gaps, as PtG suggested, means that it will serve as a baffle wall and a bass trap, in the same way a fluffy-filled riser with vents would. So not filling it would just mean that it's a baffle wall. I'd personally go for the bass trap too. I'm not sure if there would be any triple-leaf effect at play if there were only holes in the wall for the speakers so it might be worth looking into - https://www.soundproofingcompany.com/soundproofing_101/triple-leaf-effect
  3. 1. Not sure. But I did see a quote from a Seymour Screens representative: "A quality woven AT screen can be mounted as close as ~1" to the speakers, as they are designed to hang directly over in-wall speakers. Lower quality woven or perforated vinyl screens need up to ~12" spacing from the speakers and heavy baffle wall absorption to treat the back wave sound reflections." 2. I'd build 2 walls; a baffle and a sreen wall - http://www.acousticfrontiers.com/2013322baffle-walls/ 3. Speakers designed for baffle walls usually have some sort of treatment on them so without tha
  4. That might be the go. Install as many panels as I can fit on the best orientation. It'll be smaller but we'll get good use out of it. Solarquotes gives an IRR of 27.92% which isn't bad (point taken about the salt though).
  5. The 10kW target came from wanting a battery and an EV. I'm sure I read that I'd want at least 9 or 10 kW for an EV (3 phase). I want it for our our own use to offset electricity (and petrol) bills I guess. I wouldn't be getting the battery or the EV immediately. I see them as future upgrades when prices are more economical and when I can afford them. I'm planning the install now as I have the impression that adding it during the build would make for a better install but I have heard that retro-fitting it isn't that difficult, so I could put the whole thing off. That way
  6. A guy with a quote rang me before and I think he said 3kW would fit on the north roof.
  7. I have thought about those but they're at least $50 a pop apparently. So ~$1,600 extra. Might be worth it. Will keep it in mind.
  8. It's not a great roof for solar hey. Tilting south means the generation is only going to get worse above 5 degrees, obviously, so the best solution is a hip roof with half of it pitched 30 degrees north. I'm not sure if it means enough to me yet to demand a hip roof though. PVWatts calculator shows that a 10kW system on the 5 degrees south roof will generate 13,276 kWh per year (470 in June) while the optimal 30o north roof will generate 15,531 kWh/yr (834 in June). Solarquotes payback calculator gives this for 5o south so it still seems worth it: For
  9. It does seem to be all about aesthetics. I'm still getting my head around a solar-passive build having a roof sloping down to the south myself.
  10. We’re building a house in Canberra and I was hoping to get some advice on how to plan for a solar system if I could please. It’s a ~190m2 (internal living), 4-bedroom, 1 open-plan living, media room and small study home. We’re a family of 2 adults (that work from home maybe 30% of the time) and 2 kids. We’re out of the house most weekdays for work/school, as you’d expect. The planned house uses solar passive design (exposed slab, 3 to 5 air-changes/hour) and has a projected NatHERs rating of 8.2, so energy usage should be rather low. It will be all electric with inducti
  11. Awesome. Thanks heaps. I really need to learn Sketchup.
  12. Cool. A few more questions if I may: Is it like an MDF window frame that is the same width as the wall with 1 pane of that glass slotted into it? Is the glass slotted into the frame aligned vertically with the wall (straight) or at an angle? Did you make it so that the frame can slide out of the wall or seal it in place? Thanks
  13. Hi Peter Would you mind telling us where you got the optical projector porthole please? Thanks
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