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  1. Awesome. Thanks heaps. I really need to learn Sketchup.
  2. Cool. A few more questions if I may: Is it like an MDF window frame that is the same width as the wall with 1 pane of that glass slotted into it? Is the glass slotted into the frame aligned vertically with the wall (straight) or at an angle? Did you make it so that the frame can slide out of the wall or seal it in place? Thanks
  3. Hi Peter Would you mind telling us where you got the optical projector porthole please? Thanks
  4. Regarding AV racks this is the one I'm thinking of getting: https://www.snapav.com/shop/en/snapav/strong-trade%3B-fs-series-rack-system-with-dc-fans-sr-fs-system-dc It only has 18.25" usable depth so won't fit the XPA-7 by the looks. That's a beast! Wanted a Middle Atlantic RCS but they are more expensive and harder to get it seems. Edit: they do have a usable depth of 20.1" apparently but will cost ~$3.5K here: https://www.middleatlantic.com/products/racks-enclosures/stand-alone-floor-standing-enclosures/essex-rcs-series-pre-configured-rack-system/ircs-4224.aspx
  5. That dead-vent design has always confused me. Is a dead-vent required when you have the AC supply/return leading directly to/from the AC system? I imagine that if I build a theatre with 2 supply ducts coming from the AC system (in its own zone) to the front of the room and 2 return ducts leading back to the AC system in the back of the room, that I don't require dead-vents. Is that correct? Edit: Thinking about it, I suppose if the AC is not on you'd need at least 2 vents (one out, one in) to exchange air regardless, as it'll be so air tight? Aren't they only required when the supply/return is in an adjacent room and the air needs to be exchanged with that room through the vents? I suppose the dead-vent method would be more sound proof as the sound is less likely to get into the AC ducts to the rest of the house? Would love to know a bit more about your plan here.
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